► World of Tanks Conqueror & FV215b Intense Action: 15-0 Hype! – Conqueror & FV215b Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Conqueror . Commentary. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

In todayÙs episode going to play with super awesome British tier 9 and tier 10 heavy tanks! Always going to have fun in those beasts and so easy to farm some WN8, specially with FV215b! 😀


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Conqueror getting buff in 9.9 with the HD model should have a really strong

  2. Claudiu Alexandru

    Lower tier tanks. Black Prince XD

  3. Also your crew hazzzz skillzz… pick them!

  4. TOP GUN denied… pretty campy that game…

  5. Promoted to Captain now Dez? Captain killsteal… :D

  6. world of minions

  7. StabberMcShanky

    Hmm do you think you will ever pursue Chinese or Japanese tanks? They seem
    to have unique play styles. Great vid btw

  8. Conqueror is an absolute beast and i love it. FV125B though…..Pretty bad.
    Its the EXACT same as the conqueror except back turret and very, very
    slightly better rate of fire. As in 8.7-ish seconds on Conq, 7.5-ish
    seconds on FV. So its not suited to be a tier 10.

  9. Play the Spazpanzer

  10. The British heavies are really underestimated since the low tiers are not
    the best for tier-for-tier. To be honest, I feel like the British heavies
    are amazing if you use it right, like any tank.

  11. Hello DezGamez !!!

  12. the first heavy line i fully went down to were the commies, and i like them
    a lot(no shit?), now id like to try more versatile heavies and cant decide
    whether to go brits or freedom guys first(e5 line). any help? :s

  13. Marco Porra Ridjan

    E4 and E3

  14. Chinese tanks!

  15. Really enjoyed that episode Ship o/ The last battle was pretty tense :)

  16. Julien Brouilhounat

    superb games here… what about japanese medium beast sta-1 / stb-1 for
    next episode????

  17. Dont know if this is true but the fv215b is getting replaced by the chefton
    mk1 ans fv4202 by the centurion mk10

  18. Alowishus Davander

    Nice plays Dez – this has made me want to start the brit HT line now – I
    have been putting it off.
    I would like to see you ace a couple VK36 games – (grin) ;)

  19. FYI, NATO tank doctrine during the Cold War was to be dug in, hull down and
    destroy waves of Soviet tanks. Hence why American/Brit heavies had the
    thickest armor to the front. Defensive battle tank design. This is stated
    since so many players are non military and highly ignorant of common sense.

  20. More german tanks! !!! Every vid. ..british td’s. ..british heavys.
    ..british arty. .etc….boring. ….und the conqueror isn’t the best
    heavy(at tier 9) and the fv heavy shit isn’t the best too! !!!

  21. +DezGamez What is you’re opinion on the kannonejagdpanzer and the japanese
    tiger. (They are on test server now)

  22. I like you playing the Conqueror, but could you feature other tanks than
    the Deathstar sometime? Quite a lot of deathstar content. (It is always
    great to see someone enjoy it, but still a bit boring)! Keep up the good
    work Dez

  23. CoolnessGamesNL

    To OP video man

  24. Ah. Conq and FV215B. Those are always fun to watch someone do well in!

    • +DezGamez I have the FV and you once again showed that that tank is NOT
      worth it. Expensive and a frigging camper tank. You want to attack? You are
      arty first target and frigging paper. I have a WN8 of over 2k and I am so
      disappointed in this tank. Against TDs you can’t even sidescrape. The VK
      45B – a tier 9! – get’s the job done way better. The FV’s cupola is a
      magnet and its hull is a torch. I can’t wait for them to exchange it so I
      can put its 4 skill-crew into a useful tank. The FV is only good for
      camping in arty-safe spots or with luck. But with luck or against bad
      players you can do well in ANY tank.

    • +onebigfatguy Damn right!

  25. Fv215b(120) and fv215b 183 my favourite tanks 🙂 

  26. I have to say you played far to snipe like. You shouldve been a little more
    up front and helping your team so much more, in the last battle in video.

  27. Can you play some T30-T110E4 beast mode?… im just getting to the E4 YIAY

  28. Chinese light tank action?

  29. +DezGamez – what tank should i get first, the Conqueror or the Centurion
    7/1? I am close to either of them, please help!

    • didnt they already said that, if you have the tier 10 it will get replaced
      by the new one, but you will not get an extra tier 8 premium? they just
      replace it, nothing else. same as they did with my beloved t-50-2 back in
      the day :'(
      and you should get the one you like more first 😛 i went for the conqueror
      first, but only because i liked the playstyle of the british heavies more
      than the british mediums.

    • I have a feeling that they were never going to give out the tank, namely
      because then they can charge you for it.

    • WG said they were going to cancel that because they noticed alot of people
      were grinding that line just to get a tier 8 premium tank

    • Both tanks are good, but first unlock centurion, because fv42… 10 tier
      will be a premium tank

  30. is there a reason you don’t set the next skill? see a lot of your crews
    still have the + for the next

  31. Olivier Renaudat

    I enjoyed

  32. TheManiacNathan

    every time i am in my FV215b i am on fire

  33. does anyone know if I have the replacement of Aufkl. panther unlucked next
    patch? (I have aufkl. panther unlocked)

  34. IS-6 gameplay!!

  35. You pronounce it like this: speepanzer I C, not spagpanzer 😉 love your
    gids matey!

  36. Emilien Gosselin

    Best kill stealer EU :D

  37. Always Love watching you vids your the main youtuber I watch for WOT

  38. Christian Hostetler

    FIRST! I want the conq so bad but the brit heavies look like hell to grind

  39. Today is british rule! Tomorrow is Russian Stronk! July 4th is Power of
    FREEDOM! What do you think Dez?

  40. First :D

  41. Intense action in British Heavies!

    • Bloembergen's Agronomic Channel

      Are you gonna do a preview on the kanonenjagdpanzer?

    • 09blackcobaltss

      +DezGamez Great Games man that last one was a heart pounder. If u have T29
      id like to see that as i am currently playing it and loving it so far. Also
      seems like a lot of 15-0 games are happening i just had one the other day
      too when i was playing in my Bulldog in a teir X match.

    • +DezGamez haha that 15-0 game made my day and it was a honor to fight by
      your side sir! GG

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