► World of Tanks AMX 50B: 1337 here, there and everywhere! – AMX 50B Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

AMX 50B Gameplay. AMX 50B Live Gameplay Commentary.

Going to take AMX 50B out for a ride and still enjoying every second I spend playing with this beast!

Fun times on the way, enjoy your weekend!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Michael Mcdermott

    Great video as always and the coughs are much more manly since you upgraded
    your mic ;)

  2. Awesome 50B gameplay as always. I think I watched all your french heavy
    videos hundreds of times. Always good, keep it up.

  3. Illuminati confirmed? Damn

  4. could you do something like worth the grind reviews? for exanple, upcoming
    30b, and say will iz be used in clan wars, gameplay style etc…

  5. Thanks Dez, very much enjoyed this episode! I really enjoy hearing what and
    how you think when you play!!! Few f*cks were given, many lols were had.

  6. +DezGamez
    Hello dude
    Nice games and episode, first one for me
    What’s your pc specs?
    Thx for answer

  7. Hey Dez, I have both t57 and the amx 50B. I love them almost the same. The
    57 is just slower. If it was faster it would be nerfed even more. Great
    video again. Ty

  8. can someone give me a link of updated OldSchool modpack.

  9. So using an auto loader makes you a noob?? Seems like they actually require
    more skill.

  10. nuclearsharkattack

    Love the 50B games, Ship. It’s one the favorite tanks I have. Maybe start a
    new series called “Balls Deep” where you go wild in a Tier X tank! ;-)

  11. I am surprised at how many teir 9 tanks you kept, I don’t have as many tier
    10s as you but I don’t keep many tier 9s, you normally only play them in
    pub games anyway, no good for clan wars or stronghold battles.

  12. I know it hacker… mf leet :)

  13. U autoloader noob 

  14. i enjoyed it

  15. You make me want to get 50b 🙂 Though I am only at BDR…

  16. I really like those music and little comment you let in the video :P

  17. Really nice games in the 50B Dez! I would love to see you take the T57 out
    tho. Just to make you like the 50B more(lol). I will say that I’m still a
    little pissed that they up the aim time on the T57 seeing as it’s much
    slower then the 50B and thus can not run AWAY like the 50B.

    • +onebigfatguy I am far from T57, not even at T71.

    • +DezGamez Shame. I love my T71, hated the T69 for the crummy engine and
      shitty low pen gun, enjoy my T54E1 as a nice allrounder and the T57 has
      been a decent tank to play so far for me.


    Dez noob, you don’t even have one mark of exelence on that thing. :P

  19. Whats with 1337??

  20. Great video man Loved that part where the 110e5 was chasing u lol. Are u
    going to grind for the New French Mediums For 9.7?

  21. Lol that E5 chasing you. 

  22. Marco Porra Ridjan

    what mod did you use?

  23. GalaWOTs Galavits

    what is that 1337 thing???

  24. Dez you call arty scumbags, but aren’t your 4th and 5th most played
    vehicles arty? ;)

  25. Dat St-1 tho thug life live complication

  26. Are you from Germany?

  27. dez, its bad
    you started to talk to yourself, or u talk with imaginarry friend eh?

  28. Did you consider making long individual tank-reviews?

  29. AMX 50BEAST

  30. whatwas so special about the 1337? :D

  31. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    Fucking autoloders. Unfair ,break game balance. Should be removed!

  32. Nice video 1337 french section of the illuminati confirmed lol

    When it comes to sending replays can you watch/record old replays (as in,
    9.5) or just 9.6?

  33. live is good, you have a funny sense of humor. epic games are good too
    because i can learn things but it’s nice to have some variety as well.

    i have a question for you, would you say the 50B is a better tank for it’s
    tier than the 50 120? i am going to unlock 50B very soon and i can’t decide
    if i want to move my crew or not. i am going to keep the 50 120 for sure,
    but i don’t mind training a new crew for it if the 50B is better,

  34. Dood.. Jedi has gotten “really” annoying with the subtitles.. please oh
    please don’t start with those….

  35. great video, love it :), just love it

  36. that chat comment at start … whats best arty 2 go for replay none

    • +Zakho Sindi Best arty is NO arty. And really at this point in the Game
      arty should not be in it anymore. It was needed back in the pre 7.5 days
      when only heavy tanks got to tier X and arty were the only ones capable of
      doing any damage to them but now that TD’s and Mediums also reach tier X
      arty is not needed anymore. WG is always stateing that arty is to keep
      people from camping but the reality is that we have all seen tier 8,9 and
      10 tanks blasted from full HP to zero in a single arty hit more then once.
      Armored Warfare got arty right. It’s a SUPPORT class! Not a Finger of God!

  37. I liked that episode… :PEnjoy your weekend!

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