► World of Tanks: Deadliest Sniper – Let’s Balance The Matchmaking!

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Source: DezGamez

Review. World Tanks Object 704 Epic Gameplay. .

I actually do not remember if you have seen Object 704 on my or not… Anyways, today I am going show you one super battle, which is played by “kaniblade” and he is going to get some seriously crazy snipes and shot with that BL-10.. 🙂

When BL-10 is going to Serb you, it is going to Serb you well!



  1. Dez games can u do 15 Black Princes vs 15 IS’s?

  2. Yeeees we are broud of him :)

  3. anyone else notice that Russian’s were literally obsessed with giant tanks,
    that had even bigger guns, just like America was with machine guns..?

  4. it is very rare for me to roll avg dmg. im not kidding its more like 675
    avg i rarley get above 700. I think they cap certain players dpm. I can
    show you replay after replay of 600s never above 700

  5. WoTB Best Replays

    please learn me how to use Free cam :/ i tried everything and did anything
    but it didnt work

  6. im early!

  7. nice to see him having only 1 apcr not like gold spaming quicky baby

  8. Deadliest Sneeper.

  9. this guy should play arty like s51 with ap only
    u need shit ton of luck with it

  10. RNG IS ON HIS SIDE!!!!!

  11. Willemcross DeEchte

    Play with the tiger II :D

  12. Yeah, and I can’t hit a shit with my Panther’s 8,8 L/71… Because fuck
    logic :v

  13. I miss my 704, might have to buy it again.

  14. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    how can radio be damiged without taking damigge?????? radio is in crew


  15. It was that moment… When I knew… I fucked up! 😀
    Thank you guys, that high roll into Lorraine was actually HE shot.. Derp!

  16. Why did he repair the radio? are you seriously serious?

  17. UncannyHoneyBadger

    I was in a game with my is7 where the enemy got 7 EXTRA tier 10s and still
    managed to lose… That mm…

  18. Lol a guy on YT and another one

    962 hightest roll possible….that was HE, dumbass :D

  19. Top dmg roll for BL-10 is 938 dmg, that 962 dmg roll to the Lorr40t was
    made by HE. Because Stalin decided to give 90mm pen to this insane gun. And
    he fucked up with JGE100 with poor 85mm pen. Why? Because Fuck You, Hitler.

  20. got*

  21. i goy ISU-152 fully up so yeah troll canon

  22. Sebastian Michael Paschalis

    i guess the 900+ dmg into the loraine is an HE shell

  23. Sebastian Michael Paschalis

    i guess the 900+ dmg into the loraine is an HE shell

  24. 5:27 he could have shot through that house anyway i think
    because like you can shoot through most objects you can drive through

  25. deividas sokolovas

    seen this reply week ago

  26. everyone knows that all russian tanks have 0.1 accuracy

  27. MammothYT - Agario & Minecraft

    im early let me tell a joke

    The BL10

  28. GalaWOTs Galavits

    the first shot into the lorrain 40 t as a HE shell not a high roll

  29. Guys, if you love Dez you will love Claus Kellerman! Please go subscribe to
    him! (and dez)

  30. He repaired RADIO ?! Who repairs radio ?

  31. That RNG was fucking BS. So many lucky shots.

  32. Vector Signorelli

    this guy should buy lottery tickets

  33. magical pineapple

    just noticed that same machine gun on the roof is on the is6 and isu152 and
    maybe more tanks

  34. Vector Signorelli

    roses are red,
    violets ain t blue
    if you think it s funny
    well fuck you!

  35. fuck yeah obj 704 is my favourite tank in game, got 2.7k battles in it lol
    EDIT: wait a minute getting a wierd glitch with this video, it is black
    when unpaused wtf… never seen anything like that before
    reloading does not fix it either. so i guess i cant watch this video :(

  36. its a replay bug When the radio is dmged it is actually the track

  37. Road To 1500 subscriptions with one video

    Im early
    Lets joke!

    American economy.

  38. magical pineapple

    if you have enough political dissidence you can play this tank very well

  39. hello

  40. When BL-10 is going to SerB you, it is going to SerB you well! :)

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