► World of Tanks: Deathstar Strikes Again + Crazy Teammates! :D – HESHGASM!

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World of Tanks 183 Gameplay . World of Tanks TVP T Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Yesterday, while I was , I had many really awesome and interesting battles and today I decided to share few of them with you! 🙂
You are going to see exactly why I love my FV215b 183 so much and why this is my favorite TD in the game!


  1. 4th like and 6th visualization!

  2. DEZ CONGRATS ON 100K AGAIN #noticeme


  3. sees an FV 215b 183
    *presses like as soon as he can*

  4. 99th view :O and 5th comment

  5. Radioaktywny Szczypiorek

    nice rng

  6. Mir Asif Raza Talpur

    I play with 210-230 ping and can’t go beyond teir 8 because I can’t afford
    a premium account. Any advice apart from the obvious(getting a good
    connection and a premium account)?

  7. You penetrated the other 183 in those boxes at the side, I believe at
    And nice battles xD

  8. With all that’s clear, be honest with yourself there’s not doubt, no doubt.

  9. You playing the FV215B 183 is just awesome Dez! Only reason I started that
    grind and now got 183 parked in the garage 😀
    And congratulation on 100k subcribers =)

  10. dezgames is hilarious.

  11. like no. 69 lol

  12. Can’t stand the HESHStar. 270mm of pen on it’s HESH round and it’s splash
    is insane. Needs a nerf. bad. Also. More T49 Dez! 😀 Also. What do you
    think if the T34 got a RoF, Aiming time and a mobility buff? Think it would
    help with the Power Creep that WG is doing with the T26E5?

  13. I just love your videos.

  14. dont reply to this

  15. First time im so early

  16. Aivis Imants Augstkalns

    that was weak spot on 183 where u penned him

  17. Hey Dez, are you going to test the reworked premium tanks? I’m curious
    about the Lowe and Panther 8.8 in particular: please give them a “shot” ;)

  18. There’s an outer “ring” behind boxes on the side of 183 below the turret
    ~120mm 🙂 Sidescraping with it can cook you if somebody hits it :)

  19. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    I want to be part of the test server so badly, I don’t have a tier 10

  20. Wanna play the Old school 183? Go play it on WoT console the real HESH is
    still there xD

  21. i am not happy with my 183… cant pen tier 8 mid.

  22. DezGamez i dont want to be rude but i hope you gona read this and anwser my
    question.What dose it take for you to feature a replay on this channel
    because is send you 3 awsome games and not one of them was featured on the
    channel last game i send you was a T57 Heavy game with 8 kills and 7kdmg
    and 1650Base xp and lots of medals if that is not good enough i dont know
    what to do to be featured on your channel.

  23. into the pooper xD dammit dez!

  24. Guusieboi de Mafketel

    Dez, the kill at 3:00 on their 183 you hit the side weakspot on the fv215b

  25. T49 is a cancer..

  26. 2554 views and only 254 likes? C’mon people…the stupid button is right
    there…whats another click to you?? Think people will call you ARTY!?

  27. On that shot against the enemy 183, it looks like you hit the turret ring
    where it protrudes from the upper hull. The exact same spot is pretty much
    the only way to penetrate a sidescraping FV 215B heavy.

  28. E75 was prolly PL or CZ.. Its quite standard u dont pen them Keepo

  29. go get it you say, ever noticed that without premium starting from T7 you
    have to play suburb or you will have negative credids all the time

  30. Petko Dimitrov Ivanov

    on18 of november is going to revi the new update?

  31. Dez did you know old HESH and WT Auf E100 is on console?

  32. If you are wondering how you penned the 183 from that angle, look up the
    live model on tanks gg and angle it at like 20 degrees or so like it was in
    the game. Notice that area underneath the turret on the side? Yeah. like
    90mm thick. Weakness on both of the 215Bs when you sidescrape.

  33. This clip is about you Dez, and Grille trolls ?

  34. you go the turret box on 183

  35. I feel like hiring someone to unlock this tank for me, only have AT-7
    unlocked and I can’t bring myself to buy and play it.

  36. Oh the Test server will be up? Nice. that means those nice buffs for the
    FV4202 and M4 Ravioli will be here soon!

  37. Missed random stream, and maybe could of talked you into T4 SU-85B, it is
    like a mini 263, well lacks the armor, but has a fantastic boom stick for
    its tier. One mastery game for the channel, purty please. ( <=====wee wee )cn5601

  38. Magnús Már Magnússon

    Even the 183 doesnt have a bigger boomstick then me ?

  39. Cheeseburger Freedom Man

    666 likes O_O

  40. Hendrik Terwisscha Van Scheltinga

    Very nice

  41. Dez… what do you think ?
    Speaking as a non Hesh-addict (haven’t got there yet).
    Will the new ricochet physics affect the number of Heshgasms per game

  42. i agree with you not taking that snap shot at the amx 50.

    there is a reason why people fully aim with the fv215 ….

  43. ladies and gentlemen

  44. i love smell of coffee and Dez video in the morning 🙂
    here is lick and wish you great day bro

  45. Dez can you do a video on how to play 183 in encounter and assault maps?

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