► World of Tanks: Arty Killer! – A Day in WoT – Day 2 [NEW SERIES!]

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Source: DezGamez

A Day In World of Tanks Series. . . .

Another day in World of Tank over and letÙs see what happened… Super huge thank you guys for epic feedback in my first episode in this series, crazy to see over 1,800 likes!

You are The Beasts!

Feedback please!



  1. Love it! More, please. And IS-6 v Lowe. Now!!!

  2. I didn’t lick

  3. you camped so well that balancing mechanic (clicker)wasnt able to fix
    you,watch out it can be call cheating :P

  4. I almost cried when it reached the part where you were narrating about
    helping other tanks like the Bulldog.

  5. Super lickage here :P

  6. I just love when a tomato with 17k games tries to lead “his” team :)

  7. Definitely one of my favorite WoT channels. Thanks for the funny videos :)

  8. when do we know results of giveaway?

  9. Question? Why don’t you use xvm?

  10. Richards Slebonick

    I licked this video

  11. Great video. Please keep it up dude ?

  12. Licked/dislicked? lol

  13. Hay Dez, Day 2 was much better than Day 1, and now I finally understand
    what this series is about! :D

  14. “I’m not known for pulling back!” – Dez 2016

  15. Krauss In The Haus

    I licked this very much

  16. let’s fast forward,fuck fast forwarding….i laugh every time :D

  17. More swearing please★

  18. BoyarOlis TheCalmOne

    Epic music and slowmotion :))

  19. lyke if u cri evertyme 4 ze bulldoge :(

  20. Bulldog friends – the best part 😀

    Btw Dez, about being lucky… You know the saying, that drunk ppl are
    always lucky (when they fell, nothing hurts, etc…) I just watched my
    friends 1st Kolobanov’s in his tank career and as you guess…. he was
    drunk, A LOT, and i could not believe how lucky he was 😀 Driving T-34-85
    Sideways in front of SU-100 (who was firing HE, hit him for 6) 3 bounces of
    KV-85 100mm, etc etc snapshots.. oh boy 😀 If you are interested, let me
    know i will send you the replay file :-D

  21. I hate arty…

  22. I like this new series. MAybe you can release a weekly video of the most
    interesting thing that happened to you during the week.

  23. 😀 as always, great.

  24. Maybe the CDC was suffering from lag?

  25. great vids, but i must grrr at you as an exclusive arty player since 2011

  26. loved the arty kills just so satisfying

  27. i’m early

  28. *Wait

  29. Can’t sit till I get my pc and your the best tanker youtuber out there
    would be lost and boring without your content

  30. Hello man i really like you im watching you now for like 3 years and you
    are everyday better keep going Dez! Respect from Slovenia! :)

  31. [LV.20] Setsuna Kiyoura

    Meanwhile RNG trolls me hard and I can’t pen paper tanks rear armor with my
    M103….and rarely get lucky…haha…
    Or I get shitty MM and stuck in pure tier 10 battle with lovely E-100s and
    other lovely heavily armored heavy hitter tanks…

    Nice series btw…:)

  32. Great video Dez! 🙂 one quick question, could you put more videos up of the
    AMX 30 prototype and AMX 30b please cause they’re coming out on xbox soon
    and I’d love to learn more about them :)

  33. i lick this series! :D

  34. i had a game the other day in myat15 where arty focused me the entirety of
    the game left me on like 50 health by the end of thew game the thing is
    there was a leo pta near right next to me stationary just firing without
    being shot at all it was really weird cuz that arty coulda one shot that
    guy but instead ruined their own game

  35. why there is a black bar that hides the minimap ? or this is the minimap
    who hides ? at 3:45

  36. Super big Thank Youz for epic feedback in my “Day 1” episode… 1,800
    likes, just wow!
    Hat down!

  37. hiI am conway

  38. first comment.

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