► World of Tanks: Day Full of Fires and Epic Shots! – New HD FV215b 183 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks FV215b Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

FV215b 183 never fails to deliver. Today I decided to test out HD version of this tier 10 beast of a tank destroyer!

At the moment, this is my favorite tank destroyer in the game.



  1. Sorry everyone saying they are external fire-extinguishers are incorrect.
    They are handheld lamps for working on the tank in low light conditions.
    The design was very basic, it was a light bulb half surrounded by a
    reflective shield, usually made out of tin or aluminium and a handle. ~The
    shield was for three purposes. One to direct light at what ever was being
    worked on and two/three too reduce the amount of light that would escape
    the lamp. So you could have the lamp next to the person that was working on
    the problem and not blind them and also so that outside forces(The enemy)
    couldn’t see it.

    You will notice that they are on the side of equipment storage boxs, so
    crews could grab the lamp and tools at the same time.

  2. Lol why did you try to take the shot into that Type 5 Heavy from the
    uperside? I think there would be penetration if you would just take the
    shot to the rear of that Type.

  3. they are his and hers fleshlight racks

  4. the last battle when u got killed and u went silent it was funny gj

  5. П О В С Т А Н Е Ц


  6. Gareth Fairclough

    Those things are fire extinguishers, mounted to the front of toolboxes.

  7. Dezgamez, when you talk about the epic position on Serene Coast, use the
    suggestion tool to recommend that video, it will appear on the top right
    corner ;)

  8. Dez Gamez, I love your videos, keep it up and thanks for being awesome!!

  9. They’re bottles of crumpet juice…

  10. Hi Dez! Where u from?

  11. GamyTuber /gamer

    I think they are smoke granades sort of

  12. dez i think they are molotovs or just beer…

  13. Can’t believe you don’t have deadeye skill on your gunner…hesh plus added
    % of critical damage = fun

  14. 14:30 I think he broke something haha

  15. Nice replay, a win is a win. Those boxes on both sides look like a
    automatic fire suppression system.

  16. that happens when u get greedy^^

  17. those are whiskey bottles

  18. On the front ist dildo for fuck some bitches

  19. Can anyone tell me how is the name of mod?

  20. love my deathstar, just sad I didn’t get it before the nerf…

  21. damn…

    DG do you have? the fv4005 house tank? do it with the fv215b 183

    trust me its gonna be dope and will be full of heshgasms all rounds

  22. Definitely army issue cocktail shakers.

  23. Tom's Multiplayer Gameplay

    I licked good job dez good job rip enemy?

  24. Those are armored cases for Coke bottles. Obviously.

  25. 3:35 BEER

  26. awesome episode Dez, sounds like you lost it at the end of that last battle
    and had to walk away – been there many times myself! Was curious about your
    crew on the FV215b – they all have repairs instead of Brothers in Arms, do
    you feel that the extra 5% towards most skills and perks isn’t worth it?
    Thank you.

  27. Smoke launncher

  28. Ajerico bertillo jr

    those are NITRO’S so u can traverse more faster ^__^

  29. im pretty sure those are smoke cannisters on the front of the tank, so that
    the tank could pop a smoke screen if it was getting shot at in real life if
    it was a real tank

  30. If it’s a Tank destroyer why is his silhouette brown?

  31. Love that elevation on it eh? ;)

  32. they are bottles of home made gin

  33. Hi Dez, if you are going to sell all your prem tanks, can I buy them for
    half price ;-)?

  34. just love watching you play…… the F words are fun lol

  35. Is this game still p2w?

  36. nearlyagoodlaugh

    The Comet has those on the rear of the turret as well, I’m always looking
    at them.

  37. I think the thing that is in the fornt of Fv215b 183 is bottle of BEER

  38. Luís Augusto Panadés

    That is muzzle rifle grenades. It is intended to be launched by a inert
    cartridge of the rifle. It has a lot of functions: sinalization, can be
    explosives, can be illuminating… and so on.

  39. Bro, share the MODpack! 🙂 pls!

  40. TheTiredBobcat6222

    You shot the Type 5 Heavy in the tracks, no wonder that it didn’t

  41. Those are smoke grenade launchers. You load and cock them before the battle
    but fire them from inside. They create a curtain of smoke so that you are
    concealed from the enemy while you pull back to get under cover.

    It sounds like you had some adult beverages before you started playing.

  42. they’re whiskey bottles, for extra fuel.

  43. actually I don’t mind you saying the damage out loud bcuz my relatives only
    have dial up lol

  44. The bottle things at the front are fire extinguishers.

  45. its a fire extinguisher

  46. Hallvard Stangeland

    Could be canisers for the Smoke launcher?

  47. Fire extinguishers, I know well from building British tank kits

  48. Bican Marian Valeriu

    if you hate 183 HD then play fking SD version of the game.

  49. heshgasm is real

  50. 13:24 you realise you shot the top of his tracks right?

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