► World of Tanks: Cold Hands, Guys… – Epic Times with Circon & Sn00ze!

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Source: DezGamez

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Yesterday I was a guest in Circonflexes stream and we had super good timez, 4 hours simply flew by… Here are just some of the best moments!



  1. Wotko s Vokurkou

    Wish i have seen that live :-D

  2. Hope you got your wriggle working!

  3. The Sanity Assassin

    Nice….. Meme…..

  4. Dez you forgot to put in the part when you and snooze gave that Vk b 13k
    blocked dmg

  5. Dream Team.
    I can see a Versus against Quicky and friends in the near future 😉

    ‘Legendary’ as always.

  6. How can i send you replay?

  7. κωνσταντινος Μακαρατζης

    music name??

  8. I was there on live stream, you have to join Circon more (when you have
    time) :), really awesome stream.

  9. The best thing about WOT is platooning with some buddies and having a good

  10. Needs Benny Hill music at the end.

  11. Arvin Dave Velasco

    the games with circon and snooze are hilarious. hahaha. made my day. you
    can also do this vids more often. :))

  12. BlackRose1mmortal

    This just happened at 4:20 ………..coincidently, you got wasted
    Good playtime with platoon mates

  13. Thanks all for the replay and thanks for the video.

  14. Dreamteam. Do more of these streams plzzz! =)

    Circon = Holy god of the WoT universe + contagious laughter
    Snooze = Hilarious WoT tryhard + Making Circon shine brighter since
    Dez = Funny WoT demigod with an accent more weird than the Swedish chef lol

  15. Got to watch this live. Good times. Also, I think his hands were cold, but
    I’m not sure.

  16. Vector Signorelli

    results:circonflexes carries you!

  17. fucking love you man <3 helps that you're an estonian too, much love

  18. cold hand Dez :)

  19. Mattias van der Wal


  20. awesome!!



  22. FirestreakRodimusPr

    Cold Hands guys cold hands.

  23. wow only wish I could play like that……….. :(

  24. I wear mittens and a toque when I have cold hands and a brain freeze in my
    first few games of W.o.T.

  25. Im not cookie monster

    Have you met SirFoch yet? He’s like a more saltier and unforgiving version
    of you lol

  26. christian rowney


  27. now with jingles and quickybaby

  28. you play with circonflex

  29. hahahahahaa…cold hands….*BUT* GG boys!!!loved that gun depression fail
    at the end….

  30. White Guy (H3LL Monster)

    Cold hands, guys, cold hands

  31. more collaboration plz..luv this

  32. It was even better live. But seriously, Dez’s favorite position is ass up!

  33. Oh lol the merry go round in the end

  34. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Get get the gang back together, keep tanking over…

  35. dez please reply ;)

  36. I can’t believe people listen/watch Circon. He has to be the MOST annoying
    person who streams and such. Blah Blah Blah he never stops never shuts up
    and has a super annoyinhg voice.

  37. Hey, I want to know what modpack do you use for World of Tanks

  38. is circon and snooze thenew netflix and chill :D

  39. lol who was the dislike?!

  40. diederick starre

    Circon is a total retard but he is allso fucking hilarious

  41. Is it just me, or everyone checked their facebook at 8:08

  42. the “DEZignated team”

  43. sweden

  44. 5:55 umm u need some personal time lol?

  45. i need 100 sub to my dad buy me new pc

  46. Awesome. More of this pls! :)

  47. Ermagahd!!! I love it Dez, you continue to keep me hooked to your channel
    <3 (No homo)

  48. Hi I don’t know which premium tank take. I’ve got the chose of AMX CDC ,
    M4A1 Remastered and Panther 8.8 thanks for your suggestion ^^

  49. To the video, early i am.

  50. Dez just needed a glimp at (5:55) the “Personal Score” tab ;D

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