► World of Tanks Centurion Mk. 7/1: 2k XP, 10k Damage Epic Battle – Centurion Mk. 7/1 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Centurion Mk. Gameplay. World of Tanks Centurion Mk. 7/1 Epic Battle Commentary.

Few episodes ago we featured FV4202’s epic battle episode and today I found really awesome Centurion gameplay from my mailbox…
Thought it would be pretty good time to feature taht awesome tank as well!

Tanks in action:
-UK/British Centurion Mk.
►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. marquitoescort2011

    My fav tank of the game on par with e5. On my way to my third mark of
    excellence. I did very good games 6000 plus, but never onethis high gg
    dude. great replay.

  2. It really really annoys me that the 120-122mm guns only do about 400 dmg in
    higher tier vehicles yet a gun that’s 15mms smaller (105mm) does 390 and
    rolls usually for higher than the larger calibers :(

  3. Cent 7/1 needs a 8.5 sec reload in my opinion. Its not bad as it is now,
    but that reload should be buffed.

  4. i have to say, that ST-1 had a pretty epic battle all on his own! he pulled
    more than his fair share considering he was stock, even managed to mindgame
    the 7/1 at the end with a few HE shells. had he rolled high at the end we
    might have been watching HIS replay instead. just mad props to that guy.

  5. I don’t see many people using the 20 pdr type A barreled gun on this much
    anymore, which is weird, as the type A is an exceptional gun. It’ll punch
    through any weak spot on all the tier tens and nines, essentially all the
    tanks you face, has an amazing rate of fire, is accurate enough for
    sniping, and aims fast as well.

    I personally use the type A over the 105 purely because it suits my play
    style. I guess there are just more snipers using this tank. :

    • The type A is the stock one you know the type B is the second 20pdr, now
      why the gun is shit, it has 240 alpha with 6~ second reload which is almost
      thesame as the t54/obj430II which have 320 alpha with 6,73~ reload. The 105
      is the thing that makes the cent exceptional.

    • +Mister Malik The type B sorry, I had a brain fart.

      With vents, a rammer, and a 100% crew you can get the reload to about

  6. i want this tank so bad.. that i will fuck a girl for it…;)

  7. Absolutely love my centurion 7/1 :3 i really didn’t get on with it with the
    20 pounder, but once i got the 105mm it completely changed the tank. No gun
    has ever changed my results in a tank do much haha. I feel with the new
    french med coming out, the cent could do with a slight dpm increase to
    remain competitive.

    Good video Dez 😛 and id kind of like to see some light tank gameplay from
    you! Maybe even a review of the amx 13 75! ;)

  8. amazeballs

  9. ”Paul1234567, nice name btw” -hahahaha, some of the account nick’s in WoT
    are the pinnacle of human creativity

  10. What a game! Sneaky STI was playing with fire but it ALMOST worked so we
    have to give him that at least. I really do enjoy the Cent 7/1 But
    sometimes(for me at least)the DPM just is to low and gets me in trouble.

  11. Amazing commentary to an amazing game, as always. I always enjoy watching
    your replays. 

  12. I want more speed and more dpm from cent lol

  13. Hi DezGamez, great Gameplay as usual on your channel. I’m watching almost
    all the good WOT Gamers on Youtube and you have really made it to become
    one of the best in quite a short period of time. Keep up the excellent work
    and thanks for all the nice and epic Videos!!!

  14. Hi, I am a new subscriber and really like your games and I learn a lot from
    them. Can you tell me what mod pack do you use? And if you use a own
    version is somewhere where we can download it? You are doing a good job!
    keep those videos coming!

  15. Wow that was some real Epic battle right to the end, So lucky that arty
    didnt damage him what was the arty thinking taking that shot so danger
    close to take that shot. Cant wait for next vid.

  16. Centurion Mk.7/1 EPIC DPM? 1950 is EPIC? :DD

  17. MisterSlap SlapinArmy

    Dez, do you feature any low tier game (t5) as i had a Nice carry in a tank
    notre a lot of people seems to like (Chi nu kai) 

    • +MisterSlap SlapinArmy There is no harm in sending it to him and seeing if
      it makes it. So go for it.

    • +MisterSlap SlapinArmy If it is a nice, epic game send it. How much dmg did
      you do if I may ask? -I also have the Chi-Nu Kai, bought it recently to
      train faster my high-tier Japanese crews, and I must say the tank itself is
      complete trash, but the gun is very powerfull for a T5 medium. Don’t regret
      buying it just because I was amazed at how good the gun is on it (Chi-Nu
      Kai’s gun – the KV-1 eradicator), cause almost all T5 mediums have crappy

  18. Dez. Where are you from? your accent tells me either German or French. Am i
    right? Or am i losing my mind? again…

  19. Cent is going to Beast it up!

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