► World of Tanks: Amazing T-10 in Snap-Shot-City – T-10 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

T-10 Gameplay Review. Battle Series. Epic Battle.

In today’s “Epic Battle” episode you are going to see “TwitDip” in his T-10, tier 9 Soviet … Welcome to the Snap-Shot-City, where Stalin himself going to guide your shots!

Check out really awesome action now!

► Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2568022#stats



  1. Well done,Another great video Dez

  2. when and where Do you anounce the winners of the giveaway?

  3. Starting to enjoy WOT again, at least as a second game. War Thunder still
    my love but I respect WOT cause it’s fun

  4. Where is the epic outro?

  5. Wolrd of tonks > World of tanks

  6. From this time on, I will shoot only when going down the hill because of
    the shell velocity! Thanks! :)

  7. I licked this video very much!

  8. Nice video Dez, you play on the NA server at all? Need to do a subscriber
    run sometime!

  9. this tank is awesome, i am such a fool for selling it for IS-7… i
    actually think it is better than IS-7 because of this awesome gun

  10. Βαγγέλης Παπαδημητρίου

    176th :P

  11. in school watching

  12. Oh my, the first comment of the vid I better say something funny!

  13. I love the Stalin in the thumbnail xD

  14. Russisan snap shot is great comrade,accuracy stat irrelevant

  15. Dare i say it!

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