► World of Tanks Cromwell Berlin Review: Berlin Trio – New Tier 6 Premium Medium Tank

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Berlin Trio Cromwell Berlin Gameplay. World of Tanks Series.

On the May 7th, we are going to be able to buy 3 premium tanks from “Berlin Trio” package:
– U.S.S.R. IS-2, Premium Heavy Tank
– British Cromwell Berlin, Tier 6 Premium Medium Tank
– U.S.S.R. T-34-85 “Rudy”, Tier 6 Premium Medium Tank

In this episode we are going to take our first look at tier 6 British medium tank – Cromwell Berlin.

You can only buy them from WoT Premium Shop, not from in-game shop!

Reviews about other tanks will be uploaded shortly!


►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. So crew is full 1st skill BIA, non-retrainable. Is there permanent camo on
    this? similar like 13 57?

  2. It is a buffed cromwell?? Wtf, there has to be a down side

  3. Rui pedro Silva Almeida

    Dez you could offer one of which for your 20k giveaway :)

  4. Looks nice. and that flank on the ISU…mwhahaha

  5. you still need a new keyboard.

    • +alexander1485 The sound you hear is a good thing, it means he has a
      mechanical keyboard which are very nice to use. They have that sound
      because it sounds nice to press, to get a sound attached to the fact that
      you’re pressing down on the button. Although you can hear it a little in
      the background, I don’t think he’ll be getting a new keyboard soon 😉

    • +alexander1485 Wow, ignorant tard

    • +alexander1485 Yeap, tard.

  6. whats that mod? the damaged modules one?

  7. As Always a very informative upload.
    Looking forward to your next review

  8. Ibrahim Al-junaid

    would love it if you make a video on how to install the modpack you are
    using :D

    • +Ibrahim Al-junaid yeah, i would love to be able to work out why the
      launcher wont even run, just makes my window flicker for a second

  9. Why is is a clicking noice in the background?

  10. this thing looks so gorgeous…… the skin is so cool.

  11. Can you do an actual review on the IS-2 Chinese tier 7 heavy??

  12. Dez what about the camo? Can you put camo in these tanks as usual or do
    they come with 5% camo bonus a la AMX 13 57?

  13. Low rider drives a little slower…Low rider is a real goer!

  14. Conte Vlad Dracula

    Actually Cromwell B is lower then the standard one because it is in HD, the
    normal Cromwell will be smaller and lower too when it gets reworked. : D

  15. Very nice. If you only have one Cromwell in your garage make sure it’s this
    one :)

  16. when do these new tanks come out ?

  17. Do you also have access to the ISU-122S?

  18. Fir… wait,im not retarded

  19. Second review episode today.. :O
    Only “RUDY” left to upload! :P

    • How much will it cost?

    • +DezGamez So I am looking at either the Cromwell or the T-34-85 Rudy. Which
      do you prefer between those two?

    • +Pepper Mill Do you prefer train up your british medium tank crews? So get
      the Cromwell. If you want to train your russian medium crews, buy the Rudy.

    • +ironheadfm Good point. Not what I asked though.

    • 1:40 “Slightly buffed” – You call having the EXACT same stats in every way,
      except for 14° second track traverse, and about HALF the ground resistance
      – with Identical HP/ton is a SLIGHT maneuverability buff?! That’s is HUGE!
      It will be damned near twice as fast to get to its top speed, and will be
      able to circle light tanks with 50°/sec track AND Turret traverse, all
      while having identical configuration to a fully upgraded Cromwell regular,
      it IS a premium that is FAR better than the tank it is based on, hell it
      SHOULD make the Comet look like a joke by comparison!

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