► World of Tanks: Crazy Ace Runs with STB-1 – STB-1 Ace Tanker Gameplay Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks STB-1 Gameplay . World of Tanks STB-1 Ace Gameplay. Series.

My for today’s episode was to finally ACE my STB-1 and I was able to do that, live, with one really crazy and intense battle!

Me happy, you enjoy the video! 🙂


  1. FirestreakRodimusPr

    you really should ‘share’ those ladies Dez. For morale purposes.

  2. 5:24 tier 11 confirmed?

  3. Stop nipling around.

  4. that “dreaming part” seemed to me more like a vision after being smashed to
    the head with a frying pan.

  5. that mission beyond 1800 base exp is too hard to make

  6. Grats!

  7. please make your vids louder.
    awesome work. keep it up Dez

  8. I can’t wait for STB HD model!!

  9. suggestion: switch the position of consumables: AID and repair Kit.
    press 5 two times to repair tracks
    press 4 two times to revive driver.

  10. I despise autoloaders exactly for the shit that happened to you at the
    start. If you are not heavily armored, you get fucked up no matter what and
    a if you have the misfortune to find another one later in the game you are
    just dead.

  11. Phillip Middleton

    this is what u do best Dez, nice one

  12. Micheal O'Donovan

    where to get the victory banner?

  13. that was very strange and more than a little creepy

  14. The intro was great ;D

  15. That intro and a hangover don’t mix well toghether

  16. the start was more like u got hit in the head, not dreaming xD

  17. another entertaining video – what mods do you use please?

  18. Do you like SU100M1? I just unlocked it and find it loads of fun;)

  19. i love the “wasted” part hahaha made me laugh so hard

  20. when you want to support a youtuber but you have nothing to comment about

  21. 〈〈Slayer〉〉

    dez check mistercro-s replay on his channel with stb1 8000 dmg 4000 spoting
    ask him for replay and comment it please

  22. caleb McCullough (Blistersteel)

    you liked it at 11:28 but did you lick it? ;)

  23. ?Dank??

  24. Can you make an apisode playing with Centurion AX please

  25. I enjoy the videos, please keep them coming!

  26. Hey Dez–thanks for the upload! You have become my fave youtube video maker
    guy and I always look forward to your uploads! Keep up the great work!

  27. realy nice job

  28. More like on drugs editing, but it was good :D

  29. what program do you use for editing Dez?

  30. 3:25 WOOP WOOP that’s the sound of the po po xD

  31. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    I have some glitch going on in my Game, if i press Ctrl and hover my Mouse
    over the Ammo i can not see the Penetration thingy ..

  32. 15 BC ap vs 15 e50 (or BC 25t (tier10) vs E50 M)

  33. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS


  34. you know what tank is hard to ace? the LTTB i had really a hard time acing
    that untill i did 1k spot damage and 4k normal dmg and i didnt have ammo xD

  35. those didn’t sound like European sirens lol do you live in America?

  36. AMX ELC is easy to get ace tanker in, I get a class 2 at least in almost
    every game in it

  37. 6.60 reload holy tits.. And my mod. 1 has 6.60 reload with 250 alpha at
    tier 8. +2 mm OP

  38. the dreamy intro was good:) as was the rest

  39. Nice artistic stoner effect at front end.

  40. 9:00 the hetzers save you DEZ, THE HATZERS!! Who says hetzers are not good
    in tier 10 batles :P. Btw another awesome video Dez :).

  41. Should i buy a black bulldog or su 122 44?

  42. Loved it. The intro was a crack up.

  43. what modpack is?

  44. I must… stop… taking… drugs

  45. Someone finally got around to the echo sound effect :)

  46. bloody hell dez I take enough drugs to keep me fuzzy without your fuzzy
    start to the game. Nearly fell off the damn chair

  47. looool
    work out!

  48. Martin Procházka

    Obj. 704 bounced. My life is now complete

  49. i fucking hate it when people get in front of me when im shooting or they
    block me because i play wot vlitz so there is no friendly fire

  50. I really thought for a second that you were going to say: “FUCK YES finally
    my victory girls are back” at the end there instead of the Ace Tanker

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