► World of Tanks AMX 50B Epic Battle – 10,000+ Damage – One Man Army AMX 50B Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Commentary. Battle. World of Tanks Epic Battle Series.

has been in Epic Battle episodes before, but when I see battle like this, it is going to be here once again!
Really good , kills, positioning and a little bit of luck gets you games like this!

Sit back and Enjoy!

►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Nice thanks

  2. He was using aim mod… have seen some similar ones, but still nice

  3. And this guy is why i cant get my ace on this thing!

  4. Marko Podbrežnički

    I love on my 50B ricoshet like last shot of e100 🙂 ;)

  5. This guy is Czech or Slovak.

  6. one of the most lucky bounce in the end… but nevertheless, a good
    game-play from AMX 50B…

  7. social3ngin33rin

    too bad the T57 line dumps on all the french tanks 🙁
    That american line should have never been introduced

  8. BOASS… wow…

  9. Wow.. Did you missed that epic bounce from e100? That was soo lucky for the
    amx guy.

    You did not comment on that bounce 

  10. Your video’s are sooooo good man. Hope you keep this up for a long time +

  11. Yeah the 50B as it stands right now is much better then the T57. But still
    props to this guy for keeping his cool and taking risks when they were

    28K subs Dez. Your on your way to 30! You’re stars on the rise my friend!

  12. Legion The Comrade

    I want this tank so badly ;~;
    Wish I hadn’t sold my 50 100

    • Legion The Comrade

      “I need money and I don’t play this anymore”
      *click click*

    • +Legion The Comrade You sold your 50 100 ? It’s my favorite tank atm
      (working my way to 50B). What didn’t you like ?

  13. Plz Dez can you give me the name of the musics or soundtracks you’re using
    in this video

  14. Awesome game play. I want that tank. But next is e50m. Patton 48 doesn’t
    work well for me. 

  15. Comhghall Geraghty

    I have 2 codes for armoured warfare I have no use for if you want one it’s
    yours reply with e mail address I’ll send it to you. First come first
    served :-)

  16. To Dez.

    Of all the Youtubers and Videos on Youtube i’ve seen. Only 4 people i know
    for sure i will always be subscribed to will be Ronin 47R because he is a
    360 WoT player just like me. SideStrafe because he got me into World of
    Tanks. Jingles because he is the most interesting “Old man” I have ever
    seen on Youtube and you Dez are one of my top 4 Youtubers. Thank you for
    making the 4th of July video as a B-day Present for me and America. I will
    Always be subscribed to you. Tank you! Be Free and Fly high!


  18. Really interesting gameplay. Also, could you show an IS-3 gameplay/review
    since I am terrible with IS-3?

  19. ST-one, not ST-eye. Blueprints say CT-I, not CT-И, and there was a CT-II.
    Other than that, nice replay :)

  20. ST-i(dez) or ST-1(quickybaby)???

  21. Thomas Bresciani

    Nice vid and EPIC game gg

  22. Dez do you have the Is-7? If yeah i would love a vid on it!

  23. That ending was hella calculated.

  24. Kind of sad for me to watch these videos because I never get those kind of
    battles 🙁 My record is 5,4k damage, and that was a loss. I VERY rarely get
    epic battles, and I’m not completely shit. I’m just Joe Average, but the
    luck is not on my side. :(

  25. That E100 should have had HEAT loaded for end game like that unless he
    spammed HEAT the whole game and Ran out.

  26. Amazing that without a premium account he would have lost 7k after such an
    epic performance. Fuck U WG!

  27. SovietTenkDestroyer

    I don’t think that Dez knows who Micheal J Fox is.

  28. so if u load gold u can just pen STI upper plate with autoaim??

  29. Stephen Marshall

    Hey dez, do you think the batchat or the amx 50b is better? I am indecisive
    on which one to go for

  30. Must… carry…game…
    GG mate! ;)

    • +DezGamez I know you wouldn’t, but doesn’t hurt to ask. Could you show an
      ST-I gameplay/replay? I just bought it, and could use some tips.

    • What do you think. …. (wows) should the add the H44 as the german tier 10
      battleship or is is it too op? (Bigger guns than yamato, etc.) And are you
      going to come at gamescon? ?

    • Thank u for posting this 😀 this really helped me learn tactics for the 50
      120 and I’m escorted for the 50b

  31. First comment?

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