► World of Tanks: Delivering Freedom, In Many Ways! – 4th of July

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Source: DezGamez

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There only one thing to do in World of Tanks today… I have to play with USA vehicles, for obvious reasons.
I have a lot of USA fans/viewers and I say happy Independence Day to every single one of you! 🙂

Going to play with different kind of USA tanks in today’s episode, so…

… Sit back and enjoy!


  1. IDoNotKnowWhatShouldINameMyself


  2. ‘murica!

  3. TheSleepyWeasel

    I just want to point out that I appreciate the bacon commercials,
    because… well… bacon!

  4. IS 4 vs E100

  5. lol that Centurion in the E4 replay. He sat behind a rock by the cap not
    helping anyone and then blames it on the people he didn’t help. You can’t
    fucking defend a map from behind a rock. If you let the enemies take over
    the entire map (flanks especially) you lose. They can shoot you from all
    sides. :|

  6. Merica

  7. what keyboard do you have?

  8. Thanks for wishing us a happy independence day! :)

  9. BestViewedWithCable

    I came for the red hot donkey ball action…

  10. BlackRose1mmortal

    I play on console and find your videos very uplifting. Your commentary on
    your playthroughs have me rolling. Thank you for what you do for us and for
    honoring USA

  11. An OP Soviet Tank

    I deliver communism with my three 152mm guns of pure Soviet
    Stalinite……… in many ways of course.

  12. Captain Amazing1337

    @DezGamez USA-USA-USA! Team America here to thank you for the repping that
    you brought here today, Dez. I raise my glass to you!

  13. its my b day tomorrow yays


  15. The M4 could have been a 6 kill but you were too stingy with hp and
    wouldn’t trade with him.

  16. social3ngin33rin

    lolol when the garage is changed to all American tanks XD

  17. Projekt Stealth

    Happy 4th of July all you yanks, please let NY Giants rock this coming

  18. Projekt Stealth

    Hey man love your YouTube stuff, some is so funny I LMAO. You have come a
    long way since first uploads. Keep up the great work. Loving it here Down

  19. do a french only episode for bastion day (my bad if thats wrong i dont
    remember the exact name off the top of my head)

  20. Hey bro, Love your videos. Huge fan. And thx for the tribute to the 4th of
    July. Much appreciation from Alaska, USA.

  21. Whooohoo! B-day is getting better and better! Thanks Dez! ^-^/

  22. hahahaha close bud no sigare

  23. Let’s sing!
    America! Fuck yea!

  24. Kristoffer Johansson

    That M4 action was epic!

  25. [American](on NA server) Thanks a lot Dez, I was playing all day on NA,
    every game wishing everyone a happy Fourth of July, and no one ever just
    started the match with “Happy Independence Day!” Sure, they responded when
    I started, but they didn’t start. So, for caring more than most of the NA
    server, even though your not from the US, I extend a great thank you.

  26. knowndevotee 444

    the t 95 is a real American tank. It’s fat and slow just like a real

  27. Gordie Geymuller

    Thanks for the Independence Day vid!

  28. someone feel free to give me a prem tank on the NA server. I am poor. 🙁
    My username:HaloFreak115

  29. I have a q… I only get very little profit by game… around 8000-12000 i
    usually kill 2-4 tanks per game. so how can i get more credits?

  30. The NA server needs to gain more players. If the number of players keep
    going down, than we might not be able to play anymore ?

  31. the SP I C in the T110E4 game.. Just why? xD

  32. didn’t know you were from the USA.

  33. Happy 4th everybody!

  34. Omg, Dez…you made me lol at 14:50. “Nice sidescraping action, mate.”

  35. Alexander Stoyanov

    Lol dez that laugh at the end when the object was coming round the corner
    was absolutely amazing 🙂 Oh, btw happy independance day to the state that
    interferes the most in other countries’ independance xD

  36. is this guy from Baltics or poland or what

  37. Great Video! Keep the freedom coming, MERICA

  38. Thank you from America Dez

  39. Dez… You are the Most Interesting Man on WOT!

  40. That is typical when you start playing your old tanks in the garage …. no
    feeling for shell travel time. :)

  41. 500 is the max roll of E5 🙂 +DezGamez

  42. DerSperminatorxD

    Are you going to do this on every national day?

  43. Gabriel Altland

    What about the m48 Patton

  44. look at the enemies board nd tell me if yu see tht tank

  45. Matthew Johnson

    Murica Fuck Yeah!

  46. Thanks for the video DEZ everyone has the right to have some pride in their

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