► World of Tanks: Beautiful Derping! – FV215b 183 feat. T49 Light Tank Gameplay

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Gameplay Review. . World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Today I decided to have some fun in World of Tanks… And of course, it needs some Ultimate Derp Weaponry… 😛



  1. ”Lucky gold noob”’! Hahahaha! Haters gonna hate and lovers gonna love

  2. you need a mic that only lets us hear your voice…. and cancels out
    background noise!

  3. Where are u from dezzie?

  4. kv-2 derp pls§

  5. say something good .. what about i love you … but not in a gay way lol

  6. The M53/M55 play was actually the best thing he could ever do, guaranteed
    the win because jagtiger forgot to put a turret in his tank so he had no
    way of killing both tanks.

  7. It’s the gold standard as usual Dez :)

  8. Christopher Karopoulos

    its rule! always enemies artys is better than allies

  9. dez thats elevator music

  10. 8 inch shell from m53/55 or 200mm

  11. which mod do you use

  12. Lets see a light tank episode from you (yes I know you just did T49, but
    its not a real light tank).

  13. The ClanAdventures

    Your so troll, keep it up :)

  14. keyboard

  15. I guess that arty had bad rng in that game and had enough of missing his
    shot; so decided to shot gun that JagTiger

  16. Nice music Dez!! Can I have some more? ??

  17. that deathstars gold isnt noob ammo. you have much less pen, shooting gold
    there requires more skill.

  18. I call it noob or skill ammo. ;p

  19. its not gold ammo its just pay to win ammo

  20. Epic music he says, elevator music he plays :)

  21. How can I install mod??? Please help ???

  22. This deserves some epic music!
    *puts on softcore porn music*
    I see u Dez ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  23. Where may I get the music for the 183? :O

  24. Snippsnapp Gaming

    I like your videos xD

  25. Hey, Dez, love your vids, I’ve got a question, though. What config are you
    using for xvm?

  26. fuckt up music ?

  27. wtf is this elevator music. :)))

  28. Could you play T28 proto. next time? :)

  29. burn the non believers DEZ…..BURN THEM

  30. Roberto Avalos Jr.

    name of the song pleaseee

  31. what’s the name of that elevator music? I could listen to that when I’m at
    work in the mornings :)

  32. Epic music! Try Pirates of the Caribbean_ The Curse of the Black Pearl

  33. Eugenio “Atomic gaming” Dublan

    terrible epic music

  34. You derped that 1st shot in the T49, right into the ground hahaha

  35. That”epic music” is used on a TV show here in the UK I believe but I can’t
    for the life of me remember where and it’s driving me mad

  36. that’s EPIC music Dez?? Please try not to fall asleep with it :p

  37. Wa-wa-we-wow…I liiike the derpiness on the Grille 15. You not get this,
    you not get this…then he DOES get this.

  38. Derp, Derp, Derpity Derp…yes plz

  39. When DezGamez definition of epic music so different from yours lol

  40. do you have any mods for lights or something?

  41. Awesome replays. Great improvement in that last year. Bravo!

  42. Camperoftehintrowebz

    Ah… epic porn music.
    Trust me I listen to this everytime im going in hot…
    not in this game.

  43. So many tanks dude wtffff I barley got 2 tier 10s lmaooo

  44. wazaa doombringer

    One does not simply have fun in world of tanks.

  45. once i say to u we need more vids. now u see what hapen. almost 80k subs.
    and now we realy need more vids.

  46. unicorn on wot blitz

    Derp vid with no kv2? How?!

  47. I’m going to put some epic music

    *puts calm, sexy, relaxing music*

  48. actually, it’s pronounced yagteeger, get your facts straight dez

    jk love you

  49. it’s time for some epic music, lol

  50. I’d like to see the list of remaining tanks rather than the players names,
    like the videos anyway.

  51. hey dez newish subscriber but damn you piss me up laughing.
    good job good job…love it dude

  52. Krzysztof Dudek

    that I like your videos or something like that

  53. pretty sure that M53/55 tried to shoot AP first… that would explain why
    he has so less damage in such an awesome MM too

  54. “Wowwowweewow” is a Borat reference :))))

  55. Tomasz Kaminski

    love it , shame that You give us only one per day :/ i think u should
    stream more – id love to watch u would get quicky popular very fast :)

  56. Dez, you have a new perk aviable on your 183 commander!

  57. Stephen Williams

    Hey DezGamez,
    Love ur videos, like Jingles and Quickybaby you keep it real. I dig your
    European accented english and humour … epic attitude … don’t change a
    WG needs to limit premium ammo to 20% of the ammo load out, rounded up of
    course. This would sometimes works out well for the autoloaders that have
    say 40 ammo and 5 shot clips as they will get 3 clips not 2. Even tanks
    with a 42 rounds would get 9 premium ammo, rounded up of course.
    What do you reckon ?


  59. captainexplosivz

    Hey dez, i was wondering if you had any tips for someone who wanted to
    start their own channel?

  60. LMAO, this video made me finally subscribe to you Dezgames

  61. Jeroen huis in 't veld

    what a stupid music in the begin

  62. it isnt gold anymore . FCK ???

  63. THIS guy right here makes me LOL so hard. Dez do more stereotype videos

  64. lol…epic music is light jazz? I was thinking more Slipknot or Slayer as
    epic music with tank play.

  65. Watching this video in the evening. It’s so chill, I love it! :)

  66. StephenHenryIII

    LOL love the music

  67. Hi! I love your videos, you just make me laught 🙂 i just want to know, how
    do you extend your tank list in the garage?

  68. Just the title of this video alone was more then enough for an instant like

  69. very Nice vids dezgamez. wich mod are you using?

  70. You filthy gold spammer 😛 +DezGamez

  71. Epic music?! Sounds more like the soundtrack of a p**n movie!

  72. Im not cookie monster

    that epic music though lol

  73. If i recall correctly I said you would reach 75k sub this year. What do i
    win since I’m correct?

  74. Are you from Estonia?

  75. It is called gold ammo because it used to be only from gold, and the name

    Thank me later

  77. HeshV215b 183 is an absolute beast and I hate coming up against it

  78. balls deep … no penetration .. what am I watching? O.o

  79. Konstantinos Savvoulidis

    Is the first tank that he played op?

  80. 1:25 The music reminds me of Massage rooms by Nubile films 😀 Can I have
    the name of this song, please? :)

  81. Michael Janicki (Minto107)

    I like ur vids m8 ;)

  82. Fun? In World of Tanks? What hacks are you using? *Kappa*

  83. Ilija Velickovic

    Nice videos,u are da best XD

  84. Super-epic commentary for this video Dez, i was laughing my ass off

  85. Lol, I like the sound effects while braking.

  86. i enjoy your shit. there. like and comment. already subscribed. keep it up

  87. I miss your transformers intro!

  88. what happened at 7:10 ?

  89. 183 AND T49?!?! yes please!

  90. Lmao he doesn’t have the x16 or x25 zoom on

  91. Aleko Aleksidze

    Great work dez!

  92. That tanks is too op.

  93. Vijai Ramharrack


  94. Jean-Sébastien Poirier

    Dat epic elevator music!!

  95. Lol, thanks ship. I tried prem consumables on my kv2 too, just as random
    though and it lost loads of money (well, used up freebies anyway)

  96. Djole Milanovic

    wow,that fucking arty was so greedy and so retarded it taught that it would
    fun to nearly give away whole battle

  97. Balázs Fazakas

    So how do you call the “gold” ammunition? You can buy them with credits so
    not gold. Its not premium ammo either because anybody can buy them with
    “More expensive ammo noob” sounds a bit stupid to me

  98. My goto source for Tanks entertainment/information whenever I come back
    from my long breaks from this game. Every time I come back you’ve doubled
    in subs!

    Very good work, keep it up sir!

  99. I have a mission for You: Play wot without mouse. You Can be helped in
    platoon. Harder: Be first by damage or experience.

  100. epic music or elevator music LOL

  101. that music sounds like when im waiting on the phone for an operator to take
    my phone call cx

  102. I got a 30 second unskippable ad in the middle of the vid

  103. jeez only 547 views and so many flippin comments I bet half of you didn’t
    even watch all of it

  104. it is the only ammo you can buy with gold so technically they aren’t wrong.

  105. Lol, what song was that though?

  106. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    I see you used an American tank. Good job Dez, free cheeseburgers for you!

  107. damn thats some hadcore durping

  108. 37th like beat that!

  109. You have to change aimong circle…

  110. What is your gaming set-up?

  111. Epic music… hilarious

  112. Finally changed the aiming circle 😛 Thank god :3

  113. 5th like! That moment when your commenting before the video has been
    watched by anyone

  114. Last

  115. mojimax multigamer

    The HeshGasm is maud

  116. Nice Nice Nice!

    NO! no ‘last time i was this early’ jokes!

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