► World of Tanks: Amazing Battles, Derpy Mid Tiers – Road To Strv 103B – Giveaway Day 6

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World of Tanks Swedish Tank Destroyer Line. World of Tanks Swedish Tanks – Tank Destroyers. World of Tanks Road To STRV 103B Series.

World of Tanks patch 9.17 update is up and running on all servers, finally. Patch 9.17 was very patch, it came with a lot of buffs to premium tanks, new HD models, new features and the main thing of course… New nation! From now on we have full tech tree of Swedish tanks. Today I am going to start my journey to the tier 10 tank destroyer Strv 103B.
In today’s episode I am going to play with tier 4 “Sav M/43”, Tier 5 “ 103” and with tier 6 “Ikv 65 Alt II” tank destroyers… They are all really derpy, but kinda fun and troll tank destroyers!

Gratz to winners once again and good luck winning today’s EPIC prize!



  1. They seem to be very good. Enjoying the IKV 103 at the moment. Funny TD

    benfica516, EU Server

  2. I like the play style of the new TDS, they feel more like a true td when
    playing them.
    Username: Lean25P
    Server: EU

  3. I think Swedish tds are rather overall underwhelming until you reach tier 8
    at which point the gun balances it out to a decent line.
    Username: marrtynass
    Server: EU

  4. the swedish tank destroyers are stranges, some tiers balanced (3,5), others
    OP (6,8), others really bad (7)
    Name : esachifu
    Server : EU

  5. Swedish TDs in hands of capable player are fing OP beats. Speed,
    depression, just lol….

  6. They are quite good.
    PeakyBlinder71 server eu

  7. I liked most of the line expect the tier 6 and 7 felt so lackluster and
    Name: Frax
    Server: EU

  8. Interesting and uniqe tds,they givelot of fun if u can handle them, i
    think! 🙂 I like the t10 on the test server!
    username: KillersRQuiet
    server: EU

  9. Love the new Swedish td’s
    Name: gvozdenistroj94
    Server: EU

  10. I like new swedish tds pretty ok
    username: pelaaja831, EU server

  11. swedish TDs are hit and run and hit again for me
    username: ilubac, server: EU

  12. I dont like swedish td line at all.
    server eu

  13. Transformer85/TF_85

    Swedish tanks are hybrids of German accuracy, French speed and armour, and
    American gun depression! But they are Special in their own ways! Enjoy.

    username: Transformer85
    Server: South East Asia

  14. I didnt have time to play them yet, but i love derpguns so im looking
    forvard to theese 🙂
    ID: Akirfa
    Server EU

  15. have not played any of the td’s yet but im deffo looking forward to the
    tier8 up
    username: solarstoned
    server: eu

  16. They are pretty terible. MrWegan EU

  17. Hate the tier 3 and 4 TDs and I think the tier 8 to 10 is somewhat special
    and different from the other TDs in the same tier especially the siege mode
    of the Swedish TDs..
    USERNAME: Valkyrie_vitmann
    SERVER: Asia

  18. I think Swedish TDS dont make that much damage but they have nice
    penetration 😉 (i am playing wiht Ikv 65 II and love it)
    Username: BecasKapa000
    Server: EU

  19. I Love the tier 4/5 derps beacause since they are howtizers, it means that
    you can lob the shots if you’re not in sniper mod :P

  20. I think they are very funny until tier 8,because from tier 8 you start
    using Siege mod and in that mod they are really strong,great gun,great rate
    of fire and awesome penetration.I am on tier 5 and i love it. 🙂
    Name: Gedza98
    Server: EU

  21. Those Swedish TD’s look nice when you’re playing with them. I would
    probably suck badly at them. But still they look nice.
    User: fulingmajek, Server: UE

  22. Swedish low tier nothing special but higher tier looking more fun.
    User fijspica
    EU server

  23. As far as i came they are pretty awsome!
    PvtSchneewittchen87 EU

  24. they are not the best but not the worst
    user: not_the_best
    server: EU

  25. I do not like the swedish TD´s. From T2 to T5 you can´t really call this
    things TD´s, they feel like SPG´s with less damaging guns -.- But starting
    T6 at least that seems to get better….still with their low Armor it just
    doesn´t feel right.
    IGN: KidKinzu_v2
    Server: EU

  26. I think that Swedish TDs are as boring to play as German TDs on tank line
    to Grille 15 until tier VIII.
    Username: betyar8
    Server: EU

  27. I dont like them.. nick: Nelle_1976 server: Eu

  28. good tanks until they spot you 😀
    Username: kruzys
    Server: EU

  29. They have great gun’s and good mobility. car0206, EU

  30. Scary guns + depression, good speed and somewhat bullshit armor when faced
    frontally on higher tiers (8+).

    Serpent001 / EU server

  31. The TD’s seem pretty funny and they look great. thx for the nice gameplay
    username : SniperSword29
    EU server

  32. Meh. Higher tiers suck ass. 6th sense kicks in, have to disengage siege
    mode, and 2/3s of the hp pool is gone, because everyone’s gonna overmatch
    your armor in that 5-6 seconds…
    Esteyn, EU server.

  33. I think lots of people free XP there way to tier 10 cos don’t see menny in
    lower tier games.

  34. I think Swedish tank destroyers are a little OP.

    invictus97 (NA)

  35. So if I commented on one of his video that I want giveaway stuff + my acc
    name and server I’ll be entered till the end amd I don’t have to enter

  36. They are pretty good all through tier 2-10.
    Username: Namehack
    Server: EU

  37. Swedish TDs are quite nice, from tier 8 they are very interesting.
    username: digifiz, server: eu

  38. i think the swedish tds are really op in the high tier battles.
    Username : Klickinator
    Server: EU

  39. hi Dez
    SwedishTds are very great for sniping and reposition. Good combination so a
    great tank, but no armuor 🙁
    username zenze95

  40. Only gotten to tier 6 td myself, but I´m enjoying the hell outta that gun

  41. I think that the new Sweden TD line should have been comed along with the
    new physics that deny overmatch on a high slope.
    Username DepletedPlutonium Server EU

  42. I like the low tiers, they feel like the german heavy armored TD’s, Tier VI
    and VII seem less enjoyable, stat like and on the test server. The top
    tiers VIII+ were amazing on the test server and after rebalance they were
    still enjoyable. Only the old overmatch system gives me mixed feeling about
    their armor.
    Username: NK_Commander
    Server: EU

  43. I think the swedich tanks are Good beacose Theo are press i fast and hav
    good gundipresion

  44. I’m not interested in the Swedish TDs, to be honest. The lower tiers seem
    decent enough for a turretless TD line, but the top three with the siege
    mode seem very situational. And since they didn’t change the overmatch
    mechanics they are very vulnerable to players who know what they’re doing.
    Username: kymrel (EU server)

  45. ils ont l’air bien qu’a partir du tiers 6 les te suédois

  46. Fun to drive and play tanks with great gun depression and no armour at
    all…From tier 8 and on becomes big threat cause of game angling
    mechanics, rate of fire and accuracy
    Username : Jimmakos 76
    Server : EU

  47. swedish tds are pretty fun name Kandiszno1234 Server EU

  48. They are ok, -t5 that is
    Name: rmjf82
    Server: EU

  49. New Swedish TD’s look very interesting and nice to see a different type of
    mechanic being implemented.
    UN: SamIAmPHX
    Server: NA

  50. The Swedish TDs are good if not spotted useless if they are. Rad-Roman. Na

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