► World of Tanks: Can I Destroy Myself? – Heshgasm Times with Circon & Sn00ze!

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Source: DezGamez

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Few more highlights from Monday, when I was a guest in Circon’s stream… The question of the day – “Can I destroy myself?” 😀



  1. 12k damage blocked… wow…

  2. Great stuff

  3. i still want to know how u changed the back ground image

  4. Dez…you usually post links to your music…can you direct me to the songs
    you played in this video?

  5. u have to many ads…..

  6. gustas lugauskas

    10:45 lol chat XD and only dank memes here

  7. “cold hands guys cold hands” Not today

  8. You guys looked like you had a lot of fun

  9. mmmmmm HESHgasms

  10. Salty

  11. Ein wildes Tails

    Hey Dez, sorry if you already answered this question, but what graphic card
    are you using?

  12. holy shit, i am early, nice vid man made me laugh :)

  13. such language!!!!

  14. That 13:37 time though, Dez

  15. N O T F I R S T

  16. That crying platoon at 9:55 though :”””)

  17. 2:10 But wrecks should absorb all splash damage? Or at least that’s what QB

  18. Alberto G.Robles

    my name is kam_01

  19. L33t video time lenght. :D

  20. Yes you can destroy yourself ;)

  21. hehee first

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