► World of Tanks: AMX 50 Foch (155) – When it was MAD! – 14,000 Damage – Past #4 – Patch 8.7

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World of AMX (155) Gameplay Review. World of Tanks AMX 50 Foch (155) Epic Battle. World of Tanks Old .

This time I went back exactly 3 years, travel the patch 8.7. You are going to see the highest Foch 155 gameplay uploaded to Wotreplays.com site!

Played by: Haal
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/341502#stats



  1. i have a crapton of 5k battles in t8, 7k battles in t9 and 8k battles in
    but ive never passed 9k dmg xD

  2. Does any1 have gun sound problem in new patch (9.15.2)?
    I have other sounds except for that 1 and it’s drivin’ me nuts, so if
    someone have a solution pls help :)

  3. Horey Shet!

  4. The patch i started playing wot :D

  5. Damn, this is just as bad as the WTF e100 :P

  6. OMG…. MOTHER F**** FOCH MAN…. WOW !!

  7. I suggest for the next video a game in KV-2 when it was the KV at level 5
    with the 152 mm

  8. Théo “KartooniK” Pbx

    No Dez, you were right ! It’s Fosch not Fok !

  9. you need to get into wg commentary with quickly and jingles lol.
    you have the passion for it.

  10. Make the Hetzer good again

  11. magnus bo vejlø Rasmussen

    i wil like to se whit All what tolk about is 4 … i wil se is 4 tier 9 or
    kv 2 tier 5 =kv i really Miss this 2 tanks??

  12. In France if you say fock somebody is gonna hit you in the face so it’s
    Foch not fock ^^

  13. Sherman Productions

    @DezGamez is 1900 xp on Chaffee counted as legendary game?

  14. perfect playing

  15. what a hell of a team that was O.O


  17. okay DEZ I’m french so plllleaaaaaase just say foch like shhhhhit
    epic battle thanks for that

  18. I got to the 155 a year too late, never bought it. I was at the tier 7 in
    8.7 though

  19. Mathieus Roussatooo

    hmmm sexy Voice kkkkkk

  20. Please do an episode from patch from something like beta – just to
    show off how bad the game was 🙂
    Not necessarily that patch just the oldest, oldest you can find :)

  21. What about m48a1 patton before it got its super nerf?

  22. happy weekend

  23. past from the blast

  24. Foch, Fosh…? It’s ok, I clicked ‘lick’ on this clip anyway. hahahaha.

  25. its foch, how you said it before, named after sir Foch of the French army

  26. Enjoy your weekend as well!

  27. Show us some T-50-2 Replays :(

  28. why can’t we buy gold right now anyone know ?

  29. meanwhile im strugle to do 3k damage per match

  30. What DaFoch

  31. I’m licking but nothings happening haha

  32. this reminds me of WTF E100

  33. I remember the days for this td…its was a monster. The day it was nerfed,
    i couldnt believe what a joke it now was…

  34. Want to to make 268 and Foch 155 beast? 800 average damage.

  35. This tank is about average but wargaming is Keep buffing the russian

  36. The Foch is getting nerfed again!!! On the sand box it’s not a fosh 155
    anymore it’s a fosh 120 wtf WARGAMING!!

  37. Dude find a video of the kv2 at tier 5 with the 107 or 152 or the pz4 with
    70mm l70.Or the kv1s when it had that mad 122 or the kv3 when it was at
    tier 6 or marder 2 when it was a damn good td

  38. Or a video before the big HE nerf

  39. Yeah i remember how i hated that tank, when a Foch155 decided that he
    wanted to kill you, he did it and most of the time you could not even pen
    that troll front amour and cheeky weakspot when you hit it. The forum rages
    were so real. Still they nerfed it too much.

  40. can you search for the oldest replay ever uploaded to wotreplays?


  42. How do you download older game versions? Is there a special site?

  43. If you lick it please lick it ? :p

  44. As far as I remember After WGing got done raping the ever live fuck out of
    the Foch 155 they went and left it with the same reload it had BEFORE the
    nerf. so it’s still something like 45-50 seconds or more.

  45. can you do a obj 263 gameplay

  46. You should call these “blast from the past” in stead of just past. Noice
    vid keep doing what ur doing.

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