► World of Tanks: Challenges #2 – “5 SHOT RAMMING”

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Source: DezGamez

Challenges Series. E-50M Gameplay Review. . World of Tanks E-50M Ramming Gameplay.

I am back with another “World of Tanks: Challenges” episode… With another that you guys wanted to see me completing!
My today’s challenge going to be “5 SHOT RAMMING”:
* Play with E-50M
* 5 rounds allowed
* Ram enemy tanks
* Be #1 by EXP earned

… gold my beer!
Let me know what you would like to see me completing next!


Tanks in action:
/Germany E-50 Ausf.


  1. nice one dez

  2. Challenge: Play BC-25t as monoloader, after every shot fired you have to
    reload the magazine. Be among the top 3 players on your team by damage
    dealt. Survive the battle.

  3. Top on damage going shotgun in arty

  4. Play with the Foch 155 or the Foch and don t get pend in your weak points
    (The machin gun and the radar)
    Also get a Steal wall and have the most dmg blocked
    P.S. Be the first by xp is your option

  5. who is the best

  6. or german

  7. Play the Waffentragee auf E100 with 15cm and all HE.

  8. M48 Patton with the smal 90 mm gun would be nice ^^

  9. how about: get more kills than shots fired in KV-2+ must be top by kills
    and xp?

  10. Exploding Baconeer

    Try to shotgun with any arty and kill at least 2 tanks

  11. Ricardo Nicolescu

    challenge : play with bert the avenger just shogun mode , no arty mode . Do
    at least 1000 dmg and be the best on your team at xp. GL and HF :)))

  12. challenge idea: be in first place by dmg and raw exp, while driving bert
    the avenger and kill at least 1 tank on the move

  13. I have a challenge… drive completely stock T49 (max 10 HEAT) and come top
    both teams for xp with 2500+ damage ?

  14. Schnitzell Muffin

    Artillery, shotgun mode only. Top by XP or Dmg

  15. Good job.
    Do this chalange for Fritz.
    Tiger 1, 3500damage+500damage blocked minimum+only standard ammo.

  16. Challenge for you:
    Play on a Maus and get 80000 Damage BLOCKED BY ARMOR

  17. Win and be top for damage in a Type 95…

  18. next challenge: play tier 8+ arty, only shotgun allowed, top on damage
    and/or exp, only HE allowed. have to win the game and can’t die… OR play
    Conqueror GC/T92, every shot has to be snapshot, be top on exp and/or

  19. Tomáš Kondr (JdaxCZ)

    luchs in a tier 10 match ^-^

  20. xX Thecrunchytacosss Xx

    @DezGamez i dare you to be in a kv2 and be the best spotter on your team,
    and only carry 10 HE shells

  21. Do a match in “V” mode (only minimap allowed) in tier 10, and do at least
    4k dmg and be the top by damage done

  22. what you say about americans arty

  23. Do 750 dmg with the stock gun with the ARL V39, no gold rounds. Impossible!

  24. Another challenge would be you have to use a TD without sniper mode and no
    optics or binoes and get top exp.

  25. Kill a tank with a richoche off another tank in tier ten match, if that to
    easy try to kill another tank with a double richoche

  26. Luchs tier 7 game, atleast 3 tier 7 kills and a top gun

  27. 1 shell only (he) no gold, t49 fadins metal

  28. u crazy daz???

  29. Play AMX CDC and get a steal wall?

  30. Unreal!!! Great gaming my friend. Only you could pull that off my friend.
    Thank you, aka flea1951

  31. Xhino Domi (Reaperino)

    challenge: play the Tiger 1 with the stock 7,5cm L/70 and stock engine and
    get top gun!!

  32. Play T95 and get the scouting medal.

  33. e 50m battle 15 e50m vs 15 e50m only one e 50m can survive and win but only
    he team killing allowed deatch match vs all but first destroy 14 enemy
    tanks till u remains 1 tank vs one enemy tanks

  34. S-51 AP only. Top damage and exp; only shotgunning people.

    Good luck and have fun

  35. Play without mouse, u can use only keyboard to aim and shot (no autoaim),
    deal 2500 dmg with tier 8, or 3500 with 10 tier :)

  36. Micheal O'Donovan

    tier 1 doing well in tier 10

  37. 2 beast 4 me.

    FV215B 183 only AP match. must do 5.5k damage minimum.

  38. Invisibility hack, what else?

  39. Challenge: vehicle= M41 Walker Bulldog what to do: get 4k assistance dmg
    opon detracking enemy vehicles. The catch: only HE allowed and needs to be
    played with the autoloader.
    Other option: same mission but using the T49 with the stock gun, only HE,
    no heat ammo.
    Hope you like the idea, good luck if you choose to accept the challenge

  40. My mission for you:
    – play a light light tank (elc amx, mt25, chaffee, type 64)
    – kill a t7 or higher tank with a ram (at least 100 damage)
    – optional: survive the ram

    Nice category of videos! Have fun!

  41. Could you please play the stock arl v39 with only HE

  42. GG :)

  43. IS-7 no aiming only snapshots.

  44. lel … almost 50k

  45. play the m40 patton (tier 10) with the M4 derp gun and do 2000-1500 damage
    in it ;)

  46. get the same amount of kills as rounds you carry – no derp guns/SPGs
    allowed, kills/rounds must be higher then 6.

  47. nice round nice game its beautifull.

  48. Here’s an impossible one: Radley-Walters in AMX40

  49. Am I the only one who thought to myself poor T49?

  50. Make a platoon with 2 tier 10…
    u are tier 1 Loltraktor and must make 500dmg and mind. 1000 assistant dmg

  51. You should have tracked the enemys with your 5 sheels

  52. I challenge you to do Arty td mode top dmg on team

  53. I had a game earlyer in lttb. I got 3 ram kills in 1 game!!!

  54. Jasper Leto-Niemetz

    Take the TOG into tier 10, deal 2k damage.

  55. You should use FV215b (183) and only be able to carry 6 regular HE, not
    premium HESH or AP rounds. You would have to do 4,000 damage, get 3 kills,
    survive and win the battle

  56. Play as M41 Bulldog, and you have to kill at least 5 enemy Heavy tanks
    above your tier without dying!


  58. Krzysztof Ćwiertnia

    Play a whole game in a sniper mode in any t8 light tank, do atleast 3k dmg
    and be top by xp :D

  59. Damage blocked, and damage caused must be (together) at least 7k, in a Type
    4 heavy, firing only HE.

  60. Zak Stratford-Smith

    Load 1 HE and get a fadins medal. The tank can’t have high alpha for tier
    and the target has to be at least equal tier. I’d recommend scouting :P

  61. Alessandro Depaoli

    As usual GG… Like your play style… and VIDS!

  62. 4:11 “Super strong titties” 😀

    (and yes, i know he said TDs)

  63. As always enjoyed your video :)

  64. Factory fresh JS-4 challenge: D25-T gun (no APCR) no equipment, crappy
    crew(no skills). Do at least 3000 damage and win!

  65. No controlled impact on the crew?

  66. @dezgames play with st-1, full he, kill 3 heavy tanks or 4 tanks anyone, #1
    in the XP earned, and #3 in dmg
    do you can?

  67. Dez i have another mission for you. Play with IS4 stock 122 fire only ap
    and finish top on dmg in both team.

  68. Splashgun:
    get a topgun in the KV-2,
    only 6 shots allowed and only splashkill your enemies

  69. here’s one for you. we will call it the dead pool medal. your only allowed
    12 rounds in any tank any tier. but u got to earn the most possible medals
    say like 5 or so……..

  70. another challenge: Drive the fv304 en be first by dmg done, you are not
    allowed to sit at the back but you must be in the front lines. GL&HF

  71. Grof od Banoštor

    Play Comet with 97 mm gun, and get a kill from more than 250 m. Hard
    enough? :)

  72. i challenge you to use a kv2 derpgun with only ap no he

  73. thumbs up!

  74. Great, makes me long for That line, am at panther 2 now

  75. Here is a challenge get 1500 spotting damage in an artillery

  76. Meatballs for life

    Play amx 13 75, only HE rounds allowed,come top on xp earned. If you want a
    real challenge,very shooting 75mm HE ammo at a Maus

  77. play the stock e-50.
    kill 2 tanks that are 1 tier higher than you, or 3 tanks of the same tier

  78. Geometry Dash Warrek

    Cool video! ;)

  79. why are you doing the missions on the test server? i understand that will
    not affect your stats, but doing them on normal server wll get you much
    better match making

  80. Damn son this a good one

  81. How the fucking fuck do u have so many creds

  82. Super video !!!

  83. great video


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