► World of Tanks: Bat.-Chatillon 25t, The Best Medium Tank? – Review-ish!

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Review. World of Tanks Chatillon 25t Gameplay. World of Tanks Tank Review Series.

As Bat Chat 25t our Top of The Tree tank this month, at least on EU server, I thought it is perfect time to talk about this tier 10 French beast!
Going to show you 2 pretty sexy gameplays while chatting about why I think this might be one of the medium tanks in World of Tanks.



  1. I had TVP and T57 before getting the Bat-Chat and honestly, I HATE the
    B-C… I find it sooo crippled compared to those tanks. TVP has the same
    mobility, much better aim time, better dispersion and MUCH faster clip
    unload speed. This means that you can successfully trade 1 shot from the
    enemy for your clip. Or you can clip enemies at distance fast and avoid
    getting shot at. The B-C’s aim is SOOOO BAD that it can’t hit anything from
    distance unless you aim for >3s (although I have a 4 skill crew with BiA +
    GLD) and the reload is SOOOO long. This means that with the B-C you are:
    (1) shooting from a distance and maybe hit 2-3 shots and deal 1k dmg and
    wait 35s to reload again, or (2) up close and personal, where your clip
    takes so long to empty you trade it for maybe 2 shots from the enemy and
    when you empty it, YOU RUN! And even if you manage to run, the enemy will
    still track you or kill your engine with every shot, because the tank is
    SOOO WEAK, which means you are dead…

  2. Love my bat mobile as well, great vid dez.

  3. Play the TVP T50/51, the Throne Taker

  4. 100K nearly there 🙂 keep on going! great vid

  5. What do you think about Wargamings new stance or policies on cheating?

  6. why do you have this bad view range. wow….

  7. very good play Dez

  8. Dez, ur getting too formal…
    I used to like your swearing rants, and found them funny. not anymore. You
    are calling tanks by their full names, with semi correct pronunciation… I
    liked informal videos in the past, waffentrager blah blah blah is too long.
    WAFFLETRAKTOR. I dont care about pronounciation, i like your accent. Relax,
    chill, bro! been with u since 30k

  9. I remember putting a comment in one of your videos suggesting your gunner
    needed coffee to hit targets… #feelsgoodman

  10. How you get the girls, Dez? They looked even better than your game results

  11. I love this tank. I play it assasin style usually. There is no such thing
    as running away. I call it tactical adjustments :P

  12. Last month t57 best tank ever, this month bct, as per all these wg
    payrolers every tank is best lol

  13. almost there dez keep it up :)

  14. what did you say daz a pussy move sound a bit weird if you think about it

  15. im early lrt me think of a joke…


  16. I had a 9600 damage match in the Batchat a short while ago! What a tank! :D

  17. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    Running away wasn’t a pussy move, It was a *French* move.

  18. Hey Dez,did you know there was a autoloading Fv215b 183 prototype?
    Imagine having 3-6 shells dealing 1750 dmg each xD

  19. Hendrik Terwisscha Van Scheltinga

    I think you wanted to make clear this is a good trader ?

  20. Its unbalanced like any autoloader… same as wte100 but still in game….

  21. What are the odds that you’ll post one of your clan battles??

  22. Bat.-Chatillon 25t is good,bu how about Bat.-Chatillon 25t AP?

  23. How to put this pusyes Dez Gamez?When i win i want to see some ass.

  24. Btw Dez dude why dont you try makeing a video about lower tier tanks like
    from 1/5 cuz we allready seen bilions of times everthing after tier 5 thats
    why i started to make new accounts to play different tanks only tier 5 no
    more i got alot of fun in those tier after all thats the point of the game
    not numbers :)

  25. fuck yeah…… :-)

  26. Running away can be the wise thing to do. If you have a chance of turning
    back their push, then you stay and fight. If there’s no chance, then you
    run away and mount a defense. I got called a coward on Himmelsdorf just
    last night in my Charioteer because I didn’t want to make a stand against 7
    tanks with just a Cromwell as support. I ran away giggling and survived the
    battle with about 3K of damage as opposed to getting 1 shot off and then
    dying. After having the moron whine for 3 minutes about me running away, I
    told him to learn how to read a minimap (in vulgar terms of course).

  27. Dez, that one mark on the Bat25 looks pretty said. I think it needs a
    friend or two! 🙂 I love my Bat, but in an average game the TVP 50/51 craps
    on it. The Bat basically plays like an OP light tank, where the TVP is the
    proper MT. Also, the Bat routinely only hits 2-3 shots out of the clip and
    misses the other 2-3 due to terrible soft gun stats. Your two replays are
    also a bit biased. The Bat struggles on small city maps to be overly
    effective because its great camo is negated. Maps such as Himmelsdorf are a
    killer for the bat, and I would take just about any MT other than the 121
    on it.

  28. Brave Sir DezGamez ran away
    Bravely ran away away
    When danger reared its ugly head
    He bravely turned his tail and fled
    Yes, brave Sir DezGamez turned about
    And gallantly he chickened out
    Bravely taking to his feet
    He beat a very brave retreat
    Bravest of the brave, Sir DezGamez !

  29. I’m drinking energy drinks to stay up and finish school work.

    Also, 100k sub HYPE ! ! !

  30. You can’t one clip every tier 10 medium in the game if it’s average clip
    damage is 1,950. The E 50 Ausf. M has 2,050hp. But he is likely not at full

  31. Love the Bat Chat as long as you don’t take too much damage and die
    immediately it’s hard not to get 3k+ damage games every time you play it.

  32. The Guy Known As...

    I just got the 13 90, awesome tank (It’s so easy to do 3k dmg +) can’t wait
    to get the bat chat

  33. I like how that OHO tried to tk you :P

  34. Mmmmm… balance.

  35. hey Dez! what’s your native language? I’m sorta curious.

  36. Strong tank. Has some tough downsides but played right it can clean up like
    nothing else. But true if it had just 5-10 more rounds to the ammo count it
    would be much more long lasting.

  37. Do you have anything planned for the 100k milestone Dez?

  38. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Bats a super OP. They just eats that shit calle Grille 15, that shit
    underpowered vehicle that nobody ground and Wargaming pushed over us.

    Grille bounces bat chat, how I do not know, but happens so regularly that
    puts you crazy. Another thing that is so commom is Grille 15 just tracking
    vehicles, specially Bat chats, and normally is a tracking without any

    Wargaming should fix that shit.

  39. No. 121 is confirmed best tank! Until the 121B arrives that is.

  40. Too OP, needs to be nerfed!

  41. Cameron Moult-Smith

    sry Dez, there is a T10 called the Obj 430 and it has 2000 HP, so bat chat
    clip can’t one clip every T10 med

  42. active commentary throughout the whole video is a TREMENDOUS improvement,
    keep it up

  43. Great battle!

  44. Are you going to make any more motovlogs?

  45. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    We do not want to see your Face Dez 🙂 Just dont 🙂 Been here since 30k
    🙂 PS: Object 430 has 2k Health, so you wont kill him :D

  46. I wasn’t paying attention and I thought It with my cat it scared the hell
    out of me

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