► World of Tanks: AMX 13 57 Review | New Tier 7 Premium Light Tank

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AMX 13 57 Gameplay and Review. New Tier 7 .
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So, our guest today going to be new tier 7 light tank. What I can tell you about it? Well…
AMX 13 57 is the tank for you if you like to earn some extra credits while having huge amounts of fun! It behaves exactly like it’s non-premium brother – , and we know how awesome this tank can be. Sadly we can not buy E-25 anymore, but this is pretty much perfect replacement tank for that.
High speed action guaranteed with daily dose of fun!

Enjoy! 😉

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. This tank seems like it would be hard to do well with in higher tier
    matches – more so than the 13-75, some of that is due to the significantly
    better APCR on the 13-75, but also the extra alpha and speed. The 57mm does
    NOT seem good for passive scouting, where the 75 is somewhat passable
    because it’s aim time and reload time are almost identical IIRC…

    And then there is DPM, if you think about it. I JUST bought the Soviet T-34
    to start working my way to the T62A and object 140 – and with its 57mm
    cannon it only does 5 less average damage – and reloads in 1.9 seconds
    without a clip!

    I’m not writing this tank off, as I am sure it CAN be fun, I just get the
    feeling, that – for me it would be tedious and annoying more often than it
    would be fun… I wish I could test it on regular server like that, test
    server is always full of jackasses spamming premium because they can… And
    I’m always wondering – why the FUCK does everyone spam gold on the test
    server? I mean it’s not like you are EVER going to get a GOOD feel for how
    a tank truly performs when all you do is load gold! People piss me off

  2. With that voice and accent, I reckon you could win an Oscar. FULL SRS

  3. Awesome video man! Really enjoyed this video :)

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