► World of Tanks: Bat.-Chatillon 25t – WOW, INTENSE!

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Source: DezGamez

Bat Chat 25t Live Gameplay Commentary. Super intense moments!
►Welcome Home!
Okay guys, that first game got my hearth racing, really intense moments at the end, many moments like that! I believe you are going to like these gameplays!

#HYPE, right? 😛


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Some intense moments for you guys! 🙂 

  2. Sub 300 hype

  3. Dez i am your fan… You think the T-150 line is a better line than the IS
    line? Waiting for your comment

  4. Thanks for the awesome video. Batchat great tank, but the low dpm makes me
    weep… But I do have the T57 heavy and even though it has very good dpm…
    It’s soft stats ruin it. I mean, 12kph reverse… It’s ridiculous.

    Anyway, ways enjoy your reviews. Ps: any chance of warships beta key
    giveaway? 🙂 

  5. Awesome vid Dez! Let’s platoon sometime? :)

  6. Hahaha once that arty hit i knew Dez wanted to rage but kept it in

  7. Love the new intro..but the older one has a certain vibe to it that i love
    but regardless, I LOVE your channel and its probably one of the best Wot
    based-ish channels out there

  8. lol Dez lol, you rammed an artillery and lost like 150 health! You could
    have easily taken a hit from the FV with that extra health, ballz deep
    indeed :P. Anyway nice game, unlucky. Saw you in a WOWS game earlier but
    forgot to say hi because too much rage at some of our teams battleships!

  9. Love the singing while shooting the E100 🙂 

  10. Unlucky in the first game Dez – I bet you were doing that comic ‘tuck your
    ass in’ whilst trying to escape in the Batmobile without getting shot up
    the pooper :D

  11. TOG II,TOG II,TOG II !!! :D

  12. Could you play WZ-111 1-4?

  13. Some epic E 50M action!

  14. How about some stb action :D

  15. can you drive in the next episode E50M pls ? :D

  16. That scumbag arty in second game was pre aimed haha what a fucking dickhead
    hate those no skill tomato clickers

  17. …just going to shoot you…
    *fisting table* (yeah, pun intended)
    you’re a dick…

    i laughed so hard xD

  18. Binos…pls 

  19. Oh man that game was a pure ball buster… sorry to see that lol.

  20. I laughed hard at the end, just when you are about to get your revenge,
    “BOOM!, YOU ARE A DICK!” lol

  21. Great replays, thanks. I’m always glad to see when you’ve posted a new
    one. Keep up the good work.

  22. Loved this replay man i am a new sub for about a couple weeks and binged
    watched the past 7 months of your vids. I hope when things arent too busy
    for u the Power Hour series comes back as well as the dear diary too. Also
    a quick question are you going for every teir X in the game or just ones u
    find really fun to play? I know u will hit your goal for end of year subs
    especially with WOWs and maybe other games u might play.

  23. More Yamato gameplay? That thing is so epic I would love to see more f it
    in action 

  24. Lol at about 8:50 your arty is whining that you are useless, what a fucking

  25. “Ladys and gentlemen”. Like a lot your videos. Chinese 121

  26. Dez, do you play on a 4k monitor?

  27. yeah i was totally screaming RUN AWAY the first game, hate losing my tank
    to a low roll like that! bat looks fun, unfortunately i won’t be getting it
    for a while as im saving my 13 90 xp for the 30b.

    i wouldn’t mind seeing some 430 and 430 variant 2 gameplay if you have
    those tanks, don’t see a lot of players using them. 

  28. Keep it french with Foch 155 or 13 90?Great video again, thanks for

  29. Dude that first game was an epic heartbreaker!!

  30. “…you’re a dick. *fade to black*” should have just left the episode

  31. Fv4202

  32. @dezgames Can you play the is7? I got it 2 weeks ago And i don’t know how
    to play it. When you need to be ” balls deep” And when Your a supporttank.
    It plays different then the is8.

  33. Some epic AMX 50b would be nice!

  34. Nice one Dez. Epic mate,epic. Thanks for this and see you in the next

  35. 17:21 best scene of the vid ;-)

  36. Great games as always plus humour, thanks DG

  37. Casper Vang Jensen

    I Like your new intro and outro

  38. Play E100 ONLY AP! :D

  39. That second match ending. That’s me playing Destroyers in WoWs every time I
    make an epic breakthrough, past enemy lines, right next to the Aircraft
    Carriers with lots of torps loaded and then we win on cap points >_< *slam table* Good games as always :)

  40. Hey DezGamez
    The T57 Heavy.

  41. Claudiu Alexandru

    Just wondering if you can do a round with the fv215b 120 as epic as this
    one :D

  42. The Great NickWar

    Id like to see Conqueror GC next

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