► World of Tanks: Chinese Hipster – Old Tanks, But Still Working!

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay Review. . World of Tanks Gameplay. World of Tanks Premium Tanks.

Hipster mode – Activated!

Today I am going to play with old Vehicles, premium tanks.



  1. how much do you play Wot… i see more Type 59 than Obj 260, and Obj 907
    and Obj 430

  2. get some comet action going :)

  3. i actually thought that st emil means saint emil too :-D

  4. panther/M10?? ppls

  5. Bram Van der Meer

    So, Hipster mode activated dez??

  6. Hi Dez, how about a preview of the Bat Chat AP? or lor 40t

  7. Eason Wong (Stcom88)

    I love my T-34-3 cause i did 5.8k Dmg game before 😀 XD!!

  8. F*cking ghost shot on that T25/2 :-D

  9. play the lowe man…its the first tier8 premium ever…that things a living

  10. T-22 Med!!!

  11. dez where are u from?

  12. Play Vk.20.01, Churchill GC, or 113 for maximum hipster

  13. Play the Sexton I, that weird premium everybody bought bc is was going to
    be removed from the store, but it is utter crap…


  15. Stephen “TheBigBison” S

    You can instantly see the difference in the Type 59 gameplay 😀
    Dez keep up the AMAZING gameplay and AWESOME work 😛

    o7 (a little salut for u) ;P

  16. I still use my Type59, apart from the long aim time its still usable in my

  17. Martin Procházka

    Chinese tanks are the shittiest imo, but I love them!

  18. AMX 40, the mighty duck maybe fun :D

  19. T95E2 ?!

  20. YorkshireBuzzard_WOT

    Su-85I considered rare?

  21. what abaut alien dezgamez?preorder package?if you dont hawe one how abaut
    some replays with him?

  22. I love and hate my KV-5. I mainly use APCR with it for a guaranteed
    penetration. I’ve gotten a lot of bounces also.

  23. Lol, how do you get the girls on your victory screen?

  24. Play 113

  25. Hey dez what’s your PC specs and is it custom built or bought from a dealer
    also can you do a setup video

  26. Usually, when someone just says a single word in chat, for instance “Noob”,
    I reply: “Pleased to meet you Mr Noob, my name is Depipro”.

  27. i hated chinese/china

  28. Dez, you forgot the “kaching” sound for every shot that you penetrated in
    type 59 :D

  29. see t59 in almost every game i play, it is bullshit that wg dont sell them

  30. Should have played with the beasts known as the 113 and 121.

  31. I want a Type 59…

  32. not sure if hella clicky keyboard or just the mouse in the background

  33. I still remember when the Type 59 first went on sale. Jesus those were some
    of the worst weeks EVER to be playing WoT. It’s now well past it’s prime
    but it’s still a good all rounder medium.


    i dont see in bettle the type 5 hy

  35. Valentijn Hekman

    Churchill GC please. that machine is a beast

  36. RAVEN_SPRING_9000

    It was good funny moments too, dez platoon with people and use the same
    tanks to compare tank platoons witch is good in a platoon and witch is bad
    u know :)

  37. TheTiredBobcat6222

    Panther/M10, Pz. IV S, E 25 (Maybe not E 25), Pz. B2, Kanonenjagdpanzer,
    Pz. T 15, Großtraktor Krupp, Toldi III, Pz. 38H and Pz. II D. All of them
    is rare to see in battles (at least for the EU servers).

  38. I’m quite early let me tell a joke.
    Sandbox server

  39. Please do 15 type 5 heavy vs 15 maus

  40. Hello, what are the tunes used in this video ?

  41. Nemanja Narančić

    How about some VK 72.01? Or maybe M10 Panther? :)

  42. I entered your giveaway contest and made a typo, so am I screwed or
    something now?

  43. Vector Signorelli

    here is mr.QB 2nd for a quick review…both vehicles are shit!

  44. The standard in chat is just terrible these days, I wonder what kind of
    people is sitting there writing stuff like : “kill all muslims” “I hope
    your mother gets raped” ” I kill your sister fucking bot” “Report fucking
    nigger bot” (Just a selection from my last couple hours of gaming) The
    necessary “Bot team, noobs, idiots, pls kill all” is (sadly) almost not
    worth mentioning anymore. It would almost be better by WG to disable the
    chat completely (I know, I can do it in settings) But for every nice
    conversation you get 50 assholes. I hope these people are children,
    otherwise it would be greatly concerning.

  45. 121 and 113 are hipsters as hell!!! :)

  46. dont see type 59 so much? i saw over 10 of them today ,_,

  47. Dez what is the name of your victory banner girls mod? I need it for…
    Research purposes…

  48. KV-5 is complete trash

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