► World of Tanks: BOOMSTICKS, Born In The U.S.A.

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review. World of Tanks T95 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

In my previous episode you saw Heavy Metal with , but today you are going to see boomsticks born in the U.S.A.


– Bruce Springsteen – Born In The U.S.A.
– National Anthem USA – Magnus Ringblom


  1. like the videos but the background keyboard sounds are annoying as fuck

  2. where are the armored warfare videos?

  3. Is it just me or are most World of Tankers all turning into Foch?

  4. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Best Job Application: Hobbys: Dank Memes

  5. Dez can you please edit out the key noises, they are very annoying as you
    keep on tapping them.

  6. I can feel ur pain, last night i did 4,5k dmg in my E25 and lost (2,7k exp,
    100k credits defeat). I got killed with 13 rounds of ammo left when enemy
    hp pool was like 4k 😀 u can bust ur ass off, but sometimes u just cant
    win em all

  7. The Maus gets to top speed pretty quickly as well. Top tier acceleration
    for the win, mediums need to get good.

  8. How do you manage to get money for that video? Doesn’t GEMA knock on your

  9. This video just made me so mad because I was just playing my T95 for about
    an hour and could not get a damn win! That tank is seriously the worst tank
    in the game.

  10. Your keyboard is funny

  11. What? your sick!? My God man lay down and drink some lemon honey tea right
    now! Really Dez I feel you should take a day off and just REST.


    Is Jingles passing his sickness to you

  13. What do you need 6th sense for on a T95? You can’t react to anything

  14. t95 could be quickest but not fastest ?

  15. t95 could be quickest but not fastest ?

  16. No more AW vids?


  18. I think t95 has only 2 gears… 1 forward 1 reverse

  19. 10:33 Loooooooooooooooooooolz!!!

  20. This made me really happy in my pants

  21. I feel your pain.

  22. t95 just to painful to play, absolutely hated it

  23. I would love to get the T30 but I can’t stand the grind in the T28
    Prototype, It’s too slow. It’s slow because it has lots of armour, But it’s
    riddled with weak points.

  24. Dez. its nice too see u sending democracy on maps .

  25. Love you Dez

  26. Maybe the FV4202(P) can reach its top speed faster than the T95! :D

  27. You should consider changing your voice recording setup. Your keyboard and
    mouse is really annoying and there’s a third deep tone noise, maybe you are
    hitting the desk where the mic is standing on.

  28. so much lough again Dez ! music – epic … written comments even more epic
    :))) +1

  29. YES! We have another ‘holy light shining on da boomstick!!!’ #iLoveIt! :D

  30. 9:40… black prince is going at full speed fast

  31. that sub-counter is soo bugged! ur content deserves way more than that!
    keep up the awesome uploads! keep grinding good sir! best of luck on the

  32. why do you click your Mouse so damn often??


  34. ahhh the T95. brings a tear to your eyes.

    love that tank. it has 4 tracks … nuf said.

  35. Delivering freedom to the anus’s of enemies

  36. 07 labour day for all the boomsticks

  37. 5.50 best defence is attack (look minimap)

  38. I love the T95, with just a little more rotation and regular speed this
    tank would be a beast. Great video!!

  39. get well soon Dez! <3

  40. The T30 with 120mm has such a good damage per minute.

  41. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Well the boomsticks of U.S.A are the T95,T30. German Boomsticks are the
    E100,Jgpz,Borsig,Wtpz4,Grille15. Russian Boomsticks are
    Kv2,S51,su152,isu152. 3 Main nations cant compare to the British boomsticks
    Fv 183 ans the fv4005 v2. Umm well Deez did make a Jgpz vs fv183 and The
    Jgpz is the new deathstar. But The T92 is Darth vaders Light saber

  42. I hate your keyboard, But i love your vids

  43. That AMX CDC AT 10:00 t95 gameplay is on his periods

  44. Is it weird that before I clicked the video but saw the title I started to
    sing born in the USA

  45. i was just started watching the video on phone and i said: wow dez can use
    such this useless tank! then i saw the reload and i said : wow dez just
    bought this T34 and has a shit crew! theni heard the derp sound of the
    cannon and realized : oh lol! it’s a T30! nice video as always dez, keep it
    up! love your accent too xD

  46. how much SEXpirience?

  47. Question for you Dez. I have 66,500 XP on my t30 and am debating between
    whether to get the 155mm now or upgrade the tracks and engine (I currently
    have the premium suspension). I hate the thought of the ultra long reload
    time of the 155mm and find the 120mm does a satisfactory job. Thoughts???

  48. Turn off the grass in your settings, please.. No one is playing with the
    grass turned on and you can see why from 1:30 to 3:00 … you can’t see
    where you are aiming at you only see grass and it really annoys me and it
    is in all of your videos.

  49. The t95 is so slow that is not even funny this TD line is not for me.

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