► World of Tanks: Best Moments – Epic Boomsticks, Epic Times!

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Source: DezGamez

Best Moments. 2016 Best Moments Montage Episode #4 – Best Moments of The Year!

Decided to look back at some of the moments and guys… This year has been super awesome already, thank you for that!


1) Battle Scars (Instrumental Version) – Sture Zetterberg
2) Majesty 2 – Marcus Svedin
3) Majesty 3 – Marcus Svedin

►Tanks in action:
– A lot of different tanks!


  1. awsome indeed. <3 Dez

  2. Dat epic blind shot

  3. that game with the Matilda looked like a match that I was in a while ago.

  4. why did you have a estonian blje black and white flag on your tank are you
    estoniwn if so then. Tere mulle meeldivad sinu videod

  5. Србија, бато

    Why cant we see you face :(

  6. still remember the snipe with the t49

  7. GG! Great job on Ace tanker! You are an Autoloader hero! My cat is proud.

  8. Another epic episode. One shots so funny. RNGesus was on your side.

  9. at 2:52 I would prefer cancer than Ebola….LMAO….

  10. Congrats! Exciting to watch! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Some of those lucky shots are probably the ones I fired in another game
    that just disappear for no reason while being fully aimed with a german
    0.30 accuracy gun. RNG man.

  12. Dez! Lets bring back your challenges video!

    1. Only can use the arrow keys to aim/look around
    2.No premium shots :3
    3.Top 3 in Dmg (to not make it that hard)
    4.Top 3 in exp

    Great video as always and GL

  13. do face reveal at 100.000 subs will ya? ?

  14. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    Will you ever do a dick reveal Dez?

  15. VIP RNG.

  16. Just kidding. Your clips are best.

  17. 3:50 for all those that don’t believe that luck plays a great part in this

  18. Dez, your accent/attitude makes for the best WoT vids. Keep it up!

  19. Stanojevic Strahinja (Stanojke)

    i subbed today…i like your content very much! i could listen to your
    voice all day! 😀 peace

  20. Dez, what is the music at 04:20(I asked you In a day in wot 8 but you
    didn’t respond:()

  21. “RIP penis”…..

  22. Sтill dоеsпт геаснеd тне 100к suьsсгiьегs? lol
    uг suсн а gгеат уоuтоuьег

  23. Communism is Badass

    Thank you for the video, I have enough now to last through the harsh

  24. aimbot hacks out the ass with that t49

  25. That’s T49 snapshot was bullshit lol.

  26. You reminded me of BamanBoi lol

  27. You reminded me of BamanBoi lol

  28. ching chong master next door

    face reveal

  29. guys wanna give me tips on how to run the t54e1 I just bought it today

  30. What do u use to edit ur videos?

  31. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    No man, thank you for these videos

  32. i really want that massive JP E100, but I’m still at stock Ferdinand…

    and stock Ferdinand is painful to grind… :(

  33. Epic highlights, pure awesomesauce man! Friggin’ October already…
    Hopefully you can get another ride vid up before it starts snowing if its
    not already. (Hint Hint)

  34. Was on that matilda team 😉 died before marder

  35. This is EU server?

  36. Matt Conrad (MWConrad96)

    Thank you for making all these awesome videos!! Can’t wait to see more !!

  37. 10 dislikes? the hate is real

  38. Thanks to you brother :)

  39. sorry i didnt make it dez i was zzz

  40. Great video! Best kill ever with this Lancaster, and that Matilda :D

  41. great video dez :-D

  42. Love your videos, always a good laugh

  43. Jasper van den Berg

    What is the mods at the end, where you see the dmg dealt, critical hits and
    blocked? It looks amasing, is that part of the test server atm?

  44. what is the name of that song at 10:53 ? :D

  45. U’r so funny

  46. I’ve unlocked a couple of these bad boys but at 6,000,000 + each I have a
    lot of grinding to do >_< Epic Boomsticks indeed.

  47. Great video to start the week off! thanks!

  48. Love the way you speak english and the way you sound xD

  49. Yo Dez! Can you review the WZ-120? :D

  50. Original_Gaming GR

    2:56 look at the chat ahahha

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