► World of Tanks: Buffed Premium Tanks – T-34-3 and T-54 (Mod. 1) First Prototype Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T-34-3 Gameplay. World of Tanks T-54 (Mod. 1) First Gameplay. Gameplay Series.

In today’s live gameplay episode I am going to premium tanks that got buffed with patch 9.13.
The question is, are they it? Are they better tanks now?

Let’s find out!

►Tanks in action:
– China/Chinese T-34-3, 8 Premium Medium Tank
– USSR/Soviet T-54 Mod.


  1. T-34-3 Is one of my most played tanks. really notice the change now. Seemed
    like a small buff at first but its actually epic. Still not as good as the
    depression on tge Type 59 but has almost brought this tank upto a
    competative level.

  2. Nice vid….love the T-34-3

  3. Man, I was just waiting for you to get nuked by that SU-14-2 in that first
    match. So lucky!

  4. That aim time on the t-34-3 looks brutal.

  5. Great games Boss and Merry Christmas my friend!! The old man out!!!

    take care, aka flea1951

  6. Good vids again dez! What a crappy inaccurate gun on that t34-3. Yep good
    alpha but its about as dependable as a yugo! I guess thats what happens
    when you drive a chinese knockoff around the battlefield! LOL

  7. Nice vid Dez, I bought the t 34 3 a while ago its by far my favourite tank

  8. Vincentius Dhendy R D

    yeah this game so weird after 9.13 release (my opinion). yesterday iam
    playing wot at sea server, the result overall, 50x times lose, and only!
    13x times win.

  9. TropicalChocolate Maker

    You don’t have to aim at his commander’s hatch all the time :p. There is a
    very flat spot right under the gun mantle that is a weak spot. The super
    pershing would’ve been dead a long time ago. An other areas under the gun
    mantle are better to shoot at.

  10. what is your equipment setup and what are your crew’s skills? your reload
    is good too and your aiming circle stays small too, so i gotta guess vents
    ram stab ? plus snapshot and smooth ride skills?

  11. Please play the M48A1 Patton now that it got a Buff. Really hope the buff
    comes to Xbox soon as well.

  12. T-34-3 was always a favorite for me, even before the buff.

  13. I still wait for the day that my Super Pershing doesn’t have to fire
    anything but APCR in order to be combat effective. lik if u cri evry time

  14. “Music to my eyes.”

  15. I feel the meds do not need Penetration buffs.. they are not suppose to be
    able to take on = tier heavies from the front and penn.. that is NOT a
    mediums job. Mediums already have the better mobility, dpm. and some still
    get the armor. now they giving them penn so they can shoot u
    anywhere……….. just ruining the game.

  16. 183 pen? What a bullshit.. Type 59 is a piece of shit now.. they just
    needed more money and sure enough it has to be a ruski tank.. as if that
    shit isn’t OP enough.

  17. Also one question. What do you think is easier to hit. Super Pershing weak
    spot on top of turret or his turret cheeks in spaces under that gun cover.
    I must say I bounce regularly on his turret top and in most cases that
    cheeks are just easier target for me. But most people just do not use them.

  18. Hmm… Time to consider buying T-34-3 then. Only Chinese tanks left to buy
    now :D

  19. you should have tank names up man not players name

  20. nope. not gonna say it.

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