► World of Tanks: BEST TACTICS… Yeah! :D – RNGesus #42

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Source: DezGamez

LOL, RNG, Funny, Epic, WTF, Fail and Win Moments. Best Wins and Best Fails! RNG lolz.

► Help me to make RNGesus:
1) Upload your replays to: www.wotreplays.com
2) Let me know WHAT happened and WHEN it happened.

RNGesus 42 shows you exactly why I love this series so much… World of Tanks simply CRAZY game! 😀



  1. First one once? XD

  2. almost

  3. A little bit late upload, thought about finishing it up tomorrow, but
    hey… Couldn’t stop myself from editing, so enjoy! :D

  4. 1 minute ya

  5. couple minutes *whoop whoop* that’s a new record

  6. Hi Jimmy

  7. Using Sony Vegas by any chance, Dez?

  8. That last one , How

  9. The Guy Known As...

    25 minutes ago, really like your editing Dez, keep it up! :D

  10. 3:12 Welp! Off to Hogwarts!

  11. my favourite one starts at 7:04, I’m definitly not the person who did it :P

  12. That opening scene was worth the wait all by itself :)

  13. another great video dez

  14. This series really makes me laugh hard 😀 I hope you will soon feature my
    replay where i flip over a Super Pershing that was flanking me with my T95
    and kill him :)

  15. I can tell you are running out of names for this series :P

  16. World of Autism has become my fav now, this is at second

  17. good times !!!

  18. To be fair, that IS at 9:18 should have been able to take a hit from T32
    and kill him, but RNG got him :(

  19. Hanz Gooblemienhoffen

    love extra effects mate! takes it to a new level!

  20. Tnx Dez.

  21. omg just want to say after a hard day at work this 27 yr old really enjoyed
    this video your editing and taste in music is to much for us sometimes
    ungrateful viewers like wow man…those 2 dislikes obviously came to the
    wrong part of YouTube.

  22. good editing dez

  23. mine mine mine mine mine lol?

  24. Dez can I please get your graphics settings and graphics card? Thanks

  25. Definitely one of the best rng video edits you’ve done. Super funny gj dez

  26. legend has it if your late dez replys

  27. Hey guys im a small yt channel trying to start up. I make potentially funny
    wot edits and clips. If anyone dropped a like a comment and hopefully a sub
    i would be really thankful. Thanks guys :D

  28. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Magic 😀 made me laugh

  29. One of the best ones so far. Really appreciate your sense of humour Dez
    (might be, cause I’m Easter European too). Bombardier medal with FV183
    simply glorious :)

  30. 0:35 WTF are doing here WT auf E100 ? Xd old replay ?

  31. Thank u for featuring me in the su100 clip :D

  32. Music is horrible

  33. At 2:30 already featured… Details details… :P

  34. at the last one i was like…….wot?

  35. Best scene A43 against elc bis at the end of the clip.

  36. Once drove into a big rock in my Pz. 1 C, couldnt get out too. was the last
    one alive, like 4 enemys driving around the rock trying to kill me. then
    they caped.

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