► World of Tanks: Armor? I Haz it! – 94 Hits Received!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks O-HO Gameplay Review. World of Tanks O-HO Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks Battle.


Today I have a little bit different epic battle for you. not going to be about the amount of damage done, altho “redir_killer” is going to get seriously good game, but it is going to be about the amount of damage blocked and shots bounced.


Replay file: http://wotreplays.com/site/2434641#stats


  1. Atleast, when no gold, heavy still usefull :>

  2. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    Old sounds <3

  3. thumbs up for epic battle, thumbs down to the T-32

  4. This was right at when the Jap heavy’s came out. oh those were ugly times.

  5. this is was awesome battle but wasnt artys :)

  6. mission 15 done!!!

  7. I’m in wd clan. clan mates it’s DoutfullIV

  8. Heimlich maneuver that O-Ho, HE’S CHOKING!!!

  9. both the o ho and t32 are pretty retarded to be honest
    is it really that hard to win in such a match making

  10. Plz do maus and 29 togs love story part 2

  11. the t32 needs to be hunted down with pitch forks and beat like a mangy dog.
    what a fucking sissy. hid the entire battle behind the O-HO and then
    literally missed the LTTB when it counted. c’mon. LTTB with in the middle
    of a crossfire of two tier 8 heavy tanks at 25meters and the T32 like a
    complete faggot missed the shot. why? cuz she was hiding from the big bad
    LTTB like the little bitch she is.. then tries to snap shot the LTTB. FAIL>
    worst part is.. the t32 picked up over 3k damage and boosted her miserable
    wn8 stats. and for what?….. nothing… but hiding like a cunt

  12. t32 is the biggest sissy in the game.. hid behind the Japanese heavy the
    entire battle. a real fuckhead

  13. GG WG RNG win the game.

  14. Sebastian johansson

    holy shit this noobs cant aim or this is a set upp lol

  15. Only 7 gold shots received Really?

  16. he’s lucky i always get tier ten when I drive mine

  17. this is why arty exists

  18. babo svih igrica hahahhahahaha

  19. In real life, all those hits would have shaved every bit of the frontal
    armor off.


  20. What a heartbreak

  21. lol this is when you start shooting HE these guys are kinda dumb..

  22. Most shots I ever received was 99 with 83 non pens for a total damage
    of…. 10,415 blocked by armour…. oh and it was in the tier 6 american
    medium the M4A3E2 (sherman jumbo) :)

  23. I play this tank and he is beautiful, just a bid daddy is game with armor.
    Good angle and easy to bounce

  24. ofc and if taht wouldhavw bewn me absolutely everyone qould spam gold at my
    lower plate that lucky oho

  25. BABO JE OP!

  26. How I play World of Tanks

    I love the O-Ho and have good games in it but I never get bounces like

  27. Why is he speaking Klingon when he knows that nobody understands him?

  28. I’m at this tank right now 🙂
    What mod is used,cause looks good

  29. Where are the he shells

  30. Whenever I play my O-HO, I get spammed by APCR and HEAT right from the
    start. This battle – nobody, except noob OI, who should have been shooting

  31. The guy just needed to carry harder is all…:p

  32. Dez when are you going to do a video about stereotyping the medium
    wolfpacks? Or different personality players: Leaders always pinging the map
    where to go, the old wise soul, the guys who are always spamming chat about
    their noob teams.

  33. kristoffer kirkbright

    proof of pay to win….

  34. I don’t usually criticize people on their gameplay, especially you. But I
    definitely had that moment of cringe when you could’ve finished off the
    ISU-152 at 7:27 but went for the IS instead. You would’ve saved yourself
    from taking so much damage, and easily win the game rather than what
    happened. It truly sucks how such a mistake would change the course of a
    game so much. It was amazing though how much damage you were able to block
    when your not hit by high-caliber HE shots lol.

  35. Hahahaha this was amazing

  36. Is it worth it to start down the Japanese heavy line this late, or are they
    just easy kills for most people? Never really like the boob-tank concept,
    but if they are still fun I’ll give them a go.

  37. Once an O-HO reported me for damaging him with Fcm50t and apcr.
    He said, that he cannot be penerated….

  38. Henrique Cardoso (_Shooterman_)

    man, the armor of the Lttb is so troll, it can bounce t30 shells in some

  39. I LOVE U, DEEZ. Rly awesome channel (i’m brazilian)

  40. The hell is wrong with his O-HO…they can pen mine like nothing else even
    if i try to angle my armor

  41. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    *sees Armored Tank.. Tabs 2 Key Twice* :3

  42. Babo svih igrica hahahah.

  43. Give em the T-44 And i killed that O-HO, Weak spot are easy to hit, Those
    noobs cant penetrate him… Wth are those for kids.

  44. Try to get 94 hits from arty next time lol

  45. This is The Beyonce Tank .. O-Ho O-Ho O-ho m’baby.

  46. Enrico Shang (The Edgyneer boi)

    Where are you from? You sound east-european…are you?

  47. omfg my record of damage blocked in oho was 16k didn’t expect him to beat
    it lol

  48. well…fuck! this was disappointing as shit! 🙁 not fear!
    though he did make a mistake, he turned his ass to the LTTB (flat on), when
    he should have angled…also, not shoot his turret! :(

  49. u spelt armour wrong

  50. correction to your title :world of tankz: Armourz I haz it! 94 hitz

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