► World of Tanks: AMX CDC Beast Mode – Ace Start is The Best Start! – AMX CDC Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay. World of Tanks AMX CDC Ace Gameplay. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

Huge thanks to “Wargate_” who made this episode possible! He gifted this amazing beast to me and seems like me and AMX CDC are going to be the best friends had! 😀
First of all, you are going to see my second game in it and it is amazing! After that 2 really funny games.



  1. 🙁 I can’t play it like that… *sigh* I usually W, get spotted, get
    wrecked… garage. True story of my WoT life…

  2. Clearly it is fun to play with the CDC .
    But .. If you are thinking in relation credits / damage , do not think it’s
    a good choice.
    With the T34 and the 112, 4000 damage gives over 120,000 credits. And have
    armor that works ( +/- decent )!

    Translated by google. xD

  3. Whats this zoom mod called and how did you install it? Great CDC gameplay!

  4. cdc is really fun until you get into 3 arty games. Then you are pretty much
    guaranteed to get rnged and 1 shot.

  5. You must’ve prayed to RNGesus, whenever I try to snapshot with CDC the
    shell goes so wide

  6. Gifting tanks to Youtubers because 57,000 gold can’t buy a 7500 gold tank.

  7. i murder these tanks everytime i see them. would you like some HE on your
    baguette,Monsieur CDC?

  8. Big fan of the CDC – it’s my first and only premium that I own. It’s what I
    would call a Jack of all trades – does most things well enough (except for
    bouncing shots lol) and in the hands of an experienced tanker can be

    Great video Dez, really highlighted how good it can be!

  9. CDC totally fits my play style of fast med with punchy accurate gun but god
    do I suck in it. I have no idea why, I want to love it but I just can’t get
    the damn thing to shine for me. These games especially the first one are
    just awesome. Cheers Dez

  10. cdc so big

  11. Coffee is an amazing thing to have and makes most mornings so much better!
    Dez, a friend of mine once said coffee was stupid. Shes no longer a friend!

  12. I wonder who click the “dislike” 😛
    anyhow, thanks again for the video

  13. I would lick the “D” from the CDC just so i can park it in my garage :D

  14. Yep, shipthenutz is OP, you need a nerf to give the rest of us noobs a

  15. Oh i hate you sometimes. You’re such an good player keep up the good work.

  16. awesome games. love your videos, keep going!

  17. Dez you forgot your camo paint! The cdc needs all the camo bonuses it can

  18. Hey dez dunno if u saw my last comment but im from zimbabwe just wanna let
    you know u love all over the world YOU ARE AWESOME MATE!

  19. Shitty tank

  20. Raper of the year :^)

  21. Hey Dez, im trying to catch you streaming for a long time, whats your
    Twitch schedule? :D

  22. There are many reasons why I’m bad at this game but one is that I don’t
    have reload times memorized like you. Impressive.

    Looks like a good tank. I’m glad I don’t have French crews so I’m not
    tempted to buy it.

  23. Sup Zed, how are you?

  24. Hope they bring the AMX CDC to Xbox wot !

  25. WoT streamers showing it as it is OVER AND OVER again:

    Awesome game: must be without arty or with a doney low tier arty

    No matter if Dez, Quicky, Foch or Circon

  26. Dez, which keyboard do you use?

  27. Next battle on KRAKHOV! The city of krak XD they must sell a lot of dope


  29. The CDC is only amazing because you know how to play it, others that dont
    understand French tanks will hate it because they will rely in armour

  30. It’s the AMX Baguette

  31. You make me want to go back to WoT

  32. 5th!!!

  33. CDC means TD un french (actually tank hunter)

  34. Coffee? Dez is using premium consumables in real life. Such role play, much

  35. Mincraft Performance 101

    will you ever do a face cam? and if you are when?

  36. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    AMX CDC, da flanker is in da house :D

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