► World of Tanks: Derp, Mistakes Were Made!

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay . Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Derping, failing, carrying… All that in the same time, but we got this boys! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and today’s live gameplay episode!

Take care!


  1. Have you seen the lycan t71 on ps4 and Xbox 1. Insane tank definitely worth

  2. raminga a tortoise priceless

  3. 50/51 – OP. Add that to a great player…….


  4. Very good video as always , thx you Dez ! :)

  5. that moment you see that nice piece of aaaaaaaassssssssss lol

  6. that as tho OwO

  7. Almost 100k subs! Awesome

  8. how do you change thay azz picture?

  9. That moment when you brushed the front of the tortoise and died is when I
    liked this video :D

  10. what are the names of the clips where they are slow clapping and the head

  11. Dez playing a 0 damage game?! omg… NOOB, uninstall!!!! Tomato camper!!!!

  12. dear sir dez I would kindly request you to create a video on how to deal
    with world of tank players whom harassing insulting low tiered players
    since I encountered three players whom discriminated me as a Filipino
    player there names are bluck90 whiskey0 and Fulgur

  13. Dez, I’m quite sure you already answered this quite a few times, but are
    you playing on US or EU servers?

  14. tortoise in front!
    shall we go right or left?
    dez: straight forward!!!!!

  15. wow, how that would happen. You ram the rock? How can you do that?

  16. can you give a link to download this mod with girls :D

  17. lol, love it Dez, keep up the great work, glad to see we all have those
    derp moments

  18. I love the sound of your keyboard, and your tumbler or snacks dropping off

  19. Arrrrrr Ram Kill……. Ooooooops l forgot his fookin’ heavier than

  20. I just play my chieftain to to get my average damage up ;)

  21. Anyone know what modpack DezGamez was using during this video?

  22. m3 Lee pls

  23. TVP is too OP. epic gun, plus great mobility

  24. Question: seeing as you don’t post many battles that are losses, are there
    hot females on your loss screen as well? My guess would be no, so you are
    motivated to win more!

  25. Legendary play in that Stb1!!

  26. roemer schoenmakers

    Meh I need tanks with more health because when someone teamrams me for like
    100 dmg he said Im a idiot and shot me dead…. so some extra health would
    be awesome….

  27. We need more autoloaders in wot.

  28. Slapping your forehead reminds me of a V-8 commercial………….Dez have
    you had your V-8 today?

  29. dez u have any pets

  30. Them sexy battleresults tho :)

  31. dez what mod are you using

  32. I r8 this tank 50/51

    I knwo i m funneh

  33. How do you not geting fucking bored playing those tier 10 the scrap tank ?

  34. Like your vids.

  35. 1st replay i slapped my own head too bro haha

  36. nice way to send to hell the first match dude hahahahaha, love your videos
    ! from chile

  37. Where you from Dez?

  38. lol when im watching this your subcription says 96,969 xD

  39. Angela Pilar Rubio A.

    6:34 SAME reaction LMAO soo funny ?

  40. dude, when we see your level in the videos you are fucking good, but you
    only have 1 or 2 marks of exellence on 1 or 2 tanks ??????, you should have
    2 marks on every tank if you play like this

  41. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    TVP is a monster of a medium tank. I kind of left the Skoda T25 but I guess
    I’ll push forward with that line again, it’s super good.

  42. Nope all the new tanks they add are defenetly not getting more op same with
    the premiums

  43. how to make victory girls at the end?

  44. You know jingles and Rita are engaged?

  45. TVP = op as fuck. But pls remove WT gg

  46. gоood

  47. and e100 struggles to pen 1 ap round then reload for 16 secs.

  48. Am I blind? do i have to dislike a DezGames video?! Title says Derp but i
    saw no derp

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