► World of Tanks: AMX 50B vs KRANVAGN – Tier 10 Heavy Autoloaders – Patch 9.17 Update

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World of Tanks Kranvagn Gameplay, Review. World of Tanks AMX 50B Gameplay, Review. World of Tanks Kranvagn vs AMX 50B. World of Tanks Patch 9.17 Preview, 9.17 Test Server.

First testings are over, first changes to the new Swedish tanks has been made. Today I am going to compare tier 10 autoloaders AMX 50B and Kranvagn.

List of new tanks in the Swedish Tank line, in 9.17:



  1. world of autoloaders…. whats the point playing a normal tank where 1
    platoon of TVP can rape enemies like madmans same goes for almost any
    autoloaders platoons with brain in right place…. now swedish tanks are
    clones of french oh look MORE autoloaders… people in wargaming are
    idiots…. This game starting to be unplayable soon, there won’t be battles
    with IS4, Maus, JPZ, even IS7,, there will be T57, 50B this swedish shit,
    batchats and tvp with some french arty and foch (WTF100 is out of game so
    one autoloaders less)
    From where the hell wargaming takes those designs… drunk engineering
    concept wrote on napkins?

  2. Next time put a less interesting battle in the background dez. I heard
    nothing while the 50B almost pulled an epic win at the finish. Had to go
    back to relisten ?

  3. Holy cow, I’m in one of the battles! Always watching your videos Dez, hope
    you get better soon. Cheers to you from SEA.

  4. So what does the T57 have now? No gun depression, the armor is mediocre at
    best,no speed, and the gun handling is horribad.

  5. Is Dez learning spanish? ?

  6. and where is the T57 heavie?

  7. you were speaking spanish , sounds pretty weird

  8. Soooo… Now the T57 Heavy is completely irrelevant can I have that half
    second off my aim time again?

  9. my name is mike.

    mike hunt is also very tight lipped

  10. 10 AMX 50B VS 10 KRANVAGN Please :)

  11. +DezGamez you should give a shoutout to AgingJedi cause he mentioned you on
    his channel

  12. T57 needs some love

  13. wargaming you now what ? go to hell

  14. I am glad they did all this nerfing now. I had been grinding a Swedish crew
    in preparation for the TD and heavy lines but I think now I’ll just skip
    all the Swedish lines.

  15. dez you made another great video

  16. i hope you’re man flu is over pretty quick

  17. can somebody give me the link where i can download the test sever?

  18. Looking forward on my T26e4 rebuff again got my armor then back then i got
    more pen!!!

  19. So, Amx 50B is better than Kranvagn?

  20. For your next face off could you do 15 type 5’s and 15 mauses

  21. eh nerfs make me mad. I was excited about the new tanks now I wont touch

  22. Wasn’t 50B already a good tank? Seems like they have buffed something that
    was already balanced. On the other hand they nerfed the shit out of
    Kranvagn, armor speed and gun. Isn’t that just a bit too much?

  23. Stephanies Rendra (In Stasis)

    Why don’t we help him to get better PC?
    I see the graphic isn’t good enough :P

  24. Псевдоэксперт Танковый

    Dez, OMFG, are you really from Estonia? Ты смотришь каких-нибудь российских
    VOD’оделов? Привет! Are there strange viewers from Russia or CoIS?

  25. Kran is OP but AMX is the best <3

  26. Satchel Sieniewicz

    Can you do a video on world of tanks blitz… would be very interesting

  27. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    In the 2nd Replay, he could have totally bounced that Grille 15 shot with
    the 50B^^… not.. And the Reload is actually not that bad with a good
    Crew.. 29 Seconds? Cuz he does not even have BIA^^ Thats pretty good^^ And
    the 3 Sec Drum reload is not that hard to master as well. You can just
    bounce so much more Guns when you Show your front turret and try to not
    Show the Little side part, which can be hard at thimes yeah, then you have
    to calculate, which gun does the most damage and turn your Attention to
    that guy. But it feels like, the APCR of Kranvagn travels slow..

  28. great replay ,thx DEZ,get well soon!

  29. lick

  30. CW/SH meta change on the way.

  31. The gun realoding sound is so fucking anyoying

  32. French heavy is shit, German heavy is sluggish, USSR heavy is lack accuracy
    and Japan heavy is 11/12 with German I think Swedish will good

  33. Freshwater Spaceman

    I’m still sold on the Kranvagn! Thanks dez! :D

  34. SHIP, Great segment, as always, controversial and informative, this one is
    true to keep the chatter going for a long time, through the holidays!
    -AMX-50B, Kranvagn, …and yes, the T57 Heavy. Big boys fighting for the
    king of the hill as auto-loaders.
    -Its funny to see WG making so many adjustments to counter the technology
    of tank development; thats why they call it development, one guy always has
    something that does it better. Nerf, Buff, its insane…poor T-1
    Cunningham, what kind of path you have to climb!

    We all know, its going to be an interesting few months as Sweden fits into
    the mix; defining, holding, taking, capitalizing on the domain…something
    wicked this way comes, and it bears the colors of Sweden.

  35. Love your Spanish Dez!! Muchos Buenos!!!!

  36. When I saw VS I thought face off but alas

  37. Thanks for still making videos while sick!

  38. Muy bien y muchas gracias! wow, soon u gonna speak spanish fluently! 🙂
    Nice video and happy for 50B new buff, just got it but bit afraid to play
    with as still be under 50 120 trauma.. was sooo terrible tank..

  39. hope you feel better man. eat some chicken soup

  40. Pls make a video on the su 122 44 pls! Haven’t seen one in 3 years :D

  41. no offense meant, but Kranvagn had food. Dez vids are the best.

  42. Ko od Srba gleda ovo jbt

  43. Still an epic tank. Pretty reasonable nerf.

  44. Dimitrije Petrović

    t57 heavy vs t110 e5

  45. You’ll get well soon Dez! ?

  46. 10 KRANVAGN VS 10 50B

  47. Kranvagn should be slower than T57:
    – 50B worst armor and fastest
    – Kranvagn best armor and slowest
    – T57 ok armor and not the fastest/slowest

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