► World of Tanks: Avengers – Captain America and Winter Soldier!

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks T110E5 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Object 140 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

World of Tanks, Avengers special… today I am going to show you Captain America and Winter Soldier in World of Tanks…
What do you think, which tank Hulk? Iron Man? Hawk Eye? … ?

Let me know and enjoy the video!


  1. “Every single guy decided to penetrate me”…what a party!

  2. 5.45 seconds reload time?? are you fucking kidding me?

  3. Everyone is thinking it , I’m just sayin it! HACKS Dez… HACKS!!!!! :/
    that’s how they penned you xD

  4. robin van Sint Annaland

    guess what tank is batman

  5. If he capped out for a mission, I could understand. He should announce that

  6. What happened with your E5 skin? uninstalled it?

  7. Great JOb!

  8. Sven Croon (MacSvensson)

    Loved this one!
    Sideways :-D

  9. which Russian medium is better t62a or object 430

  10. #DezGamez
    Hi m8t ! Check this guy’s mountain goat vid’s out

  11. A win is win. So Winding by camping is just AS god AS killing all. Besiddes
    that matches have bin lost because people don’t cap

  12. I get the same kind of RNG in every single game, enemy Cromwell stationary
    and I nail him with my BL-10, CRITICAL HIT… Meanwhile me in my cromwell
    getting nuked by arty about 5 seconds into the game, I had barely left

  13. Excellent as usual, my best YouTube chanel for wot replays. And the
    comments, my good what a fun moment.

  14. go fxxx yourself. in the a$$. twice. sideways. It wasn’t me who said this,
    it was Captn America! lol, just…lol

  15. Hey Dez. just got the T57 Heavy and got a 7K game in it. So wanted to show
    you and wanted to know what you think of it as well. one more thing. It’s
    on 360 which isn’t pretty but it gets the job done. :)

  16. videos are getting better and better dez :-)

  17. Dezgamez, so close to 100k subs, you can do it!

  18. T-34 vs Pz. IV(H)

  19. hilarious!!! again and again and again. 1.000 000 x ?


  21. how do you get the free flying camera I see in your videos? I want to be
    able to make wot vids but I cant figure out how to get the free flying

  22. you get pen because you didn’t used the special dodging secret tactical
    swipin’ angled strat’, dez!

  23. Ochotnik4859 Pilecki

    15vs15 USA TDs
    e4 vs e3?

  24. The t110e5’s armor doesn’t activate until your at 50% health, at least that
    is my experience :)

  25. Oh man you fucking legend,watching your videos since like 50k subs but
    every video is better and better ….Fucking loving it ?#Legend

  26. Which tank would be Deadpool?

  27. t55A is a complete noob

  28. If you like the 140, you should actually check out the 430. It’s about as
    good, less gun depression, a bit worse gun handling, but more dpm. It’s
    really surprising how fast you can put shells downrange in the 430.

  29. Love your videos!!! QB? Jingles? Who are those clowns? You rock Dez!!! Love
    your editing, your humorous banter and level of thought you put into your
    videos. Keep them coming, please!!! Cheers M8

  30. that New six sence sound is very anoying

  31. RNG screwing over “Captain America”… At least the Victory girls were
    there to cheer you up!

  32. Umm who is winter soldier?? I must be missing something

  33. the tier 9 uk heavy tank is pronounced ‘cannarven’, I think it is named
    after a UK town.

  34. anunhappyswedishwannaberussiankid

    nearly at 100k subs, Papa-Dez!

  35. That T34 was firing APCR at you DEZ.

  36. the mark on the roof of your tank, it could be that someone penetrated your
    cupola and the shot continued and then hit the roof of your tank. when I
    was in the training room I tested shooting at the collar and it is possible
    to put 2 marks on an enemy tank with 1 shot if it ricochets and hits the
    tank a second time.

  37. Aleksa Babic Rezonja

    I’d say Winter Soldier could be IS-7 actually. Because Bucky is stronger
    than Cap.

  38. Dez go get some aslains mod then you will understand, they just shoot
    premium rounds the whole game.

  39. FV 183 doing 3 dmg, fucking wow you’re good

  40. I never seem to have much luck in E5, got so annoyed I retrained the crew
    for T57 heavy, E5 even though I know it’s good tank, it’s just gathering

  41. SkodaT50(tier X) should be the deadpool.Slaughtering all Marvels
    character’s while counting the bullets.

  42. huh. I would have argued that the Object 430 would have fit the Winter
    Soldier more but the 140 works too.

  43. I thought that the winter soldier is IS-7?

  44. Why not IS 7 for winter solider? Good armor, Mobilish, and punchy
    gun…just saying.

  45. I like your ability to read our comments and relate to the fans, this is
    something you have over the other WOT youtubers, salute!

  46. RoyalForceArmament


  47. *cough* You know the MoE is counted after your average damage compared to
    all other players in the same tank the last 14 days. Just sayin’ :D

  48. You could show more respect with other players. You were rude and an
    asshole. Maybe he was doing the cap mission??? Consider that freak!!!!!

  49. WoT is full of selfishness. Go figure.

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