► World of Tanks: Artillery Special – WARNING! – RNGesus #32

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Source: DezGamez

RNG. Best Wins and Best Fails! RNG/Funny/Epic/WTF/Fail/Win Moments Compilation Video. Epic Wins and Epic Fails!

► Once again:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened and WHEN it happened.

After collecting some pretty crazy artillery clips, here artillery special RNGesus episode for you!

Sit back and enjoy the video!


  1. I had a S-51, sold it after a week and dismissed a crew. For me, it was too
    painful to play that thing. Only arty I love to play is FV304 (Bert) and
    it’s a keeper, but I will eventually have to buy higher tier to complete
    SPG missions.

  2. whats wrong wit WoT in 10 minutes

  3. Is it possible to use that 45° view scope?

  4. *——* wow i like it

  5. Most were stupid campers, they deserve it. That ammo rack shot on AMX50B at
    1:52 was awesome.

  6. at 2:55 – is that Lorraine 155 hacking? the cursor is NOWHERE near where
    the shot goes and oneshots the enemy.

  7. So many sooks cryin over spg’s. deal with the fact they are not goin
    anywhere…. you can always go and play Pokemon instead. Girls 

  8. Wachira Narongsack

    my eyes are bleeding

  9. Well i play artys but never had a luck like this, in fact it was quit the
    opposite! with HE shells it says “we didn’t scratch ’em”!!! that was

  10. More shining evidence of how broken arty is. God it’s disgusting.

  11. lol, that was me at 9:12. I was desperate to get some damage in that game
    so I went full speed toward the enemy base at the end of the match. It
    worked out :D

  12. But think of all that discouraged camping!

  13. Damn, I hope I find this replay again I had a few weeks ago… It was the
    second game in my S51after I unlocked the big gun on prokorovka and I was
    aiming for a fast medium on the midridge. he disapeared and for quite a
    while nothing was spoted. one of our flank has fallen so I wanted to
    relocate and just took a shot where I was aiming before I started to move,
    I think I didn’t even look where… I killed that guy from full hp

  14. Benjamin Coltish

    That was an awesome video:)

  15. This is why I’m probably never going to play pc World of Tanks. Arty is so
    horribly imbalanced and if I’m having a good game and someone gets lucky
    and once shots me I’m going to be one really unhappy camper. Arty takes the
    least amount of skill, if any at all, to play it. So yeah, I’ll pass on
    having my tier 8, 9, or 10 tank end up destroyed from some hand of God that
    I get absolutely no warning about. “But arty forces people to play the game
    and move” when in reality it forces people to stay behind the tallest cover
    in the world so that they don’t get shot. People camp because they’re
    scared of arty. I’m not tryin to think about when it’ll be my turn to die.
    If I got a warning and arty wasn’t a one shot kill on anything it hits,
    then I wouldn’t mind, but the way it is right now it’s just too stupid and
    infuriating to play.

  16. arty can piss off

  17. patryk01 Kścziuczek01

    LOL :D

  18. Clickers have a special place in hell.

    My favorite are the clickers who actually believe clicking takes skill.
    Seriously, clickcancer needs to be removed altogether, there’s literally no
    valid argument against this.
    “b-b-but m-muh c-camping”

    Yeah, people actually camp more because they’re afraid that they’re gonna
    get epine MLG quickscoped by FaZe Rain and his magical out of this world
    clicking skills.

  19. I remember the day I one shot an IS7 (no ammorack) with my CGC… ? Same
    CGC I sold today :/

  20. Hate Arty

  21. wow that wz131 had a bad game with arty : P

  22. Cringy shots, cringy shots everywhere!

  23. dont play this shit game anymore !!!!! POKEMON GO 600000% BETTER

  24. Michael Burnside

    I like you Dez, but fuck you arty…

  25. aww my replay of s51 one-shot an IS6 didn’t make it :(

  26. disgusting

  27. The Raging Storm

    Man this music is perfect. I feel so relaxed :D

  28. arghh my eyes, someone get the bleach

  29. 12 kill arty platoon replay. Where to send?

  30. Which Van Halen song is that at the 8 minute mark? Bert is the best of the
    arties. If you didn’t know, ” Bert is the word”

  31. There’s sometimes that I want to play arty, then I get hit by one and
    decide not to. Sadly I’m going to have to at some point because I want to
    get all of my female crew members

  32. Those poor WZ-131s..

  33. Alper Tolga GEDİK

    fck all arty players

  34. Marl Christian Turtosa

    All the scumbags featured here are going to my fickin blacklist… and no
    one will stop me.

  35. these are some very fortunate arty players my m12 rarely hits more than 500
    on anything. I hit a ru251 and only did 500 damage

  36. i can’t watch this….

  37. Thanks Dez, I play arty almost exclusively now and rarely get the elusive 1
    shot, but when I do, ohh it’s so satisfying! Most of the time I’m
    frustrated by misses because I feel I let my team down especially when
    they’ve been asking for assistance.

  38. Obvious hiding place is obvious and yet people keep whining about getting
    blind shot in their tank while doing that. Superb! Keep doing that people!
    Arty players love it SOOO much. See that T95, guys? Be more like that guy
    too please. So that I don’t need to move my gun around searching for a
    target that moves like The Flash or RNG f**ked up my shot or the target
    covered by some sort of magical undestroyable building.

    I’m gonna make a guide how to be a *GOOD* player in WOT, here:
    1) keep standing still in the open for 1 minute at least.
    2) ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS move in a straight line, move slower is more
    preferable. Move in a pattern is ok too.
    3) when you’re playing high tier artillery, make sure you’re NOT moving
    after you shot with that big-a** gun.
    4) when you’re playing in a heavy tank and you got spotted, make sure to
    keep moving into your target SLOWLY WITHOUT turning your hull. Remember
    that please, IT IS important.
    5) to all the spotters, make sure you found the most used bush and stay
    there for at least 3 minutes. DON’T MOVE, it’s important too.
    6) the most important part, make sure to FORGET (1) arty reload time (2)
    enemy arty’s shell trajectory (yay I love british arty) (3) to check
    whether or not enemy arty had fired near your location (4) arty hiding
    spot, After you forget all those things, keep moving to our line of fire
    GRACEFULLY. You’ll be rewarded with a BANG! BANG! BANG!. It’s funny guys!
    Try it out. 🙂

    PS: (You can whine and report us later, don’t worry) **me, gives a
    condescending look**

  39. I actually like. I don’t have more than one arty and am not so good with
    them – but I do like to have a good arty in the team. Besides a hit near
    will make one play better – sure its bit annoying to get artied immediately
    – but I think way too many people speak way too much trash about them. How
    ever that mod like most all of them – those I wish they would just rule
    out. Either put what is usefull from the mods right into the game interface
    for all and stop people using different ways of seeing the battle field
    than other who do not use mods do or then just ban all mods. Its even
    boring when someone tell the whole team some percentage of the outcome and
    then they go in too assured about it or simply wont even try. That kind of
    things happen way more often than the percentage actually affecting them to
    play better.

  40. To much skill and balanced “tank” in this game, i cant see more my eyes
    burn, i’m not prepare for that :<

  41. one dislike = having been one spotted by arty

  42. Loved the replay!!! YES!!!

    But a few of them wasn’t “pure” RNG. The ones of Sand River, for example.
    It was (lots of) lack of skill from those three players. >:P They just
    stood still while the lead was raining… >:(
    -Hey! Look! An arty shot! (BOOM)
    -What arty shot? (BOOM)
    -THIS arty shot! (BOOM)

    1) Loved the “one shot” at the T95 (that was pure RNG, the one shot);
    2) Loved the “one shot” at the E 100, with the flying turret… (YES!!!)

  43. 2 much cancer 4 me m8

  44. WOT arty so the players with zero skill can also get lucky kills…

  45. when will you tell us about the winners of 80k celebration 🙂 ?

  46. I play arty some of the time mostly Mediums and heavies. I am up to the
    Bishop. It is not as easy as it looks. For god sake if you are spotted and
    in the open you got to move. preferably like a butterfly so the arty cant
    time your position. I just played a game in my Bishop where I just kept on
    nailing these tanks as they were shooting around a corner at my tanks.
    After 5 hits you would think they would get the message and pull back but
    they didn’t. After all of that I think they do need to limit arty to 2 per
    side at most. Most arty has a weakness. like long reloads or short range or
    inaccurate. ( wont mention the time I threaded a shot threw a window and
    hit the tank hiding behind the building.)

  47. epic moments for arty lovers 🙂 nice

  48. dez how could you?! i had to dislike this

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