► World of Tanks: AMX 50 Foch 155 – IT IS FINALLY HERE!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch 155 Review, Tier 10 French Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks 9.20 Update – AMX 50 Foch B Replacing AMX Foch 155.

Guys, I did it… AMX 50 Foch 155 is finally in my garage! It was actually quite a struggle to get it, because I left myself only couple of days as always, I had to play a lot, but it is finally here!

It is going to be quite iconic tank destroyer after 9.20, because they are going to remove it from the tech tree, but if you have it in your garage before 9.20 hits live servers, then you can keep it! It is the only 750 alpha damage destroyer with an auto-loader, so I simply had to get it before too late.

What do you think?



  1. #clauscaressomeshitorwhatever

  2. Do a foch “he” only load out

  3. Mencius Madhyanagara

    Foch 155 in the garage with confetti raining down, feel like a graduation ceremony.

  4. I just realized once 9.20 comes out anyone who has the 155 and decides to sell it will boost the amount the account is worth since I’m pretty sure no one will ever be able to get it

  5. Hello , can i get your moodpack link ?
    Big respect ?

  6. 7:53 that yeaaaaaaaaa 11:38 and WHAT like mr bean xD xD

  7. Fabian Breidenbach

    Am i the only one who doesnt know about the 750 Alpha Meme?

  8. My best battle ever with this beast was about 3 years ago when I did 12 800 dmg 🙂

  9. Where are you in the Kampagne

  10. ‘Can you see what is in my garage’… we all thought the the next line

  11. Thumb’s up for not researching the wrong tank! lol 😛


  13. Never forget WZ-120. Good grinding DG

  14. GG Dez.

  15. Welcome to the Family DezGames <3 - let us derp all the derps we can, and I encourage you to, at-least for a few games, load only HE, you'd be surprised and how trolly the 155 can be.

  16. Finished mine too. The Foch was fine the Amx ac 48 was rough at first then was fine at end.

  17. full HE Foch 155! I know Circon had a monster game trying this, but what about you?

  18. I finished the same grind a week or so back now just waiting for the update.
    I have kept my old AMX AC mle 48 and the Foch so I can see how they perform with autoloaders.
    I’m not really good enough to play tier 10 tanks what with running costs repairs and so on I would go bust if I played too many.
    Tier 7 8 and some tier 9s is my limit.

  19. That moment when you realize Dez has more tanks on live server then you on common test server

  20. congrats Dez, veni vidi vici FOCH 🙂 , please make vid when you 3 mark it nex weekend haha . seeya

  21. Can you make a video with Chieftain/T95 ? 😀

  22. I finally bought the udes 03 and unlocked the obj 416 yesterday, was good day for me too! 😀

  23. ‘I go into cap’ vs ‘I’ll cap’ xD

  24. Why isn’t the info that you can research amx 50 Foch 155 on the result-screen of the first battle?

  25. Frank Screaming Eagle Selleslagh

    Too bad I won’t be able to get it in time. Still need more than 500.000 XP to get it. 🙁

  26. 20 days from t8 stock to foch 155. considering I only play 3 h a day

  27. When does 9.20 comes?

  28. Funnily enough I didn’t ace my Foch 50 until my last game too

  29. Gratz dez, I love my Foch 155 so happy we get to keep it!

  30. Hi Dez i just got it too i have not played it yet but i made a mistake with it i could have bought it sunday evening but stupid me i bought monday evening and wasted a million credits. If i had bought it sunday i would have got it for 5,1 something million instead of 6,1 million hmm just to bad for me, but nice first game on camera and keep up with your lovely videos man.

  31. Got mine too a couple of weeks ago and its a blast to play when you actually hit something. The weak spots are unfortunatly large bullet magnets, dont know how many times I have been aiming at someone and he just turns around and insta snaps me in the viewport….

  32. Congrats Dez! I thought about trying after this tank but I just did not have the Time and Money needed to power grind the EXP needed to skip past the whole line. Maybe I could send a ticket into WGing telling them I had the tier 10 and it was sold without my knowing and just pray the guy reading the ticket has already burned through his mandatory liter of Vodka for the day and just gives me one XD

  33. +1 for fast forward sound effects

  34. AMX 50 FOCH 155 looks a lot better than Foch B

  35. Darren Adams-Beutel

    Congratulations Dez – ground it down!

  36. did anyone else think he was talking about update

  37. The Great Kolomon

    “Wrawlrawlwarlrwal” – DezGamez – 2017

  38. Got mine 3 days ago for the collection and havent played it yet… the tier 9 was sure a terrible grind…congrats

  39. That DMG per shot,8 tier chinees TD make better DMG:)

  40. CONGRATS !!!!

  41. Good job and congrats to french TD:s

  42. this fucking game is getting better and better.. And you Sir is just one of them promoting this shit.. thank you for your service

  43. When you can see a 1000 exp game equals a first class, you realize that this tank is utterly trash

  44. All I hear is George Teki

  45. What’s in your PC it’s running at the same fps as mine when it’s on Max settings

  46. when are they going to remove this tank?! Im thinking about getting one!

  47. glad I got my foch 155 a year ago , I hate rush grinding.

  48. Dez had Performance Anxiety ……..lol………….Dez, well done.  ToothDecay NA server.  Also, why did you throw subscribers at Claus ?  Anyway, sounds like a cool thing to do.

  49. Im probably wrong but, I hope that WG might come out with a new set of personally missons with the Foch 155 as one of the reward tanks, the one to get the 155 would be pretty hard but still, I would hope they do it.

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