► World of Tanks – Bat.-Chatillon 25t – Damage Farmer | Bat-Man in Action!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Bat-Chat 25t Gameplay Review and Commentary!
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Hello there!

Live gameplay seems to be the stuff you enjoy the most from me.
and do 24h opening stream as well?

Enjoy the episode!

Your thoughts?

Tanks in action:
-France/French Bat.-Chatillon 25t, Tier 10 Medium
-/Germany E-50 ausf.
►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. What ya think?

  2. +DezGamez Hey there,
    Great video as always, great battles too

    Now talking about topic Streamming:
    It will be fun to do a 24h Stream, for me it could be from Friday to

    But when people ask you to stream, usually they dont see the stream, they
    just ask if you’re gonna stream, and the day(s) you stream they never show
    But that is my opinion

    See you next video

  3. A lot for you ,maybe …6 k whit bat is a joke for a good player .I do 6
    k- 1,2 times per day .My best match in he i was made 8.000 and 9 kills
    ,close to pool medals .I send this replay but you dont want to up on
    channel .

  4. 0:16 wtf?

  5. Good game but binocs on a batchat wuut 😛 

  6. Nice one mate! I will follow the stream for sure man, but please let us
    know in due time so we can prepare with snacks and beer :))))

  7. 24-hour stream would be awesome! 

  8. Definitely yes , but i have school on saturday but yes i would watch it :D

  9. can u upload a Panther 8,8 replay?

  10. Thanks ship love you for this content just got the batchat myself love to
    see it!!

  11. I wont :)))

  12. Live stream eh? sure. but 24 hours? maybe 4-6 hours would be better Dez
    because you might have other things you want or need to do at any given day
    tho maybe doing it Friday-Saturday would work best? ALSO SHOW US YOUR

  13. I find it very difficult to play this game anymore. For me, it is too RNG
    dependent. When I have too many good games with average teams that I carry,
    the next few days is continuous bad teams, min pen roles, tracking shots or
    misses, and low damage roles. I can’t stand the handicapping so I just go
    to War Thunder and all their B.S. At least that game is more skill

  14. Also LOL at the E50M game. Red team just kept coming from everywhere like
    there was a Clown-car around the corner XD

  15. lel nice binocs 

  16. Seit…xD
    Whats wrong with you:)
    You Arena the funniest YouTuber I have ever seenxD FUUU

  17. Show us the obj 416-430!!! 

  18. 24 hour stream is too much strain on yourself, you would be so tired it
    would negatively affect your studies, work and other life. Why not start
    with a 2-3 hour stream?

  19. 24 hour power tanks!

  20. Agree with other comments, 24 is a “bit” long — 12 hours max, but six is a
    pretty epic marathon non-stop. Love your longer videos on Youtube (when’s
    the next PowerHour? Those are the BEST, I’m addicted). Try to give us
    some advance notice of the date so we can set aside the time, too —
    anyways, thanks for all you do, very informative and VERY entertaining :)

  21. Great games……well except the E 50 M….that one was brutal but points
    for trying to survive and the Bat’s games were very enjoyable. Could you
    do more with the FV215b please. Really love this tank and could use all the
    pointers I can get, watching you play really helps.

  22. These always make me laugh after school xD

  23. Really like all your videos, great humor. Will like to see you stream.

  24. The stream would be awesome!

  25. Hi Dezgames, i like your videos a lot. If you start streaming don’t stop
    making the video’s. I think a lot off us, don’t have the time to watch on
    set times and watch your video’s when we have time. Early morning for going
    to work/school for example. Keep it up!!

  26. Crogamer productions

    make a video how to hack world of tanks

  27. I would definitely vote yes to watching you streaming. But please give some
    consideration to streaming at a lower quality. There are a lot of people on
    mobile or low bandwidth DSL that simply can’t stream 1080p and unless you
    are a twitch partner, viewers don’t get the quality setting option.

  28. LOL 24h WOT Le Mans will be fun :)

  29. T57 in your words “Beast Tank ” or : The Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit ”
    lol but you don’t have it?

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