► World of Tanks: Balls Of Steel – E-50 Ausf. M Doing Dirty Work!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks E-50M Gameplay Review. World of Tanks E-50 M Epic Gameplay. World of Tanks Best .

E-50M true-blood workhorse, this is how I like to call it at leastæ

Let’s check out what kind of epic work “404_clicker_not_found” is going to be able to do!


►Tanks in action:
– German/ E-50 Ausf.


  1. So you like the name huh? Good replay ship.

  2. 293, wow, I have never actually gotten an absolute minimum roll in my E-50M
    or BatChat that I can remember…

    I know I got one in my E-100 not TOO long ago – just 563 damage!

  3. i licked it

  4. 2:09 – You could say “Error 404, Clicker not Found”… :3

  5. I had a game today in my E-50 M 7958 damage done, 3k blocked with 8 kills.
    Love the E-50M

  6. “omg noob pl” xD

  7. the title sounds wrong

    if u know what I mean

  8. how is this e50 m doing like 350 dmg per shot and missing a quarter of his
    shots if I can do 410 dmg in my Centurion 7 and hit everything with deadly

  9. Hey dez love your vids awesome job keep it up also what Do you think about
    CDC watched your review some great games but would you say it’s worth it?

  10. How he can lock targets without seeing them directly?For example 4:22.Just

  11. one of the funniest youtuber making WoT videos, really enjoy watching them
    and sharing with my mates who can speak english 😡 keep on good work and
    all the best from the best nickname in the game owner (title awarded by

  12. Still not gonna lick the video. Like it ok, but i am not licking it. Not
    before a nice dinner and a movie.

  13. “he grabbed his balls of steel ans he droped them” :D

  14. Hey Dez, learned some Estonian from Life of Boris. According to him this is
    the only phrase you really need to know: “Tere, Anna viin siia!”. Pretty
    much covers the basics? xD

  15. Hey Dez. Next Monday is July 4th which means once again. Its my Bday and
    America’s Bday as well. So i ask of you to play 5 tanks of all classes and
    a hour long episode as well. First tank is the trusty Tier 8 American
    Heavy. The T34! Next is the derpy Tier 8 American Light. The T49! Next is
    the forever known Tier 10 Medium. The M48A1 Patton! Next is the king of
    tier 10 TDs. The T110E4! And last is The legendary Nuclear cannon of WoT!
    The T92! Also like to say. I’ve been subbed to your channel for over a year
    and every video you have shown has been awesome to watch. So i thank you
    for your time and pls. Stay awesome you sexy Beast! USSWISCONSIN94^^/

  16. I once got 7.7k dmg in my Cent AX and 4 kills, but the replays was nothing
    special, i pretty much just shot the hell out of the sides of people on

  17. What equipment should i have on my e50m?

  18. Thanks for showing my replay! :)

  19. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    He repaired radio??? XDD I bet he thought that he has destroyed tracks :P

  20. Hey dez, have you ever been to tank fest? I would love to meet you

  21. Where is Dez from?

  22. xD

    Did anyone see at 7:40 that Bulgarian guy scream “REPORT WG FIRMA OT


  23. Ausf. -> Ausführung

  24. Another great video, thanks for the content :)

  25. I got my E-50 today. Haven’t played it yet cuz I need 5k XP to get the

  26. Haha i have platooned once with that guy

  27. “One more shot neeted and tea enemy is tit” lol gotta love dez’s
    pronunciation. Great vid man!

  28. TheBlackProductionz

    enemy E100 is bulgarian no wonder he is so mad :D

  29. TrueblueRumble Gaming

    I would like to see the type 5 go up against the MIGHTY MAUS… could you
    make that happen? Plz

  30. BalkanischePerversion

    cool videos mate, just try to improve your pronunciation

  31. 7:36 Bulgarian fury

  32. E-50M is weak/ QB

  33. Deeeeez, I sent u a WTF moment replay to your email!!!!

  34. Snippsnapp Gaming

    Hello again xD Good vid to day again :)

  35. RainBow - Agar.io

    137 likes and 0 dislikes
    record so far

  36. Original, creative names are for try-hards. Give me dull, derivative names
    every time.

  37. 3:25 beautiful shot of a player Polish :)

  38. hey dez pls do a 183 pls fv40005!

  39. Another great video dez love it. Your commentary is the best.

  40. yay i was about to sleep u bastard

  41. he says at 10:04 “or whatever floats your boat” ironically i’m on a ferry
    right now, haha.

  42. 293…
    That’s the lowest possible row for e50 m. Unlucky

  43. Why do you have a Polish flag on the tower ?

  44. Ivhanne Castillo

    I think he forgot to switch back to normal rounds, btw awesome gamestyle

  45. View number 469. Like number 54.

  46. New video hype 😀 I thinks it will be awesome like all your videos ;)

  47. Sup sup dz gamezzzz 🙂 love your videos xd

  48. How did you green dating ?

  49. last time i was this early UK was still in the EU

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