► World of Tanks: Beast Mode – 2 Aces, 21k EXP – Obj. 416 & IS-3

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Source: DezGamez

and -3 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Commentary.
►Welcome Home!
I know you enjoy PURE action in WoT and I have something like that for you. Right now 5x experience for the first victory thanks to WoT EU 4th anniversary, so I am playing with all kind of tanks I usually don’t play with. Really good time to train your crew.
You are going to see 2 really fast and action packed games with USSR tanks.


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Tanks in action:
    -USSR/Soviet IS-4, Tier 10 Heavy Tank

    😛 Someone didn’t change the description 😀
    Great games dude, I am gonna be sending some replays to you as well, hope
    you give me feedback if you like them or not!

  2. DaBossOfBf's Stuff

    say hi to Z4nn1n from me :D

  3. You are too good… Wargaming please nerf! ;-)

  4. I wish I could play wows but wargaming is to lazy to send me a email for
    the last 3 months

  5. This X5 event is ridiculous, in a good way. Absolutely perfect for training
    up my Russian and German TD and medium crews. :P

  6. personally, i dont think that the is3 is that good. I love killing them in
    my bulldog by shooting them in the turret weakspot…

  7. “You never go Full Retard” Wise words indeed…still great games in both
    tanks showing that if you take the fight TO the other team a good chunk of
    the time they will fall apart with such attacks.

    Also congrats on the 12 hours stream Dez! that was a blast!

  8. Christian Hostetler

    the 416 ace reminded me of my own ace in the thing 5.5k damage on assault
    karelia, rush middle shoot all the things and spot everything.

  9. In my opinion, 201 penetration is more than enough in tier VII & VIII
    games. I understand that in Tier IX games it can be troublesome but lower
    than that it should be no problem at all.

  10. dez doesn’t always go full retard, but when he does he drives is-3


  11. Awesome games man and loved the stream and cant wait for next stream from

  12. Nice game man. One question,which outro song do u use?

  13. Jacques van Jaarsvelt

    What mod pack do you use?

  14. MOOM, Im in the Interwebs!

  15. Vgood IS3 game bud. Gratz on the 12 hour stream as well. 

  16. IS3 is a really good tank 🙂 got 100% mark in my one :D

  17. What country are you from?

  18. Very very nice vid man!!!
    Can u pls use the old graphic setting again, would be nice!;)

  19. hey man, i really enjoyed the livestream, will u do it again?

  20. 2 Games, 2 Aces, 21k EXP = Pretty good games! :)

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