► World of Tanks: AMX 50 Foch (155) – Port Map Dominance – 11,500 Damage – Past #8

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch (155) Gameplay Review. World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch (155) Battle. World of Tanks Old Replays.

Back with another WoT: episode and we are back inside Foch 155. But our guest today is map that we do not have anymore and a map that I miss a lot – “Port” map.

Played by: Sweetheart
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/272240#stats



  1. Simon Leichtmetall

    T30 as top tier HT pls if you can. Or T34 as t9

  2. I was plaing on this map but I think that they should change some parts of
    it because no mater what tank you where on it was always problem to decide
    where to go on this map

  3. I’ve played on this map damn i’ve Been Playing this game a lot….

  4. I got to play this map 1 time before it was removed and I would like to
    have it come back.

  5. That was rly fantastic map

  6. All these maps in past episodes are all on WOT console.

  7. I remember this map too.. Dez, You made me have a little tear in my eye ;)

  8. Dez, ive got a question for you! What was your first expierence in World Of

  9. And also i liked your video before i watched it, because it´s always

  10. you just made me realize how long i have been playing this. i loved this
    map when it was introduced.

  11. If you look at player stats Sweetheart has not played a battle since 28
    July 2014

  12. we still got this map on console, along with the tier 10 auto loading

  13. now, look, I’m not one of those who complain on ammo choice, but wasn’t
    this back in the day when you could only shoot prammo paying with gold?
    This guy has a ton of gold ammo, was it often that players had a big prammo
    loadout bavk then?

  14. I miss this map a lot tbh..it should go back in tier 6 max only or

  15. Hey Dez, how’s going! I have an idea so I want to ask you if you could show
    us really OPness of Foch155 when it has 4 rounds in clip. Thx Dez

  16. I miss many of the old maps. I’ve been. playing for years. the few maps
    with different weather is stupid. Paris is a bit to much like ruinburg

  17. Was it just a replay bug because it said the enemy only had 14 players

  18. sereotypes… or how do you write that…the series is done or you forgot
    about it?

  19. I also want it back. It had something different from all other maps…

  20. I joined world of tanks in patch 8.6

  21. Federico Di Liberto

    I Like this map I love use the bridge for hull down. If the team do a good
    job in east and west I love use that briges with my jagdtiger or with my

  22. magnus bo vejlø Rasmussen

    we All wont it back!!!!! bedt map ever !!!!!

  23. magnus bo vejlø Rasmussen

    best *

  24. I had my best game on this map with the M48 Patton. Too bad i can’t find
    the replay.

  25. I dont know how long will i play the World of Tanks
    1)The crossover chat had been removed
    2)too much autoloader and medium tank in game which quite unbalanced for 1
    shot tank
    3)The variety of map has been decreased.The same exact copy of map like
    phokorovkha and ruinberg ish.
    3)The map are too symmetrical and they show us a lane and place to where we
    MUST GO or die….not even fun anymore.
    4)Introducing the weirdest tank i ever heard and the swedish TD just prove
    5)Lack of many ways and lane/strategy to be used and map rotation now is
    6)Artillery is getting more cancer now as i speak.T92 with boomstick can
    make a direct hit to enemy ru 251 in full speed.
    7)Lack of event by WG.
    8)The server is more lagging every time they introduce new
    patch.Etc:spotting system update,my server often froze at the important
    moment,and die when the fps 20 and ping are 100.
    9)No teamwork in team.
    10)Lack of battle mode.For me who does not have team,i only play random
    battles and training map.

    Maybe i should go to WoWs as they are being developed by WG….

  26. i remember this map

  27. thejoedude thefirejoe

    WG removes half their good maps for no reason at all

  28. thejoedude thefirejoe

    ive been playing this game for far too long, still remember playing in the
    betas of this game. sadly its just not a good game due to it being
    incredibly frustrating trying to play with terrible teammates

  29. Excellent as always my friend. Great mending video!!!!!!!!!!! Your the best
    mate!! the oldman out.

    Take care, flea

  30. Licked again

  31. port is one of the worst maps ever… thats why it was fun :3

  32. 15 T34s vs 15 Cheefis

  33. I miss this map :(

  34. Great video once again Dez. Only been playing 7 months, I have seen lots of
    maps from watching your Vids that I have never played. . fixing a map is
    not that hard, push a hill down a bit here and there. In fact all they
    would need to do is cut Map in half use what they like and copy and paste
    it to the other side, that way they all have the same advantage.

  35. best map

  36. u forhot 2 mention that this map was used 4 chaffee races mod

  37. Can you pls tell with what kind of program or software you make and edit
    your videos and replays

  38. i played on this map

  39. dez reply plz then you make me happy ☺

  40. Butches, we still got it on console!

  41. Consoles still have the old maps.

  42. The Nostalgia….

  43. this map still exist in console version

  44. I remember Port and would love to see it back, along with the other 8 maps
    that have been removed over the years. Love your vids Dez..keep up the good

  45. That map was awesome :3 Bring it back! :(

  46. i always enjoyed this map.
    Nice replay, thanks Dez.

  47. I think this map should keep tier 7 and lower. other than that, it’s a ok
    small map to play.

  48. This was a fantastic map!

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