► World of Tanks: BUDGET AP T-54 – Textbook Carry!

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Source: DezGamez

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No, no you are not dreaming… This is actually a T-54’s epic battle, with almost no HEAT . Bloodyman brings us one seriously carry!



  1. budget? u never knew the day of my stock tiger——10 he rounds 1 game

  2. Great Great Great mate.Cheers to you too Gamez!

  3. “WT auf pz IV: Go fuck yourself” lol

  4. so sick of those self proclaimed unicums LemmingRush Anfield etc, who loads
    HEAT as standard (first slot) on their T-54… yeah so much skill bruh

    anyway this replay is one of the better one that i’ve seen. great job.

  5. Props for doing something like this and only using 2 HEAT rounds. Tho he
    didn’t even need the HEAT rounds for the E75 seeing as he had the back of
    it and 200mm of pen is more then enough. All the same GG.

  6. Hey dez, in my t-54 and e-100, i dont carry a lot of Heat, usually i load
    AP. I only press the 2 key when the thing gets though :D

  7. Holy shit

  8. Muffins [ALMOST NEVER] Weekly

    Woah, no gold spam? From a T-54 replay? What? Never.

    *Watches video*
    Okay, apparently this exists.

  9. Nice game! All that damage and those kills with only 2 prem rounds fired,

  10. Salty Dez is best Dez!

  11. I’m still here bro! Always enjoy watching your videos. How bout some
    streams from time to time? :D

  12. Does anyone know what curser mod he is using?

  13. Alexander Stoyanov

    Congrats to the T 54 driver for not going full heat and for the great
    performance. Some luck was obvious but you cant play epic games without a
    bit of luck

  14. wow very good game great work

  15. Very good game.
    Congrats. :)

  16. real great game,true grandmaster!

  17. Just about to unlock the t 54 I’m so excited!!!!!

  18. WP by bloodyman, though it’s quite distracting with the chat. That being
    said there’s more than enough retards playing WoT

  19. World of Capping. Smh…some people just do t have the ability to think

  20. E75s is8s vk45.02 p asf b tortious are the t9s are the worst tanks for a
    t54 with ap rounds

  21. everyone report WT! :D

  22. Care to share a video of you squatting like a Slav?

  23. Can I have enemies like these, please? :D

  24. Brilliant game, incredible skill!

  25. waffe and his 8 friends didn’t like this

  26. nice vid!

  27. Ace Tanker, Pool’s Medal, Kolobanov’s Medal, Defender, Steel Wal, High
    Calibre, Top Gun and a partridge in a pear tree.

  28. Aleksejs Dudarjonoks


    D ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  29. This is by far the best replay i have seen. Nearly NO heat, no premium
    account. Thats what i call A skill. Hands down and huuge respect to him!

  30. dez I have one super epic game.. 😀 where I can send that to you? (sorry
    for bad eng XD)

  31. i did 5k without gold on a city map with my T54 and thought i was the shit
    but this man is on a whole new level

  32. Frederick Schulze

    That FCM 50t threw the game by capping. Yes you heard that right. You
    usually ensure the win by capping, but he threw it because he capped.

  33. you are swearing too much recently, calm down dude

  34. very nice

  35. Does anybody here know any soundpack mods from exsample 9.13 sounds? dont
    like the current sounds so if anyone could tell me one i thank in advance

  36. 2 Heat shells used, still 51k ammunition cost, T-54 AP needs to be much
    cheaper, or they should give it decent pen, like at least 230 or so. HEAT
    shell needs it’s pen nerfing to about 280-290. That would be a good combo
    actually 230 AP, 290 HEAT.

  37. Damn epic battle, this was why i grinded the T-54… Bit i don’t get games
    like this of course xD

  38. Amazing replay, everything were developed as best as they could for the
    carry. Great show of skill by the T-54 Driver.

  39. +DezGamez can you please share your modpack?

  40. I saw this battle before on wotreplays webside :(

  41. A Kid From Africa

    DezGamez can I add u? If not it’s ok just wanted to ask:D (i have a famous
    friendlist) xDDD My Name is Geil1000

  42. Again, another great video to watch!!! I have a question though! What
    nationality are you DezGamez? I’ve been watching you for a while
    now…..and just can’t figure out your accent! LOL

  43. its very hard if you are retard monkey like that WT to blame your self its
    better blame others for cheating and your own team for bots

  44. OP tank vs OP retards… It’s a normal match…

  45. That chat, absolutely disgusting (as always). Excellent game by bloody
    thou. BTW, anyone fancy sending that Waffenträger a link to this video?

  46. UncannyHoneyBadger

    The best result I ever got in my t54 was 6.8k damage 1v5 heartbreak because
    the last tank on the enemy team was a fucking 100wn8 jag88 rental that
    penned my turret at about 800m without even being able to see me after I
    finished off a full health wz 111 11. He dealt only one hit besides the one
    that magically penned the mantlet of my turret at that distance with AP and
    finished the round capping and on full health…. WHY ;_;

  47. Why’d you reupload?

  48. Wrong description ;D

  49. Dat Wt Pz IV is a huge jackass lol. Now he even made a name for himself on
    YouTube for being an outstanding jackass

  50. He got luck with the tanks that needed premium rounds,witch means lots of

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