► World of Tanks: Bat. Chatillon 25t Knows The Way – 10 Kill Hero!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks . Chatillon 25t Epic Battle. World of Tanks Bat. Chatillon 25t Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Epic Battle Series.

First epic battle episode in 2016 and it is pretty amazing, you are going see some really good Bat.-Chatillon 25t gameplay !


  1. Wow! Though why any retard would downvote this is beyond me, perhaps they
    were on the enemy team?

  2. 7:00 are you sure it’s 3 artys m8? 🙂
    Good vid

  3. nice aimbot

  4. siegeszug_im_overdrive

    That game certainly was fun! 😀
    So the name’s from a GBA game called “Advance Wars” in which my favourite
    generals had the special abilities “Siegesmarsch / Siegeszug” (Triumphal
    March) and “Overdrive”.
    The word “im” just describes two things happening at the same time.

  5. Dez… the way you say ‘spotted’ is just freaking sexy.

  6. Dude you are Epic

  7. Dez, 40k beasts!

  8. Wow… just wow.. usually many epic replays are filled with lucky RNG but
    this was just perfect… very well played and a deserved result.

  9. His nickname means something like driveby victory

  10. Also, did anyone watch the AMX 50 B in chat? B-C 25 t has mods because 50
    B’s shell didn’t go in the center of his aiming reticle

  11. What is the weirdest username you guys have ever seen?


  13. Loved the AMX50B R4G3_4_FUN yep lived up to his name asked all to report BC
    for supposedly having a mod that caused him to miss :)

  14. When your phone went off i thought it was my phone and was looking
    everywhere for it. dang it

  15. Siegeszug is german

  16. That name pronounciation I laughed my ass off as I am a german Player and
    that name definetly is german it´s pronounced
    sie with a long i , ges zug and the “im” doesn´t mean I am instead it means
    “in(or on)” // And translated it means “Wintrain in(or on) Overdrive”

  17. People say autoaim is useless, but he used it perfectly and got snapshots
    out much quicker than what normally a player would.

  18. nice video man !

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