► World of Tanks: Are You Kidding Me? – STB-1 Gameplay – LoL!

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Source: DezGamez

. Series.

One of these days.. Right?
Or I am simply playing like shit!



  1. Actually in the first game, a good arti player would have killed you long
    time ago. You are moving, but you are moving in straight line after spot
    and almost like a clock (1s back, wait 1s, 1 second front). He could just
    aim and you will go into the shell.
    I only play Obj 261 (that arti killed my nerves and I wanted her) and from
    that side where the arti shot you, I usually do over 4-5k dmg with that

  2. nah you’re great. Always like your videos. :)

  3. Dez, to answer your question: you are having lousy RNG. That, and there are
    still ridiculous mapclickers in this game.

  4. Dez you where playing like a boss … but it was a X3 weekend and all the
    numptys where out and yeah we all had the same experience ….. Bad RNG
    just ….. yeah ….

  5. Travis Tynes-Peissner

    It’s a little column A, a little column B. Either way, fun video as always.

  6. Dez… You are the definition of No Fucks Given. Thats why Im here, every

  7. You really like your Lilly Allen music :))

  8. Wotko s Vokurkou

    I feel your pain 😀 With E-50M, AMX 50B already queued to buy and soon M46
    Patton, T-10 + WT E100 researched, also just started to save up free exp to
    get to tier 5 CSR tank to start yet another exp grind, It will be endless
    hours of credit hunting.
    However i bought the new M41 GF and hell thats funny tank to drive and it
    makes decent credits, so in the end it might not be that bad 😀

    Ow and Dez, it was entertaining, always good to see some1 else suffer,
    right? :D

  9. What recording software do you use?

  10. Never get spoted first when there are skycancers in game.

  11. DrafterOriginals

    8:17 chewbacca is that you ?

  12. lol…..

  13. I don’t like all the hate arty players like me get just because we have a
    good game doesn’t mean that every game is like that

  14. I loved that fuck you jingle you made man, that was hilarious

  15. tonks. :3

  16. I love artileriyu. And oneshots.))

  17. Fuck You….best video you have done in ages Dez cracked me up mate gj.

  18. Gotta love being rebalanced by arty…cause reasons

  19. LOL Fun video, I think your playing fine. I love the STB-1 but that gun is
    sloppy. I think that was part of your issue.

  20. LOL It’s so unexpected!

  21. Nice shot from that arty to hit you on the move like that alot of skill
    required to be pre aimed there knowing thats where you’ll most likely go.

  22. Why is your damn keyboard so clacky?

  23. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    4:40 You made me laugh so hard man. As soon as I heard you thanking
    artillery I knew something can’t be right haha

  24. “Thank god for the artilery!” he said…. “We were actually able to survive
    this!” he said… well :D

  25. what is this epic garage? :o

  26. NinjaMonkeyPrime

    I enjoyed the video clips you added. I imagined you swearing during the
    entire time the video was running. I have to say the first one was a total
    surprise. A few minutes before you and 2 other teammates were bumping into
    each other and I thought “oh no, don’t let arty shoot them now”. Arty must
    have been ignoring you the entire time until you started to push. Bad luck

  27. Imo i think you take way to much snapshots over longs distances. But yea
    stb 1 gun can be a bit troll sometimes.

  28. GJ kicking in Michael from “The Office”. That character is just brilliant

  29. I will watch your videos even if you suck ass :)

  30. Jan-Willem Jansen

    dez what happend to your outro btw? must have been like a year since you
    last used it. And i loved it and still make the tune in my head everytime
    you say goodbye.?

  31. anyone got a link to that fuck you song?

  32. Hey… When and how often do you plan to show/analyze AW replays? For me
    personally, i would like to know if the Centauro tanks are wort it… wink,
    wink, nudge, nudge

    EDIT: Also, 1:40 every single T10 medium tank? You got the Obj 907? If so,
    gratz… Those are rare…

  33. Kristoffer Johansson


  34. LOL at the beginning Dez says World of Tonks lol

  35. *ally artillery piece wrecks t110e5*
    “Thank god for the artillery guys”
    *enemy arty kills dez’s stb*
    *fuck you song starts playing*

    Hypocrite maybe? I mean we all know the rage that comes from arty but it
    goes both ways man

  36. Rn gesus

  37. Aren’t your neighbours complaining when you are stomping on your keyboard?

  38. Dan Hoard (DanThePiMan)

    New microphone? Sounds super sexy. No homo, I mean. Just Australopithecus.

  39. most of the time u were playing shit…

  40. Your playing fine Dez. It’s just the SAME old shit that’s always the
    biggest problem in WOT…Arty. Trying to play a fast aggressive role or
    have a strong spot that offers good sight? Insta-die from clickers cause
    fuck you and your ability to use tactics and semi-cover.

  41. Nicolas Vandessel

    @DezGames what do you think of arty?

  42. Love everything about this tank love the gun. (Bounce ) I hate this gun lol

  43. That first video, that is what you call getting rebalanced.

  44. What accent do you have Dez?

  45. It’s horrible RNG in my opinion. I’m not the best player though.

  46. fuuck yoouoouooouuuu!

  47. well rng is st fault here but that non penatrating shot on type 4 or 5 was
    a noob play

  48. Vincent The Keeper

    Arty going after STB 1 LOL, Primary target, Super Heavies and Big TDs nope.

  49. sovietrepublic38

    Hey Dez
    you go buy a German Bulldog and do some review on it
    I want to know how to play it.

    Really awesome tank but ruined in my hands.

    Fuck SPGs…After I am fucked, I drive my own SPG and fuck others, ha ha
    play quite well, no worries.

  50. Voice sounds great Dez even clearer than before. But i almost fell out of
    my chair laughing when u said thank god for Arty the 2 sec later get killed
    by it XD!!! I think u are not playing up to your normal self cause u havent
    streamed yet ;)

  51. Hey dezgamez1.lily alen is a plus2.I bought that german bulldog, it is just
    crazy thing, a really nice gun (that hep-round <3 ) on such a fast tank3.do
    you own that german bulldog yet? I would buy you one if you want it :)

  52. Lol, I love your vids man, but I gotta know, were you sitting still on
    purpose on that shot on mountain pass? Cause even I was saying “don’t sit
    there man its coming!” before it happened.

  53. Epic video as always man I love your commentary style it’s awesome. Good
    job man.

  54. OMG use your HEAT against E5 !!!. Use your HEAT more often sir.

  55. Nikola Smiljanic

    Jesil ti Srbin il vec sta

  56. I wish my average game would be this good as your “bad streak”

  57. 16:30… after a hard day at work I am laughing out loud, having to explain
    to Mrs what happened… thank you DezGamez!

  58. 1. Glad I’m not the only one to notice Jap heavy stealth technology.
    2. Arty! The only question is, why hasn’t WG sorted this out yet? It’s not
    like the solution isn’t obvious…erm, Armoured Warfare?

  59. WoT Reality : KV-2 is more accurate than your STB-1 !

  60. Great video mate!

  61. Viktor Čecháček

    Hey Dez, great episode as allways. Keep rock man. I think you know that we
    love when you suffer :-)

  62. What i saw was mainly rng. Also, you are a very good player in very capable
    top tier tank, some arty players have brains to consider you a threat :P

  63. This wasnt live..?

  64. Some day’s you just feel like you have an arty target on your turret.

  65. at the second arty rekt, yes you played bad, to much stationary, you have
    to move a lot, and with that awesome gun depression, you should pick some
    impossible pick and shoot long ranges. every map has those spots, use them,
    though the armour won’t help yanto much, try not to be so aggressive,
    engage mid to long range fights

  66. How many games have you played in your STB-1 so far?

  67. The Raging Storm

    definately an improvement in your voice DEZ. great video btw

  68. League of Legends

  69. 3:58 I love it when you say gootsjab. It sounds hilarious lol. Anyways nice
    video I enjoyed it!

  70. Great Vid

  71. Wachira Narongsack

    stop camping ;)

  72. Lol – get balanced camper! Fkn arty :)

  73. Tea drinking crumpet munching British dude

    You zigged when you should have zagged…

  74. Dez, please!!!! If I could play half as good as you I’d be a tank boss!!!
    It’s just RNG my friend and nothing more sir. Again thank you. I learn so
    much watching your videos. oldman out!

    Take care, flea

  75. world of tongs lol wut

  76. One thing that bothered me that you went for trades with lower tier tanks,
    especially that T69. I for example always keep my health for more important
    trades, with bigger tanks that i cant bounce for sure, or highly unlikely.
    A simple sidescrape and you could have avoided losing 400 health or so. But
    you play good, maybe try to go in arty cover next time 🙂 That position on
    mountian pass is good as long as there is no arty, the pigs love that

  77. Amazing episode Dez. Thanks for providing some much needed laughs.

  78. Nice video bro. Keep up!

  79. The arty shot passed right through your tracks

  80. I feel sadistic for enjoying your pain, also I think it’s just bad rng Dez

  81. 0:09 world of *THONGS?* o.O

  82. no love for the 430 ,heh?

  83. yes ur voice sounds different. (I thought u got sick 🙂 )

  84. Arty clickers, the cancer of WOT’s.

  85. Dimitris Galiatsatos

    Wz120 or Leo pta1?

  86. has this guy done a face reveal if not


  87. You played very well, RNG screwed you up, Dez. 3000+ dmg isn’t bad, in fact
    its’s very good.

  88. Sure not luck… I hope You have play arty once to learn their science. And
    prevent to be killed

  89. Ricardo Hernandez Alvarez

    Hahaha I clicked the like just after the Fuck you song :))))

  90. Thats just typical WoT-RNGsus. You are still good ^^

  91. it’s not rng it’s the stb gun…….same as Leo 1….accurate as hell but
    only pens 50% of the time.

  92. arty is balanced

  93. Thomas Anonymous


  94. 8:18 you sounded more like Darth vader when he heard his gf died.. with a
    mix of wookie

  95. lol sometimes idk what happen too because it happen to me playing e100
    using heat shell and didn’t pen back hull armor -_-

  96. Ayyyy LMAO that arty

  97. don’t waste your credits on 430

  98. Ah so you got every singe T10 Russian Med ? ^^ T22 aswell ? Kappa

  99. Is the centurion 1 any good? I just got it

  100. Go fullscreen on the video then type “awesome” on your keyboard, then look
    at your play bar.

  101. second

  102. first

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