► World of Tanks: AMX 50B 10,000+ Damage Epic Battle – In AMX 50B We Trust!

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Battle. World of Tanks AMX 50B Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Epic Battle Series.

AMX 50B is love, it is life and battles with AMX 50B are EPIC!
In today’s “World of Tanks Epic Battle” episode you are going to see -man-army game. “Heroki” is going to be everywhere, literally everywhere and is going to get epic amount of kills and damage done!

Game is played by: Heroki
Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2339988#stats



  1. +DezGamez In Dez we trust for entertainment

  2. I am your one dislike 😛

    Just kidding! I switched it to a like.

  3. Keep the awesome content rolling; you’re awesome :D

  4. Is it a typical Frenchie? 1 forward gear and 6 in reverse? Lol.

  5. Now that was an EPIC video!

  6. Hahaha gotta love those base nubs,always handing the game over lmao

  7. Same replay ship? looks similar

  8. Geometry Dash Warrek

    You are great Youtuber!! I really enjoy your videos :)

  9. well played Heroki well played . I am looking forward to the AMX 50 B only
    got 140 exp to go 🙂 thank you Dez awesome vid

  10. AMX 50B….B like BEAST!!!!!

  11. Impressive carry indeed.

    There is one thing I’d like to point out here though, which I feel is very
    common in almost all huge carries you see – especially in autloaders: The
    reason the carry is necessary in the first place is for a large part down
    to his own lack of dpm during the first few minutes. Although I am
    certainly a much weaker player than this guy, I have seen this happen on a
    somewhat smaller scale myself, time and time again: Failing to have decent
    dpm during the first part of the battle -> team gets raped -> having to
    carry hard in the end to win. Which needless to say succeeds less often
    than most would like.

    In short, this video is indeed a good example of a carry – but it is also a
    good example of creating the need to carry as well.

  12. I’m trying to get to the 50 100…….

    I’m on the B1….. it hurts…… help me……

  13. Déjà vu, I think I’ve seen this replay before :/ I don’t know where though.
    or it looks similar.

  14. 10 out of 10 50 b’s

  15. Damn I was 302 :(

  16. Ricky Spanish

  17. Under 301+ club anyone?

  18. First

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