► World of Tanks: Challenges #3 – “360 MLG NO SCOPE”

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Source: DezGamez

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I am back with yet another “World of Tanks: Challenges” episode. This time you are going to see Soviet medium tanks trying to complete “360 MLG No Scope challenge from “WhiteDeath24”.
Challenge rules:
– Full 360 turn after every shot.
– No sniper view, third person only.
– Carry hard!

I have to say I had a lot of fun trying to complete it!
Let’s see what happened! 😀



  1. Get a T1 cunningham in a tier 6+ game and spot 4k damage

  2. Ram an enemy tank after 3 shots

  3. Please make more Arena fights5 Tigers Vs 10 Shermans :D

  4. Sebastian Michael Paschalis

    play any arty with no gui (the thing that happen when you press V) minimal
    damage is 2k minimal kill 2 :)

  5. why not use handbrake to make 360 ;)

  6. Anyone else mix up Dez Games with Sir Foch sometimes?

  7. i think you should do 360 with the “handbrake” am i right?

  8. T95 go over 18 km/hStraight but (not)simple

  9. Dimitris Xouiazis

    challenge: play an arty like a heavy tank

  10. Dimitris Xouiazis

    dez do at least 1000 with only ram and you can carry only 4 shells and do
    some damage too with them

  11. Hahahahaha :’D

  12. bart van herrewegen

    only get damage and kills jumping on other tanks , only shots allowed is to
    ceep them tracked

  13. I got a challenge for you – only allowed to drive backwards for the entire

  14. next challange play is is4 with the stock gun Rules are: no gold ammo,
    stock gun and top damage

  15. It’s not really a proper 360 that everyone is refering too. Because your
    turret doesn’t turn :D

  16. Here’s one for you: 1. no driving forward at all, only backward. 2. when
    shooting gun it must be in your rear 45 arc left or right of tank (90
    degrees total). Of course this rules out most TD’s. No arty. Be top in
    damage, exp, and 1000 damage block by armor.

  17. Lol’d so hard at 6:00 :’) You really tricked me with the upbeat music!

  18. Get an ace in D.W.2.

  19. Play Arty in DIRECT fire mode only. NO SATELLITE VIEW! Be in the TOP 5 DMG

  20. shotgun 3 tanks and kill them using a T-4 or T-5 arty and surviving on <%75 HP

  21. One punch man: Play your favourite arty, oneshot at least one tank maximum
    one Tier under you, make at least one double kill, don’t miss any shots. I
    think this is going to be hard….

  22. challenge: drive at-2 with howitzer (just HE) and do 1. 2,5 k damage, 2.
    drove less than 1,5 km and 3. kill 1 enemy vehicle.
    have fun :)

  23. João Pedro Bila Pássaro

    Silly dez

  24. why u didnt took snipermode at another thing? i mean far away from shift.
    sry for bad english, greetings from germany! ^^

  25. The backwards BC Challenge:
    1. Drive BC 25t backwards ONLY (no use of W key)
    2. Everything else allowed except fire extinguisher (u have to be lucky
    otherwise we gonna see u burrrn)
    3. Be top dmg (top xp too easy because you could literally just farm
    spotting dmg on malinovka or sth)

    I’d love to see that. I chose BC for the backwards challenge because it
    drives backwards arguably fast and nobody wants to see a KV-5 or some slow
    shit going at 4kph backwards 😀

    cheers bois

  26. Now do it in the T28HTC, i don’t think you have enough time in the game to
    do more than 2 360 turns lol that thing is so slow!

  27. To guy who issued the challenge: I’m not quite sure you know what a “360 No
    Scope” actually is. You’re supposed to do the 360 BEFORE you shoot. Not
    AFTER you shoot. Pretty fucking easy otherwise

  28. What a funny video

  29. Dick butt Nick butt

    change: battle arty rules 1. play any arty you want 2. have to aim down
    sight when firing 3. nuke 1 tanks per match

  30. After the shot at 9:50 you forgot to do the 360 turn. :)

  31. get three sky dive kills (throw yourself off a cliff onto an enemy tank,
    kill it, just like that is3 did to you) in the same match :D

  32. doesn’t mean you have to do the 360 turn run and shoot?
    What you did is like AI bot in AW… lol

  33. spot 8k dmg with any arty u want

  34. Dumb challenge

  35. Waffle 15cm HE only carry hard

  36. Sorry, but you failed twice actually… you didn’t 360 once in the first
    game and once in the last game, but never mind you did well.

    I have challenges for you:
    1. Play as you play always with whatever tank you want, the only rule is to
    change off the ammunition every shot you make (example: AP, APCR, HE, and
    then again AP, APCR, HE and so on) and make the 3 types of ammunition equal
    number(so better not be autoloading lame tank) and carry hard.
    2. Play with light tank and kill AT LEAST 1 tank (with a shot or ram) when
    you drift. You have to be drifting in the moment when you kill the enemy

  37. please play T49 completely stock with 10 max HEAT rounds ?

  38. Ok. Same challenge in the mighty Maus! :))

  39. 1. Do 3.5k dmg in is4
    2. Use stock gun(175 pen),no gold allowed

  40. Another one : Play a light tank and only shoot when you are drifting.

  41. Do it in a Turtle!!!! Lol!

  42. M46 Patton with 105 mm derp, only HE.
    M48 Patton with 90 mm only AP or HE

  43. gerard Tankcommandanten

    challenge is
    play bert and get 1,5k dmg without arty view ( no shift) and get 3 kills

  44. Do it in an Amx Elc Bison, i trei it and it was absolutely fun!

  45. Oh I heard the ncs music:)

  46. Captain Amazing1337

    I got a challenge. get the tank sniper medal with no scoping. set the bar
    real high lol

  47. 15 KV2 vs 15 T29

  48. Awesome video dez, is it really funny to see. But I think you have to do it
    again 😉
    360 mlg no scope is shooting right after you turned 360 degrees Or while
    you turn and i miss the dropbass and 420 signs in your video XD

  49. lol, that IS-3

  50. why don’t you ever go flank…. ever? new challenge: go where the majority
    of the other players don’t go and use a normal keyboard, no mechanical
    keyboard…. bet you won’t do that challenge

  51. Dude, that was freaking hilarious!!!

  52. Next Challenge: Press “V” and be among the top three by damage dealt.

  53. 1. Turn UI off 2. No gold rounds 3. No consumables

  54. ive got a challenge for you

    u can only use HE ammo and u can only shoot the turrets of your opponents

  55. gave up? lol

  56. deep freeze (deep freeze)

    Challenge: WT alf E100 HE only 6k dmg

  57. Jasper Leto-Niemetz

    Can’t go OUT of sniper mode

  58. shift is in your blood- install a 30x sniper zoom mod and play fully zoomed
    in the entire game

  59. Dez, what are your system specs?

  60. Hmm, What about a POV challenge? Play an entire match in sniper mode
    without the full minimap

  61. lol doing this in arty would be cake

  62. Yes! I was the 360th like

  63. Passive / Agressive Arty Challenge: Be the first one of both teams who
    killed a tank in your SPG, the target have to be spotted by yourself
    (Binos, Cammonet, … allowed) and have to be max. 300 m away from your
    shooting position, you have to survive at least 20 seconds after you killed
    the tank ;)

  64. Play Ram II and type in “I’m sorry!” after each penetrating shot because
    it’s a Canadian tank!

  65. The Mirror Challange:
    flip the WASD as such:
    W: move backward
    S: move forward
    D:turn left
    A: turn right
    also invert the horizontal and vertical mouse axis and you have to play a
    medium or heavy and you can’t camp

  66. Drive an SPG, tier 6+, no up view, but you can use auto aim. Do at least 6x
    dmg of your SPG life

  67. The classic “no HUD” challenge?

  68. use a kv-2 and fire only standard AP and be top in damage

  69. t44-122, he only, top of team by xp… may the mm bless you with arty and
    lights lol

  70. Dynamite Mcnugget

    Do this challenge again, but in the T95 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  71. hardscope challenge: be on Max zoom in sniper mode the entire battle

  72. i challenge you to get a top gun with tier 10 russian mediums and rules
    are: only use HE shells and no repair kit no medic kit and no fire

  73. tyshawn gillison (tymoody399)

    Broken turret challenge rule #1 you cannot turn your turret

  74. i challenge you to use the most armoured tank you have and try to make
    positive credits without firing a shot

  75. kill 3 high tier arty (shotgunning) With an arty

  76. Here is a challenge: you have to only drive backwards and do 2k damage.
    Condition: you must drive the Maus

  77. Funniest one so far XD.

    Still, the true MLG 360 nosc0pe sm0kew33d l337 shot is that you do the 360
    before you shoot and snap the shot into them as you’re turning… might be
    a bit hard to do in WoT though ;_;

  78. i just about peed myself every time you spun that tank.


    he didn’t say you had to spin after the shot, just before. he didn’t say
    you had to SPIN. you could have driven in a big circle.

    also, just remap the sniper mode key so you won’t use it.

  79. Here’s one challenge, AMX CDC, 1. Can’t shoot the enemy tank until the tank
    you want to shoot is aiming at you. 2. Do at least 2500 damage. 3. Win the

  80. Play using the V key with artillery 🙂 do 2k damage!

  81. Chiggy Von Richthofen

    +DezGamez : A challenge if you accept :
    Yolo Scout x3 : You must go yolo with a scout (anyone you want, any tier
    you want) rush hard to the ennemy base, make one penetrating shot at least
    every Yolo time and back to your base alive (So, must survive the party),
    To do three times in a battle :
    .: First one at the beggining of the party, just when party starts.
    .: Second one : When there is only 10 ennemy tanks alive.
    .: Last one : When there is 5 ennemies alive.
    PS : Win or loose, no matter, just survive at the end of the battle.
    Good Luck if you accept.

  82. This was a great episode Dez loved it, Super hilarious too. How about this
    for a challenge Amx 40 Ace tanker using no prem ammo at all. Also at least
    6 kills and one has to be a arty.

  83. lolol if anyone dead was watching you the whole time, I wonder what they
    were thinking XD!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Do the (i think it was) Circon’s “mission” play with M46 on the howitzer

  85. o7 to whoever created this Challenges, well done!!!

  86. I loved the way that IS7 bounced off you, if E4 had bounced that shot i’ll
    be laughing hard

  87. Poor Noob: FV215(183) only normal he + the worst crew u can get (choose
    from other class with 50%, so u’ll have sth like 30% crew) + do 4k dmg

    btw: if u need to make no scope change the scope mode from shift to sth
    else, or completely turn it off

  88. (back in my day)challenge: turn all UI/hud off,no labels for enemies or
    teammates, no warning for being spotted if it’s posible and no minimap.
    basically as naked as you can get it. to win you must have a decent game
    and survive without damaging a teammate.

  89. are you sure he meant to turn the hull 360? I think most people would
    assume that Turning the turret would be the correct way.

  90. Here’s a challenge: You are only allowed to reverse, and u must drive a
    turretles TD tier 8+. Finish top on exp. Good luck ;)

  91. Really like the new content DG! Keep it up!

  92. hey dez, how have u been coming on gathering replays on AW? Also, did my
    replay work or not?

  93. is 4 stock gun only AP top of dmg and xp + win

  94. Carlos Andrés del Valle

    play withaut the aim asistant and the minimap

  95. spot 3000 damage with Maus and stay undetected, or spot 8000 and be first
    in EXP.

  96. use an arty that has a turret and use it like a TD and avoid using sniper
    mode at all costs! :)

  97. 9:40 missing 360 ;)

  98. Zakariyyah Chhiboo

    I’m first to comment lol

  99. Challenge : Use arty and get Ace tanker without using “Shift” !!!

  100. Christian Armbruster

    1. You aren’t allowed to turn your tank to the right or to drive backwards
    (so you can’t use S and D keys)
    2. Interface has to be hided (press the “V” key)
    3. Deal more demage than your tank has hp

  101. Also kill enemy tenk while drifting around corner like madman :>

  102. Ace tanker t-34-3 HE only

  103. 〈〈Slayer〉〉

    drive arty 1) only shotgun allowed 2) atleast 2.5 k dmg 3) get 2 kills

  104. 〈〈Slayer〉〉

    drive arty 1) only shotgun mode 2) score atleast 2.5 k dmg 3) get 2 kills

  105. That must’ve looked like a defective bot to everyone in battle :v

  106. Oh man, that must have been brutal… but hilarious! How about no gold and
    no kits? In a DW2! D:

    Or something, heh heh. The guys will think of something epic for you. 😀


  107. Use the T-95 with its stock gun and engine, then cap the enemy base.

  108. Simon Gottschlich (SG3107)

    next challenge maybe: play a battle in v-key-mode, do at least 2-3k dmg?

    nice vid btw! super funny again lel

  109. JapanesePotatoSlicer


  110. Here’s a good one: play as a tier 10 medium in MAN MODE (enter man mode by
    pressing the “V” key, you loose your mini map, tank descriptions, and
    pretty much everything that’s on the screen aside from the game itself in
    man mode) and get top on damage.

  111. GJ Dez! Next challenge for you: carry (top exp in post battle report) your
    team driving low tier light tank (tier 1 – 3) in toon with tier 8. Any
    crew, any amount of gold ammo and full premium consumables allowed.
    Avoid all teamkillers. 😉
    Don`t tell it`s impossible because I`ve done it more than once. Looong time
    ago, but I did it.

  112. Sanic f@st ~ you can only shoot when going full speed. Goals, get 2k dmg.

  113. I would have thought he meant 360 of the turret.

  114. Next Challenge: Obj 261 (or any high tier, long reload arty), full TD mode,
    no scope, only AP shells. Carry Hard.

  115. Elek Lenard Šebešćan

    XD 8:52-9:28

  116. Challenge Countrywide: 1) Use any tank 2) Get defender AND invader in the
    same game

  117. try to hit every enemy in one battle or as many as you can, but at least
    12-15 :))

  118. do it in the t95 dude

  119. Challenge ASS-ASS-IN: 1) Get in a heavy 2) Drive ONLY in reverse 3) Get
    steel wall/cool headed 4) SURVIVE

  120. 3k dmg in stock T29.no gold ammo.

  121. 1. 3 k dmg no scope in an artillery
    2. survive

  122. IS-4 with stock gun no prem ammo min-3k dmg

  123. play arty full TD mode ! And Bert the Avenger is not allowed!

  124. take out marder and get a top gun firing only he using stock gun

  125. Challenge #4: Do over 2000 dmg in E-50M by ramming only :D

  126. first to comment?

  127. bottom tier arty, shotgun mode only, top dmg

  128. Mission 1: use a tank with out a turret. You arent allowed to drive
    forwards in the match.
    Mission 2: use one arty and only fire with out arty zoom: td mod.

  129. Play the IS-4
    You have to always revers sidescrape
    Bounce over 6000 dmg, get the high caliber and be the first on exp earnd
    Good luck

  130. 360 no scope in 183

  131. To be honest to do true 360 noscope you should’ve turned around turret as
    well. And to do TRUE MLG 360 NOSCOPE you need to use powerful tier 10 TD
    (equivallence to the sniper rifle) and one shot somebody after doing 360.
    Oh and also drop the bass and blaze weed after that ofc :P

  132. caleb McCullough (Blistersteel)

    lol.you are very honorable .
    rekt rekt rekt. :)

  133. Challenge idea: Be the best player (experience earned wise) in the winning
    team on the ARL V39. Rules: 1) The ARLmust be completely stock 2) The crew
    must be at 50%, no skills allowed 3) No gold ammo. *evil laugh*

  134. Flip yourself upside down and hit someone

  135. Props Dez. This would have broken me and left me a mumbling wreck.

  136. Exploding Baconeer

    Challenge: Shotgun 2 enemies with any arty in one game

  137. +DezGamez pleeease do the arty only in td mode challenge :D

  138. Why not use a fast tank and use hand brake to 360 on the move?

  139. Another challenge would be use BC 25t with 90mm gun and get top in damage.

  140. Ok, so you won this round, Dez, why don’t you try it again . . . in the T95
    . . . ;)

  141. I’m kind of surprised to hear that you zoom in with shift. Personally I use
    RMB and I thought that every good player must be doing so, I guess i was

  142. codygree GodOfBattle WoT

    you can play FV215B only with 5AP shells and the rest HE sehells.
    At the end of the Battle you must be the top DamangeDealer and top by
    Win the Battle with at least 4000dmg and 900base experiance.
    Hard or?
    If its to easy than you can do one more thing: you are not allowed the
    shoot paper tanks wirh under 60mm armour on the front.
    I hope you enjoy my Idea and sry for my bad english (because i am from

  143. how about playing in hard mode, playing without UI

  144. You sneaky bastard! I expected you to do this in t95!

  145. sorry to be “that guy” but you didn’t 369 after the shot at 9:42 so you
    still didn’t get the mission… hilarious episode though!

  146. every time you pen a tank… you have to fire one on the ground

  147. This was one of the best challenges yet.

  148. Do the same thing, but with arty instead and try to do around 4 times your
    health in damage instead

  149. “only HE” or “no ammo at all” challange

  150. challenge play M3 Lee stock

  151. challenge : no sniper mode with arty or TD (camp)

  152. if u like to zoom in that much pls try the challenge to be in sniper mode
    the whole game in a heavy tank!!

  153. s0me1 juzt g0t r3kt.
    pr0babli hakz.
    r3p0rt m8,plz

  154. You could do a modified version of this running around in a T49 spinning
    your turret 360 degrees and then durping them with autoaim or just no
    scoping them.

  155. Hunterd Domitrovich

    do this in the maus

  156. BTW your thumbnail says #2 instead of #3.

  157. Do this in the KV-2 :D

  158. Deometry Gush Pluyer

    Challange: Play with T49, never stop to aim, just shoot on move, do at
    least 2000 dmg!

  159. you forgot a 360 at 2:33

  160. Today, I finally got t28 HTC, whit the last game of t71 grind towards t68,
    or should I keep t71 even though I have t69 in my garage? 😀 Anyway, now I
    can start grinding towards t55a and watch dezgamez 😀 Have a good day all!
    *going back to wot to assassinate some tomatoes 😀 (NO, I’m not a seal
    clubber :P) *

  161. wow rly nice job
    ure the best
    u should get a lot of medals

  162. How about the T54E1 vs the M46 Patton? Have a a few ideas for your “VS”
    series. :D

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