► World of Tanks: Buffed Patton Beasts – M46 Patton and M48A1 Patton Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

/ Review. of Tanks M48A1 Patton / Review. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

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Today I am going with buffed Pattons – Patton and M48A1 Patton. I do not know why, but I love these tanks a lot! I just enjoy playing with them… Everything is working out pretty much always! 😀

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  1. Nice play…lot of luck ,u should play the lottery. Keep em comming :)

  2. that baby waffle executed its mum waffle

  3. woow, that new tactic not going hill was awesome mate,u got new friend the
    arty 🙂
    that survived over that corner against 3-5 tanks was epic lesson.
    very intense moment 🙂
    !!!well done

  4. I guess it pays to keep a tank for 3 or so years after it was nerfed. ….
    Who knows, after several hundred thousand players jump ship and go to
    another game, WG may finally give a little love. …. But, not too
    much. Have to keep the poor players, ‘er, whiners, ‘er, “regular” players

  5. Wow, Boss both my favorite tanks as well. I even like the M26. Merry
    Christmas my friend and Happy New Year!! We love you too and thanks for all
    you do. Old man out!!!

    Take care, aka flea19*51

  6. M60A3 or bust.

  7. Amazing 3 v1 fight!!! GJ

  8. Great game in the M48

  9. Full health E75 capping and he managed to do less than 700 hps damage :(

  10. Great M46 gameplay.

  11. what are you gonna do this christmass dez?

  12. That last one was a good battle. I don’t no how you stayed so calm. GG

  13. Oh man. that 183 coming around the corner was NOT what I want to see when
    I’m trying to pull flank shots. Props to the bat arty for at least giving
    you support fire when he saw what was going down. But those shots against
    the 113….WGing love to say the M48 has .36 ACU but I mean just LOOK at
    those shots! barely 100 meters away and still wiffing the lower plate…

  14. WoW Good games I say

  15. I saw a M46KR yesterday on a test account, does anyone know about this
    tank? Could only found things on Asian sites, which I can’t read.

  16. M48A1 PATTON is such a nice looking tank, i would unlock it just for the
    looks already haha btw gg dez it looks like rngesus is with you again ;)

  17. Pretty epic, man. Too bad about getting derp rushed, but you did a fine job
    making them pay for it.

  18. Reason I hate the M46 is that the armor is so thin it can’t block a fart
    upwind, but without any of the speed light armor should provide.

  19. Good tracking shots; well played!

  20. great effort

  21. nice games!

  22. Two nice games Dez, thanks for the live action commentary!

  23. Today was one of the worst days of WoT in my entire life, so I came here to

  24. Verry nice video!

  25. What kind of graphic filter are u using?

  26. my m46 is stock how did u grind through it i am having a bad time lol…

  27. Nice games ? Perry Christmas all ?

  28. Such Patton, Much WOW!!!

  29. Now can world of tanks buff Leopard 1…. cuse ir has no dpm or armor

  30. *Hi* (sorry for my bad english)

  31. Illuminati confirmed… Laughed my arse out! hahahahahhaah

  32. Are you going to do a video on this year’s free garage slot?

  33. Can you play with japan heavies next time?

  34. wow great games! you made that e50 look like a fool 🙂 awesome moments with
    the 113, T34 and 183, must have been intense!!

  35. Those were some intense moments nice video!

  36. Love my newly aquired M48 – but that grind to get the top gun on it is
    wild. Still – love my time in the Pattons! Fun tanks, and not the normal
    “super-turret” mediums, so it takes that gun depression to make it work!
    That final moment in the M48, Dez! Epic!

  37. Lol

  38. Hey Dez. Still thinking of getting the E4? I sure hope you do. Also. I also
    had one of “those” days on Sunday. Pretty bad teams and i played arty for
    the first time in 6+ months. Did NOT end well. 🙁 But i really do want 100
    battles in arty achievement. (Xbox thing)

  39. Enjoying world of tanks? That’s a thing?

  40. First1

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