► World of Tanks: Best Moments – Can’t Get Enough! – Awesome times!

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Source: DezGamez

Best Moments. 2016 Best Moments Montage Episode #3 – Best Moments of The Year!

I can not get enough of you guys. Awesome, super, epic times… Let’s keep it up!

Thank you for everything! 🙂

1) Kontinuum – Lost (feat. Savoi) [NCS Release]
2) Inukshuk – We Were Infinite [NCS Release]
3) Tobu – Roots [NCS Release]
4) NCT x T & Sugah – Along The Road (feat. Voicians) [NCS Release]
►Tanks in action:
– A lot of different tanks!


  1. I really love these “Best Moments” keep this series up Dez :D

  2. Ass memes

  3. Hi Dez did you ever find out what those fucking things are?

  4. Where are you from dez?

  5. Hi dez

  6. Who won the giveaway?

  7. did Dez ever release the winners of that one video where you had to count
    the number of 80s or whatever and submit them?

  8. The Fail moments are the funniest, i can relate sometimes so i cant stop
    laughing :)

  9. Play with the Jageru dez !

  10. the pc form is to make an excuse for saying ‘damn monkey’.
    but only when you make the excuse, ‘damn monkey’ becomes an insult.

    best ignore to pc bs. you dont need that if you’re not politically

  11. where did you get that background?

  12. Hmmm this video is like goodbye and thanks all… (Weird)

  13. Arvin Dave Velasco

    great to see your channel is still growing Dez and where already half the
    year…. always epic moments and games you show us.. enjoys your content
    always. thanks a lot.

    yeah by the ways hows your WOWS? you still play them?

  14. @8:40 that laugh

  15. hetzer episode? just for fun ;)

  16. Can we have more episodes when you are playing with friends ???

  17. Super vana oled! Respect retsept! :D

  18. I love this journey that I feel we are all going through with you Dez, it’s
    funny and great to see you doing so well

  19. Fucking epic moments! Plz Dez,don’t stop being yourself and bring us epic

  20. Been here from the beginning, You were awesome then, you’re awesome now.
    Never stop :D

  21. FACE REVEAL AT 100,000

  22. 9:32 the ultimate orgasm.

  23. “I fucked him good” best line ever

  24. Martijn Andriesse

    666 views :p

  25. Jacob Schifferman

    lol pervy german :D

  26. Awesome! <3

  27. It’s confirmed, T49 Best Sniper EU!

  28. Chris_The_Autotech

    NO!!! Thank you +Dez!

  29. thanks for making a shitty typical monday less shitty 😀 <3

  30. funny, ive seen all thoses replays before…. oh wait

  31. The one thing i hate WG for is that they messed up Hesh
    Hesh has even lower pen then normal HE in real life
    But nope not here

  32. The “up next” vid is a world of warships nicholas 200k damage, lol… do
    you play wows any more dez?

  33. T110E5’s middle of lower plate is not good enough. I think only the lower
    plate’s side corners of E5 could be penetrated, at least by most guns.

  34. You are easily one of the best WoT Youtubers. In my opinion ?

  35. Lol great video i remember all those moments ! 🙂 (sorry for my bad
    English, i’m French… ^^)

  36. Another outstanding upload Dez! Thanks so much!!

  37. slup-tsip-tsip-tsip 😛 Hovering over that’ass

  38. :O am this early xD

  39. awesome video btw

  40. hey Dez hope you have a great day our vids are fun to watch

  41. Dez do IS8!

  42. wow 169 view GJ me

  43. Thank you for all the epic times guys! Let’s keep this going! 😉

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