► World of Tanks: Best, Jump, Ever! – FV215b, M46 Patton and Bat.-Chatillon 25t Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks FV215b Gameplay Review. Gameplay Review. Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

For the weekend I have another segment of really battles with different tanks from my stream. Enjoy!


  1. A couple of classic Dez comments. Welcome to World of Tonks?. And FV is my
    favourite tank it has some kind of armour?

  2. 20 minutes! Mom I’m gonna need some popcorn…

  3. I will say that for your batchat clip when the IS-4 got put in HD its lower
    plate was actually buffed because it was angled back a bit where it was
    flat earlier.

  4. Batchat gun handling, not your cup of tea? maybe they need a cup of strong

  5. use the is 7

  6. Hey mate, beastly video once again 🙂 Could you let us know what that
    “epic” music was? cheers

  7. when do you stream?

  8. “…music is epic…” xD

  9. HAHAHAHA That Jump was legend!

  10. really cool music choice at the end thx, I enjoyed it whilst eating dinner.

  11. Jambo n00b 😉 ‘Twas a fun set of games, thanks for the invite!

  12. IS7 nd IS4 have stalinium

  13. Noice video, thanks Dez

  14. Disliked, flagged, reported, and sent to the police for acts against
    humanity because of that jump.

  15. I’m late!!!
    Btw… World of tonks? (Noticed at the start of the vid) :P

  16. Woah, thats the best jump in the universe

  17. Cool guys don’t look at explosions hahahahahahahahaha!

  18. my fav gamer right here never get bored no matter how much I watch u big
    thumbs up bro keep making ur vids

  19. during some sections you can notice frames being dropped. I check the
    details of the youtube while playing it and it doesnt seem like the problem
    is on my end. Did anyone else notice the frame dropping?

  20. he dez, u play on 720p? because 1080p on youtube doesn’t look that good…

  21. That jump, 10/10

  22. Dez u da man

  23. That fail though haha

  24. hi been subed sence 10 k thanks fo th3 vids also gg my man ;)

  25. Dat jump ^^

  26. Never been this early in a vid before lol

  27. hahhaha what a funny bunch of games you have here

  28. world of tooonkks

  29. great video

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