► World of Tanks: Beast Mode! – 3 Games, 3 ACE and 450K Credits – IS-6 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

IS-6 Gameplay . World of Tanks . World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Finally my epic credit grind is over! I am going to take a little brake now from grinding . Was able to buy 3 new tanks – T110E4, STB-1 and AMX 30 First Prototype. Maybe I am going to make one special episode about these tanks.



  1. TheLatterPartOfToday

    Omg Dez, don’t you know about the weakspot on the Ferdinand? The cheeks are
    only about 75mm effective, you can easily pen him frontally with the IS6’s
    175mm pen.

  2. What video capture program and video editor are you using? Can you please
    tell me, it will help because I haven’t found any good ones yet.

  3. Nice work with the IS-6. What equipment are you using on your IS-6?

  4. IS-6 or IS-3A?

  5. The IS3 is an overpowered price of Stalins panties. #NerfTheIS3

  6. Yo dez, u should get national crew voices they sound so much cooler, just
    my preference :)

  7. Good games Dez.

  8. I’ve found the Ferdinand very easy to kill (or at least damage reliably)
    since I learned about the “cheek” weak points. They’re seemingly paper
    thin, as even the Cromwell penetrates it with AP. Doesn’t even matter if
    he’s facing straight on to you, exaggerating the angle.

  9. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    dez…is3s frontal hull pike is pretty shit….its easy pen with 200mm pen.
    tiger2s upper plate is very bouncy not is3s

  10. Tell us the sad story, StN. GG

  11. Damn. really putting Stalin’s hammer work there Dez!

  12. lol heavy tanks are so boaring but thoes were soem sick games dude but
    medium tanks all the way !

  13. Some nice chunky dmg… I gotta get me one of those premium accounts, so
    many credits

  14. You should be considering yourself lucky to play premiumS, i have only CDC
    and Type 64, i mean, it’s not boring grinding money, but dude, i wish i
    could change prem tanks just for a little bit :)

  15. Hey Dez, can you please tell us what modpack your using.
    Thanks :)

  16. Nice Dez 🙂 Thanx for the streams when you were farming credits 🙂 Keep up
    the great work

  17. play Cdc in team battle, i get 1M in 1h of course you have to win them all

  18. I didn’t enjoy the E4 that much. It has way too many weak spots for my

  19. Kresimir Jenjic (Panzergranadier)

    i dont have tier 8 prem soo i have 5000 games and i em stuck at tier 6

  20. IS-6 is nice. But i love my T34 more. :D

  21. Hanz Gooblemienhoffen


    lots of people use pure APCR on this tank..cause that gun is pretty

    Even some guys like Zeven (streamer on NA) runs pure APCR…i don’t ..but
    would never pretend that you wont do “better” with ACPR…you will…and I
    run a similar loadout in terms of AP and APCR.

    175m of pen is “okay”…but may tanks you will face its no where near
    enough…even APCR of 218 isn’t “fantastic…

    GGs forget the haters…anyone who has an IS6 knows the pain.


  22. Don’t feel like you have to justify your use of APCR, I’m sure a lot of
    your long-time viewers know that you don’t spam it all the time ;)

  23. Secure all the kills!! lmao @ that rammed arty, heh heh. “WHY!?” :D

  24. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Epic battles, congrats!

  25. is-6 is beast! I have a replay using only AP vs is-3 ? it’s on my channel.
    you are increasing the bar a lot…
    What about the Mutz though?

  26. Geometry Dash Warrek

    I wish I could buy IS-6 to train my 3 skill IS-3 crew :(

  27. I’m better in a tank than DezGamez :0 my life is complete 🙂 kanjpnz op,
    btw love the videos dez :p

  28. Gold spammer noob XDDD

  29. Might have to get myself an IS6, I have played over 33k battles and I
    bought my 1st 2 tier 8 premium tanks during the christmas sale, credits
    have never been a problem until i started playing tier 9 and 10 mainly and
    this looks like a beast tank. I sent you a few replays the other day Dez, 1
    of which was my CAX on redshire with my new highest damage battle ever
    (8.6k). Hopefully you deem it good enough to feature it in a future video

  30. Shooting apcr at is3 is totally normal, is3 is so freaking OP.. especially
    when its hull just gets tracks that add 20 mm spaced armor -.-

  31. Fighting an IS 3 with APCR is fine and you were right not to reload for the
    IS so anyone who says you use to much gold just suck at wot lol
    Good Games as always Dez :D

  32. yoshinski Official

    Totaly deserved that scores! 🙂
    I had send you a funny Replay for Rng for you :)

  33. Great video!!!

  34. Yup. Not gonna say it!

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