► World of Tanks: Convoy Game Mode – 100 Years Of Tanks – The Lanchester Armored Car Gameplay

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World of Tanks Convoy Special Game Mode Review. World of Tanks Convoy Special Game Mode Gameplay. World of Tanks 100 Years of Tanks.

Today, we are marking a hundred years from the moment armoured vehicles were first used in . To celebrate this, we are launching the new in-game event, Convoy.

In Convoy, you will find yourself on September 15, 1916, on the pastures of the Somme, where the world faced the devastating war machines for the first time. This day paved the road to a new world—the world of tanks.

►News: http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/46/game-mode-convoy-guide/



  1. Two sides of war? Dafuq? The “sad” side is the war.

  2. They broke XVM with this patch, yet again….very annoying! Enjoyed the
    video though!

  3. I feel as though, like war thunders April fools ship gameplay, this game
    mode is just a little preview of what’s to come in the future such as
    armored cars like the greyhound

  4. This event is gonna be a RNG feeder for all WoT youtubers :D

  5. Moustache action axaxaaxaxaxax give me a break man !!!!

  6. dez on xbox we get to be the mk1

  7. Do we have to pay for every single repair kit used?

  8. i want armoured cars so bad in the normal game…

  9. The mark 1 Its a bot or a player?

  10. if u click f5 you are doing sound but your allies or enemies can’t hear it

  11. awesome mod… thanks for the video

  12. you deserve more subs than that you could have 5mil subd

  13. ow ya new tings wg copys Overwatch game mode and copys Battlefield 1 maps

  14. Deutscher Panzer Verband

    Nice Vid.

  15. I really hope that this gamemode will stay in the game ^^

  16. Laughed so hard at 2:06 – 2:10 🙂 🙂 :): )

  17. I don’t know how to play it on I pad and there’s no game mode :(

  18. the new battlefield 1

  19. Skjørestad Benjamin

    is this gamemode going to be forever or just in a time periode?

  20. so was it really worth the premium consumables and buying the spall liner
    etc? I put a toolbox on mine ‘cos I’m cheap!

  21. I wish there should be world of armored cars

  22. Staff Sergeant Crispin Braizer, now this guy appears to be a pretty big
    boy. That got me in trouble at work because of my outburst of laughter I am
    waiting for my boss to get back to talk to me. Wish me luck.

  23. triggered

  24. who else has the Problem if you join a batlle with the lanchetster your
    game instant crashes??

  25. Dez , what is it like to be born a BAUSS!!!!!

  26. I messed my crew up by switching them to light VIC… now they are at 75%
    and I can’t train their skills. Fuck me. Plz notice me senpai :D

  27. Make armoured cars tier 0

  28. New Zealand soldiers fougth in the first tank battle, and the memorial in
    the garage looks like the NZ Memorial at Longueval.

  29. 1.25 wtf is dat cat doing next to the mark?

  30. Console and Blitz get the Mark I.XD

  31. “…and in todays episode I’ll let you know al about this game mode.”
    [fires up spliff] ….. AWWWWW YEAAAAAAAAAH

  32. woah
    youtube is really weird rite now

  33. DUDE!!! i CANT stop playing dat mode XD

  34. eyh we’ve got all the “SAME” crew members? i can swear to god my commander
    is called brazier 2… ….. hax?

  35. woah
    WoT is gone off its rocker

  36. Anyone else noticed the black cat next to Mr. Mark I at 1:35?

  37. omg how many times i just repaired the MK track and… suddenly the bomb
    respawn at 25m from the MK… -.-

  38. the two side are actually the same place just that one has the monument af
    where it was and the opposite is a example of how it looked like.

  39. Sad that PC being terrible gets this.

  40. How u can play that event/mode? (IN CT) or (NORMAL)

  41. Ive never played such a stupid but fun game

  42. love how they said it has a machine gun, but actually fires once like a
    cannon -.-

  43. did you ever wonder how 6 fit in a fv304?

  44. 00:03 should be turned into a poster for the 100th anniversary :D

  45. Tried it and not a fan ..

  46. The big question is do we get to keep the crew to use in our British
    tanks? One frustrating element to this game mode is all the games you play
    where your team consists of people who have no idea what the fuck they are
    doing and just faff about or sit in front of the Mark 1 trying to shoot

  47. How do you lock your gun onto your foes? Right click doesn’t work near that
    well for me lately.

  48. First game i’ve got 11kills and 1.5k dmg lmao

  49. getting close to 100k

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