► World of Tanks: Beast Mode Bat.-Chatillon 25t – Going Ham! – Bat.-Chatillon 25t Epic Battle

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Bat.-Chatillon Gameplay. World of Tanks Epic Battle Episode. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

In today’s episode going to show you one of the best games I had yesterday while I was streaming. This battle got my hearth racing like ! Just take a look what exactly happened.
And my previous video was actually my 500th video on this channel and this is even more crazy… Enjoying every single one of them and I keep doing so.. I am not going to , you guys do not change as well!

Here’s to another 500 !



  1. yur one of the most legit YouTube gamers I subscribed to, keep up the great
    work as well, thx for 500 awesome videos :D

  2. that was epic, when I get into this kinda situation I choke up and derp out
    at the last moment ^~^

  3. I missed another stream? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Still this was a hell of a match and
    congrats on the 500 videos man!

    NOW UP TO 31K SUBS!!

  4. Well great video again DG.. I can tell you why I keep seeing your videos…
    It’s your live reaction and accent that’s make me laugh (in a good way,
    don’t get me wrong) and feels more intense. Many others just make a
    commentary on there battles it’s not the same thing as live reaction – So
    keep up the live battles !

  5. 4:41 actually , I can take a shot from the is7 ( LIVE )

  6. aha dez that was eye candy ! what a epic game dude and ya deff my favorite
    youtuber by far because u actually care about ur fans and connect with them

  7. Congratulations on 500 videos. I came to your channel because of a
    recommendation from Jingles. I love your game play and tactics. Both are
    very informative. I also play armored warfare and world of warships. Your
    warship videos are top notch! Keep up the amazing work. And dat
    accent…..EPIC! And bye.

  8. I think it’s as simple as; you seem to be a genuinely decent guy who’s good
    at the games he plays and gives a good, intelligent commentary :P

  9. the vids, the games, your attitude (most of all), your voice …. just

  10. All of us subscribed because you’re making good work and we hope you’ll
    continue on this way. Now you’ve got just 2 things to think about : 1K
    videos and 100K subscribers or even better : 1000K subscribers! I hope all
    of this for you, and thank you again for these awesome videos ;).

  11. Holy batman! That was an amazing game :O I wish i knew where to hit tanks
    to hurt them ^^ I think that might be one of my biggest issues so far. Btw +
    DezGamez I thought i’d let you know here that i sent you a private msg.
    Often times people forget to check their inbox 🙂 Anyways, good job killing
    that last tank, damn!

  12. what makes us.. or at least me keep comin back? well after RNG`s, lemming
    team, bad luck and other stuff in WOT, its always find a pleasure watching
    your vid mate. Informative, entertaining, spontaneous comments from you and
    oh that deep policeman voice of yours… LOL

  13. To be honest dez, the only reason I come back is because i’m a longtime sub
    and its just normally part of my day to come and see whats up.

  14. “Can you imagine the feels?” – Dezgames 2015

    And this is why you have so much support. You make the game still seem fun
    with everything that is broken in it.

  15. When do you stream?

  16. Watching this video was one of my best lunchbreaks ever. You did not get a
    steal wall? :)

  17. Good commentary and positive attidude even get owned by arty.

  18. Another 500 videos for future,good like :)

  19. This was NOT chilled relaxed episode… I was SOOO excited… heart
    racing… dude… we need a chilled relaxed period for real now…

  20. I’m arabic..
    And he’s the best player I’ve ever seen tanks without a compliment
    And section 500 too many
    You and I, who waited in his throat every time ends I want to watch another
    And by the way my name in the world of tanks: Khalid 5005

  21. I really like your random matches you have live commentary on.

  22. Well, for one, I enjoy your armored warfare videos

  23. Why I keep coming to your channel?
    You play the same games that I play but that is not the only reason. It is
    your honest commentary your sense of humour and relaxed mood. I used to
    watch Jingles some time ago but I stopped when he started biasing for WOT
    when they bought him. He used to be honest and sarcastic before but now he
    is crap. So stay independent and open to all games and I’ll stay too.
    Thankserino ;)

  24. the thing that makes me come back for you is i got used to you i enjoy you
    video your comentary, with every video even more. And i like the fact that
    you put epic games like this were actualy you playd it’s not someones
    replay. Keep it up like that greetings from Croatia :)

  25. Notice how most of your good games don’t have arty in it? Even Jingles,
    QBs, Circons? Maybe arty needs to get removed, sadly it will not because
    its fair and balanced. Just like that one time a T92 balanced me in my E100
    for 2100 HP while brawling it out.

  26. Congrats Dez! 🙂
    But you still did not reply why you keep over 30K gold in your account,
    despite I asked at least 3 times.. Can you please answer?

  27. Really awesome.

  28. Dammit man, make some more ‘Dear Diary’ video’s, lol.

  29. by the way: I’m coming back, cause you’re a smart, sympatic player. your
    videos are entertaining me. I’m watching them every evening while lying im
    great work! and thank you :)

  30. That utterly ridiculous beast mode activated awesomeness.What the hell am I
    talking about oh yea great video.

  31. What’s a stream?

  32. What makes me come here?

    -Your commentary
    -your live reactions in your streams which are hilarious (The Spartan Torp
    live reaction is by far the best)
    -your expertise in playing,without caring for stats

    And most important of all:


  33. Hello epic streamer …:D Kappa Kappa Kappa !!!

  34. Alowishus Davander

    I can tell you what keeps us coming back – ITS YOU!!
    YOU are the difference. WOT is WOT, AW is AW, but its WOT filtered through
    you, AW with your opinions and thoughts etc.
    Its YOUR game play.
    Its all about you bruh.

  35. Dez, you’re commentary/gameplay is awesome and also you have the best voice
    in the business!

  36. Alowishus Davander

    Great game Dez, I know what you mean about heart racing – I just got a
    Kolobanov’s medal in my Maus last night….
    Nice play at the end, played the odds and won!!

  37. Nice fake bushes there bruh!

  38. It’s your humor. But even more is your Dracula voice and accent. LOL

  39. Keep up the good work. You entertain me a lot with your videos :)

  40. Fadin’s medal, real nice Dez. What do you think of amx30b and do you plan
    on grinding it some day?

  41. not bad, should have been dead because e100 should have penned you but oh
    well, carries need RNGesus

  42. ”what makes you comming back to me?”
    1- quality of the vid’s
    2- quality of the gameplay
    3- great commentary
    4- you’r never too seriously
    5- you’r great at editing

    sorry i mist allot of your streams, cheers Esurio1 the headset donating
    duck loving floggy molly fan ^^

  43. Excellent my friend excellent.

  44. Holy crap batman! Well done ship, love you stuff

  45. Hit percent 100%… How many goats did you sacrifice to SerB last week :D?

  46. Sir Alex McNoogle

    You have less talking and more playing than other youtubers. I like your
    soothing voice and funny gameplay. You almost killed me with the tank
    diary-series. The variety of games is also a HUGE bonus.

  47. did any of you see or hear about the hawker hunter that crashed in the
    airshow over Shore-ham

  48. Sure the videos are good. There are lots of good vids on You Tube. I keep
    coming back because I enjoy the commentary. You are entertaining regardless
    of the game your are playing. Fortunately for me you are playing games I
    find interesting.

  49. Congratulations to 500 videos!

  50. Christian Hostetler

    Dat E100 bounce, the luck was flowing in this game.

  51. Your humor and unique attitude are what keep me coming back.

  52. when do you usually stream?

  53. Dear Artillery,
    Every time Dez plays on Fjords and starts at that end of the map; it
    doesn’t matter what he’s playing, he will be hidden at E7 in the trees
    right next to the mountain. AIM THERE! He will be there every time. This
    will make him work harder and give me a couple of laughs. 😀

  54. what a game!

  55. It shows that you have fun and i have fun watching your vids, keep it up!!

  56. you are uploading like robot… woot.

  57. When are you streaming?

  58. batchat is awsome!!!

  59. just keep doing the same with the rngesus u are awesome :D

  60. epic

  61. well done mate realy enjoying your stuff just wish I had some more skills
    like you lol not that great but I will try to suck less

  62. Wow epic game Dez, congrats, you are right that is why we play WOTs for
    epic games like that!

  63. Can you do a game in the tier 5 french TD the bathtub of doom. It’s a
    pretty fun tank to play and quite OP at all tiers with the big gun.

  64. reason? awesome voice :3

  65. that was a pissin good game..lol glad u didn’t have a hart attack

  66. Jacques van Jaarsvelt

    What is elite XP? And if u get elite xp do u get more credits or how does
    it benefit you?

  67. Dez you simply provide different content, different replays and such than
    others. For example, Jingles is unique for his Mingles with Jingles; etc.

    Also your accent :D

  68. WOW u were the MASTERbaiter

  69. Fadin’s Medal DEZ!!!! Don’t under-sell the fact that you ended up with a
    friggen Fadin’s Medal!!

  70. I’m proud i was there when this happened. That E100 camo too stronk

  71. The reason why I come back is:
    -You are a good player in wot and I feel like that watching good players is
    good for me as well.
    -I know that the videos that you upload will be entertaining.
    -You upload consistantly.

    I try to achieve this with my own small youtube channel called: Thocraft10.
    I have been making videos for almost 2 and a half years now, but I seen no
    not have breaktrew in the comunity on youtube.

    Your channel is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  72. Well you were one of the first/few youtubers featuring World of tanks back
    in 2012, back then if not mistaken you used the username Ship the nutz. In
    fact I even added you on my friendlist in origin ( when you played
    battlefield 3). Then suddenly you stopped posting on youtube and I lost
    interest. Then this year, Jingles said a certain dezgames was playing WoT,
    and it turned out to be you. Cool to have you back!

  73. Love your videos, been subbed since you barely had 1000 subs. keep the good
    videos coming!

  74. I comback for the regulary posting, update and Reviews u do every week.
    That i love about the great Community of WOT/WOW and Dezgamer. Keep doing
    good work GG. ps i love to see more about which Tech grinding/ line u
    should go for. I do hate the german Emil TD. See Ya

  75. Well, to answer your question, what keeps me coming back might sound a bit
    weird. But I just like hearing your voice when you commentate on the

  76. I unfortunately is the ping that game in the NA server in Brazil

  77. you can play with a ping of 230 Ship ?

  78. We come back to watch and love your videos cause your formula is a winning
    one, simple as that! Keep being epic :)

  79. Well play as always Mr Happy Panda !! So far, you deserve your success,
    enjoy it !! ;-)

  80. Now that’s how the job gets done!

  81. Congrats to a great game and your #500 mate. :)

  82. Congratulations Dez keep up the amazing work you doing :D

  83. Videos like this one, makes us coming back 😉 keep up the good work man 😉
    Keep up the good work 😉 I played over 700 random battles pluss a lot Clan
    war battles in bat-chat and didn’t had games like this one, close but not
    excactly as good, so for me it’s really interesting to see something like
    this ;)

  84. Turn on youtube subtitles and skip to 15:03 :D

  85. Oh man yeah I remember fighting E 100s in my Bat, not so easy. Good job

  86. Dez. Very important question for you.

    Steak or Ribs?

  87. Still on the Lorraine :(

  88. Now I REALLY want a bat

  89. Yeyyyyyyy

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