► World of Tanks AMX 30 1er Prototype: INTENSE POOL’s – Epic Battle Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks AMX 30 1er Prototype Gameplay. World of Tanks AMX 30 1er Prototype Epic Gameplay Commentary.

Take a look how “xTYTANx” is going to carry this game with good decisions and a bit of luck to victory.
Epic action guaranteed!


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Im Tank5599 :DDD

  2. 1. awesome
    2. i liked 😀
    3. you just get new sub :3
    4. can you do video of 183 :33 or Jg.Pz E-100 = jogourt Pancake E-100 :3 :D

  3. Siem van den Oever

    T-54 or AMX 30 prot 

    • +Siem van den Oever for me, answer is clear.
      AMX 30 prot is my best tier 9 med.
      2850 avg dmg comparded to 2300 on T54.

  4. what is the music you use… cool

  5. “… or, X thank you tan X- is going to do.”
    I love your humor man, it’s what keeps me coming back.

  6. Crazy end on this match. Good lord when the Borsig pop’ed back up I admit I
    flinched thinking he was gonna shoot the other AMX.

  7. Darude Sandstorm

    watch your channel, among others, and I have to say, that the VAST majority
    of these epic games are found with no artillery in play. What does that
    tell you?

  8. can someone help me with this tank? I hate it really bad soo far (only
    second gun and tracks searched)
    my overall WN8 is 1400 and with this tank is 700, in other words I totally
    suck with it
    I dont like camping, I like to be agressive and win battles with or without
    help but this tank is made of cardboard… right now I’m pretty sad because
    I didnt chose the Lorr40t instead, at least with the 13 90 killing half HP
    tanks was a breese.
    Even if the gun depression is good I dont see why its better than my great
    T-54 in any way…

    • jonah holmes (wz-132)

      My wn8 is similar to yours I only have the second gun and tracks researched
      also, but stock tier 9s are the longest and most painful grinds in the game
      your wn8 will crash when you play stock tanks you’ll have to just keep
      grinding the tank. I recommend you get the top gun before anything else.

  9. Peanutbuterjelly

    this tank is what the leo pta wishes it was

  10. Nice intro!

  11. I dunno about this thing, the gun’s accuracy is extremely cheaty. I mean
    seriously, I hit someone on the move from 500 meters and ammo racked them,
    I feel sorry for the guy I was shooting at. It was WG who ruined his 7 kill
    7K damage game after all, with their accuracy nerf that affected jackshit
    but lower tier tanks.

    • +Archie Fulford Oh and don’t forget I had a broken gun at the time, as
      people seem to like to derp premium rounds into this things gun.

  12. you always get the best games sent to you Dez

  13. CaptainSpetsnaz

    We get a new Tank! Thanks Dez! :)

  14. FIRST COMMENT !!!! much love from the USA !

  15. Luck or skill or both?
    Doesn’t matter, epic ending! :)

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