► World of Tanks: Challenges #1 – “HE-100” [NEW Series!]

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Challenges Series. World of Tanks E-100 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Challenges.

Yes guys, your eyes are not lying you! Today you are going to see yet another new series on my channel and this time it is called “World of Tanks: Challenges”.
So, please leave a comment with your wish and maybe I am going to complete your challenge in my next episode!


  1. Panther/M10, no premium ammo, top by damage at least 2500 in tier 8 game

  2. RANG for the win :D

  3. Try and drown 2 enemies with a light tank :D

  4. next wt auf he-100(with 15 cm gun) or zer maus scaut on malinovka lel

  5. +DezGamez i think your channel is going to be very big very soon. u have
    been doing fantastic videos lately keep it up and good luck :)

  6. A challenge for you 😉
    Do 7 kills in tier 7 or above. Does it sound easy? Well you’re not allowed
    to have more than 900 dmg 😀
    Tank of your own choice…

  7. Kill a tank, but the shell that kills it must bounce off another tank
    first! ;)

  8. Kill somebody in doping a fucking good jump with a light/med

  9. Challenge #2:
    Deal 3,000+ damage in a match playing any SPG below Tier 9.
    The difficult part is, do it without the artillery sights.

  10. Damiano Lorenzo Bettega

    Earn a burda’s medal (kill 5 artillery) with T95

  11. CHALLENGE: Come top on damage done in a tier 6 game while playing Pz.III
    without any premium ammo

  12. Next one use t54 with out heat and get a radley walters

  13. Top Gun with a MAUS probably difficult but I never see people playing them
    and I would like to see a top gun in one.

  14. Playing artillery with AP only

  15. Play the WT auf E 100 with 150mm autocannon to not only fire HE ammunition,
    causing at least 8,000 damage. A single damage to allies is considerable
    reset or failed in the battle.

  16. This isn’t a new concept dez. WG already gave us this in that Fukin stupid
    mission system lol.
    But hey good job.

  17. I did the HE-100 Challenge, did 5,000 damage, and got called a noob for
    firing HE.

  18. In an american T-32, playing in a city map earn top gun and high caliber…

  19. 200k damage and at least one of every type of warship destroyed


  21. Kill as many allies as possible by shooting their tracks when they are in
    front of enemies

  22. “this is the same guy I penetrated before” I lol’d so hard to this :D

  23. Master the M3 Lee :)

  24. Do at least 3k damage shotgunning with arty.

  25. drown an enemy while in an arty

  26. next challenge – WTHE100!

  27. Cameron Schellpeper

    Light tank mission 16: ram and kill an enemy heavy tank with the dreaded
    panzer 1c

  28. Play arty with only AP or HEAT 7w7

  29. Get a top gun under 1k damage. ;)

  30. 1,500 damage in a stock d.w.2 and in tier 5 game only using the 7.5 cm gun
    and firing HE with one heat shell only and on the top damage and experience

  31. Try to get a top gun while only driving backwards!

  32. Dez games I have a fun challenge that I do my self from time to time. Play
    the charioteer with only HESH, It’s a good flanker so the 100mm pen with
    the hesh rounds is kinda easy to do damage with.

  33. Play the e50m and get atleast 3 ram kills and over 1200 dmg!

  34. challenge. try to kill 2 tanks with only 1 shell you can do it with all
    tanks without arty i wish you luck :)

  35. Pz. Sfl. IVc (in match with several SPGs) HE, top damage

    amx 40 (round turret) ramkill

  36. 268 HE only 3500 dmg

  37. just another potato shooting HE out of an e100. Stoped watching 30 seconds
    in. Nothing to see here.

  38. Something in lower tiers.. I don’t know what though :)

  39. Do the same thing…tier 10 game, but you have to do it in a KV2, no 4K
    damage,must top on damage done.

  40. this is fun..wot is fun

  41. play T28 prot with 90mm gun. 2.5k dmg minimum, no prem >:) good luck 😀

    edit : 50% crew or 75% lower then 80% atleast

  42. try to sidehug 3 tanks in one game with the amx elc

  43. play jp e 100
    with only HE
    and do atleast 4.5 k dmg
    and Block 3k dmg

  44. play jp e 100
    with only HE
    and do atleast 4.5 k dmg
    and Block 3k dmg

  45. Get a Top gun in a T49

  46. Get Three kills by ramming, and be top on damage done.

  47. Hi Dez 😉

  48. Hey dez!, Should I get the amx 50 b or the object 140? (at the amx 50 120
    and t54)

  49. Ooh. new series! *evil laugh* Time to do FV 215B 183 all AP! You must do a
    minimum of 5,500 damage Dez!

  50. min. 12 Kills in a Tier 1-2 Game ^^

  51. I can’t wait to read the dumbass challenges generated by the retards on

  52. New sixth sense icon is awesome :D

  53. Your mission should you choose to accept it, is to play the object 261
    getting a Top Gun inTD mode the whole battle while firing AP rounds only.

  54. Hanz Gooblemienhoffen

    Dez you’re a hilarious dude…go with it! We don’t need you to be anyone
    but yourself.

    Told all my clan-mates about that arty one…was massively loved by all…!

  55. Try to play an arty like it was a real tank ! Do not die or.. ur a noob lel
    Gl.. realy Gl..

  56. t-29 stock gun (76-mm gun m1a2) top damage dealer in your team tier 8 battle
    gg and have fun

  57. Take the Panzer II J. Challenge: Try to get killed. Conditions: Tier 2

  58. platoon of 3 mauses +12500 dmg (platoon dmg) possible and easy

  59. dez challenge : play amx40 and try get a scout medal, block 400 dmg with
    armor, get 400 spotting dmg, and do 400 own damage.

  60. SovietTenkDestroyer

    Drown 2 enemy artillery.

  61. Challenge: Play light tank of choice, 1) Spot 50% or more of enemy team, 2)
    cause at least 2000 damage, and 3) Have spotting damage 5000 or more. Have
    fun. 🙂
    Great video btw, loved seeing the penning damage.

  62. Play the IS-4 whit the stuck gun (IS gun ) and do 4K dam. YOU CAN have APCR
    shells ???

  63. My challenge to you:
    Drive any arty you want and deal 2000 damage without using sniper mode!!!!
    great video!!!

  64. the steel wall, take a mause and block at more damage then your max health
    and survive

  65. deathstar whit AP

  66. Sorry Dez 🙁 next time I won’t screw up your challange 😉 hahaha. For your
    indormation. The battle ended in a draw because I didn’t roll high enough
    on the last arty. He had about 10 HP left. But he got away because we ran
    out of time 🙁
    Keep up the good work mate!! Cheers!!

    ~Kinetic152 – The Maus player that F’d up your challange ;D

  67. T49, only HEAT, pen 5 shots, i dare you, i duble dare you.

  68. Play a D.W.2 with no gold

  69. make 3000 dmg with amx elc bis (ap-he -no gold)

  70. make money playing fv215b 183 and using only gold ammo :D

  71. You have to play the BC 155 58 as a medium tank, hit at least 6 shots and
    survive || May the odds be ever in your favor!

  72. shot AP ONLY with T92 :)

  73. You are a good youtuber you can get really far! just keep it up.. ?

  74. Do most damage while only driving in reverse

  75. challenges:
    #1 get a kill by ramming with heavy tank but you have to be airborne before
    #2 get most damage on both teams with death star only ap
    #3 win by capping (you must cap at least 40 points) with slowest vehicle
    you have
    #4 get top gun in any tier 10 med or heavy but you can’t use: rammer, vstab
    #5 get patrol duty medal without using optics or binoculars
    #6 get raider medal with any arty
    #7 pen E5 frontally 4 times in a row with standard ammo max 270 pen
    choose any or none. keep up the great work ;)

  76. WT auf e 100 with only HE ammo.

  77. channel your size……. you are a hidden gem and all your viewers are very
    keep it up please, epic play and epic vids

  78. Tea drinking crumpet munching British dude

    Play whichever derp gun you want, and get at least 5 one shots and 2k

  79. Play KV2, but only with AP, doo 3k dmg :D

  80. ´268 HE SPAMING HELL

  81. Patrol duty IS7 :D

  82. ram 5 tanks in one battle, or do 2000 spot with arty or get a sniper medal
    with t49 or get a kill with a tier 1 to 4 in tier 10 game (no arty) or get
    inveider medal with t95 or take a light tank with no ammo and do 3500 spot
    (or take like 5 rounds) oooooor take cdc with only 20 rounds and get a top
    gun 😀
    sorry for bad english

  83. 10k dmg in deathstar using only AP

  84. Try tre Death Star, but only with HE shooting, doo, 5k dmg ;)

  85. Play your favourite arty and go around and shotgun enemies 2000+ dmg

  86. Geometry Dash Warrek

    This is great idea for series! You are epic! :)

  87. Get a steel wall in any light tank (tier 5 and above)

    I feel this is difficult to do but very possible and might be a lot of fun

  88. only ram e 50 or e 50m

  89. Nice and different Dez love the challenges. Nice video

  90. Play the O-I (tier6)
    *rush backwards
    *block at least 1000 dmg by armor
    *do 2000+ dmg

  91. Jacques van Jaarsvelt

    E50M ramming mission. Minimum damage by ram :650hp

  92. WT auf HE-100. Use the 150mm and do 4500 dmg

  93. so awkward when you run into the guy you penetrated before. so much shame

  94. Last episode was awesome

  95. Challenge! Pick up a artillery of your liking, go full td mode whole game
    and pick up atleast 6 frags.

  96. Antonis Zavogiannis

    play with stock tanks and get 1st in damage

  97. get top gun only killing tanks when ramming, with any tank

  98. Another challenge: Earn a high caliber medal, however, at 1/3 of your
    damage has to be ramming damage (tier 8-10 tanks only)

  99. how about playing the Bat Chat with the stock gun and finish on top of XP

  100. Steel wall in T54 ltwt.

  101. New Challenge: Be top damage dealer in the game (earn high caliber) in a
    STOCK Caernarvon. Good luck if you try.

  102. yes that last episode was very well done :)

  103. take the KV2 into a tier 10 battle and penetrate a shell on a tier 9 or
    above (cant be Arty)

  104. New series are very good.
    I would recommend to play shitty tanks and get top guns.

  105. Try the V-challange…press v so all of your markers disappear,no auto aim
    no map no help

  106. Kill an E-100 with light tank by ramming.

  107. play cromwell with derp gun

  108. It’s good to see you’ve got the balls to try new stuff on your channel Dez!
    I love seeing channels evolve :P

  109. Loving the new Series Dez and i have a few challenges for ya as well. Play
    a LT Get no damage only Assisting Damage at least 3k of it and be a top 5
    Exp earners as well. Also the Twin challenge Get into a battle and if you
    have a tank that is the same as urs u must follow and do everything he does
    in battle and shoot almost the same time as him as well. The Make it Rain
    Challenge Play a Prem. Tank and earn 150k credits profit even after
    Ammo/tank repair. I am sure i can think of more later but these are some of
    my ideas for now.

  110. Challenge: Be top for exp doing only spotting damage .(You can choose to
    allow shoot the tracks too or not)
    P.s. Great idea!

  111. Loving both of the new series Dez. Pls do lights next. Oh. How about the
    T49 with the 90mm instead of the mighty derp? Works well.

  112. Ram kill with t95. -Trollface

  113. here is my challenge for you dez in the kv5 ram kill 2 enemy tanks or ram
    as many enemy tanks as you need to get at least 1000 damage total by
    ramming in a game (bonus points if you ram kill the last enemy tank)

  114. Go passive spot whit arty that have a good cammorating (lor 155 51, fv 304,
    amx 13 f3, crusader sp, …) and do at least over + 3000 spotting damage
    and be at the same time the one whit the highest amount in your team.

  115. Get a ram kill in the ELC AMX

  116. Play any big derp gun using the least popular ammo, like a kv2 firing AP

  117. Get the most shotgun kills with an artillery

  118. Death star with 12 HE ammo, get 3 penetrating shots + 5k dmg done

  119. stock t29 with the 76mm and get 2000 damage

  120. get 10 kills without taking ammo in your tank kek

  121. Get a ram kill in the AMX40, it could be named “Duck Smash””

  122. Get 3k spotting dmg in what ever tank you want without been spotted once!

  123. Omega Kevin Allahu Akbar

    Complete Domination mission D15 with secondary.

  124. Play Bat Chat and get 5000+ damage but no damage taken by yourself not even
    tracking damage. dare you

  125. come top in damage done with any tank. assistance damage only…

  126. play the skoda t 40 in a tier 8 battle with +2500 damage 🙂 and survive the

  127. Get an ace tanker with the t49 with the stock gun, you can only use HE ammo

  128. Pick any Tier 3, and kill 4 Tier 4’s or 3 Tier 5’s (preferably KV-1’s and
    Matildas), set up as a new player (no prem ammo/consumables, no special
    equipment), multi-skill crew allowed. And explain why you take the actions
    you do.

    Basically do a tutorial of how an expert would defeat the banes of the
    lower tiers: KV-1s and Matildas using only your skill as a player, not
    special equipment/ammo/consumables.

  129. Stock gun on T29 NO GOLD AMMO 3k dmg

  130. Walker bulldog 5k assist 2k damage

  131. Nice video Dez laaaad

  132. Play the cruiser IV, and get at least 8 kills, only if you’re top tier that

  133. Play THE cruisen

  134. go in battle with wt auf e 100 big gun and only HE ammo

  135. Get an Ace Tanker medal with a Hellcat that has the stock turret and any
    76mm gun.

  136. Play the M3 Lee in a tier 6 game, and get a top gun. (if you’re feeling
    luckt, go for a kolobanov’s medal :p )

  137. Kill atleast 1 tier10 with tier1 and you must survive battle!!! :)

  138. Scout in a T95!

  139. play 5 games in a row with the m3 lee in which you do at least 1550 damage.
    e.g: game 1 1600 damage, game 2 1578 damage, game 3 1700 damage, then you
    do in game 4 900 damage only so you have to restart, they have to be 5
    games in a row to count. :)

  140. Pls do a HE-100 platoon!

  141. who in hell is happy by losing the game and post it on youtube
    dude make real videos with WIN no lost ….. I have many games with 7 or 8
    k dmg and still a lost !!! that why doenst make anybody happy.

  142. i have a challenge
    use only H3AT in jagdpanzer e100 and then let s see the credits board

  143. Play 59-16 stock in tier 8 game and be top by exp ahhaha if u do this ur
    wot jedi/master

  144. Counter-Kill all enemy SPGs with your own one. Must be at least against 3
    of them :v

  145. Make T95 driving over 18 km/h !!!!!

  146. Here’s a challenge, radley walter medal with AMX40

  147. inverted mouse challenge :)

  148. T49 derp scout with full heat? :)

  149. Nice series!! ?☺️

  150. Challenge: With FV215 (183) use up all ammo and hit all shots.

  151. T92 with AP only

  152. T-54, Get a Top Gun Medal using no gold rounds. I’m not sure lol not good
    at making challenges.

  153. Play is-4 with stock gun ( that gun on kv-3 and is) AP only

  154. Ramming kill(s) with AMX-40. :)

  155. hey DezGamez! what keyboard you are using?

  156. play any light tank of your choice, you must win without being spotted but
    also by spotting damage only. you can defend yourself but damage dealt has
    to be taken off at end of game. good luck!

  157. how about something a bit easy: “the good ol’e days” play the t18 with the
    76mm derp as a TD like it used to be. Be top on damage on your team (or 2nd
    if it was a carry by you and a platoon mate)

  158. Win a game by capturing with a Tortois.

  159. Churchill 7 in tier 8 without p2w ammo.. top gun and top XP :D

  160. try to be top damage dealer in tier 8-10 battle with KV-2 (at least 2000

  161. Christian Armbruster

    Get 6 kills, every tier is allowed (so you will probably complete it while
    seal clubbing in tier 1-4) :D

  162. Play arty TD, use any arty but play it as a TD

  163. So what we wanna see is: U play arty(T7+) and you have to do all your shots
    on the move (at least 8km/h). I have to deal damage with 4 shots in one

  164. object 704, stock gun, ap only….. enough said..

  165. I must really say something: I have currently free for dental surgery and
    can’t do anything. I have subscribed to you actually for your World of
    Warships videos, but the fact that I had nothing to do now, I have seen a
    lot more of your videos and wanted to thank you for the great entertaining.
    Please go on with your Videos.:) Greetings from Germany^^

  166. Simulator Challenge: Play a game in any tier/tank with the HUD off. Do over
    1,500 dmg with no TKs.

  167. New Series ? Hell yeah ! Best idea ever

  168. Play a completely stock ARL V39 and do 2500+ damage

  169. “Low Tier Balance”
    (Troll) Challenge #2:
    Play DW2 (german tier 4 heavy)

    – Get a Mastery Ace Class
    – Don`t use any premium amunition

    Good luck!

  170. stock t-60 (tier 2 russian) must do a full clip of damage with DSHK,
    OPTIONAL (2x the style points) do top damage, or cap

  171. Take a KV 2 (w/ derp gun) into a tier 10 battle. It’s possible.

    dealt, 3k spotting.

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